Genre: AU, Sci-Fi

Pairings: 1x2

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Warnings: Yaoi, language, shape-shifting, peril, fluff, sap

A/N: This is not a sequel to nor is it anything like my previous work, "Duo, My Pet." The idea came from that story, though, and I promised it to my readers a long (le gasp) time ago. Hope you enjoy, and if you've not read the aforementioned story, I would love to hear what you think!

Introduction: The Gift From Tel'Mar

In the beginning, the Telmaran were captured and kept as slaves. This lasted for about twenty years, because it was discovered quickly the Telmaran were quite capable of killing their masters. It happened with more and more frequency until finally the Andarian Empire passed a law that it was illegal to capture and sell the Telmaran. The shape-shifters were too dangerous, too powerful to safely contain.

Now, two-hundred years after discovering this race of strong, skilled individuals, they were protected by the Treaty of Tel'Mar. The treaty stated that people could approach the Telmaran requesting they serve, but if turned down they could not repeat their request or return. The Telmaran, proud and somewhat arrogant people, rarely granted these requests except to extremely important individuals.

Denan Maxwell believed he was one such individual. The Andarian Empire's main body of power came from the Triad—the three worlds Hedara, Terra, and Ofella. Maxwell was the Prime Chancellor of Hedara, and it was his desire to bring one of the Telmaran home with him.

o8o o8o


A youth of sixteen raised his head, brushing soft hair the color of deep auburn-chestnut off his face. "Yes, Karon? What is it?"

"I am sorry to bother you, young master, but your father has returned home and requires your presence downstairs. If you would come with me?"

"I didn't think he would be back so soon," Duo murmured, rising off his armchair. He held out his hand. "He told me not until tomorrow morning."

He felt the fisted hand fit under his palm and smiled up. Light glinted off the milky surfaces of his indigo eyes. Karon led him down the stairs and into the open parlor before the main door to their house.

"Ah, Duo," Denan Maxwell said in his strong, warm voice. "Come here, my boy, give us a hug."

Smiling faintly, Duo accepted his father's embrace. "Welcome home, Father. Was your trip uneventful?"

"In the extreme," Denan agreed. "Here, my boy. There's someone I want you to meet."

o8o o8o

The young Telmaran stepped forward when Denan Maxwell gestured. His son was extremely beautiful, pale-skinned and a fall of hair the color of deepest auburn-and-cinnamon.

"This is Heero, my boy. Heero, this is my son, Duo."

Denan took Duo's hand and placed it on Heero's. Only then did the Telmaran realize it. Blinking, he gazed into the wondrous pools of the human boy's indigo eyes. Sightless eyes. There were no pupils. He was blind.

No wonder this man wanted a Telmaran to protect his son. "Duo," he said softly, pressing the hand to his chest, "I am Heero clan Yuy. A pleasure to meet you."

That slim, pale hand gently pulled free of his own to land softly on his face. Cool fingers traced the contours there, as if memorizing. "Heero," he repeated, smiling faintly. "What color are your eyes?"

Heero couldn't help smiling beneath those slender fingers. "Blue. Like cobalt."

Duo's own smile deepened.

"Heero's a wolf, Duo," Denan said. "Biggest damn wolf I've ever seen. Size of a small pony! Heero, as you can see, my son is blind. As Prime Chancellor of Hedara, there could be many who would try using my son against me. Three weeks ago, Prime Chancellor Gadric of Ofella had one of his three daughters kidnapped. She was in critical condition for a week afterward. Duo's blind. How would he defend himself in a situation like that?"

"I understand your concern, Prime Chancellor," Heero said, inclining his head, "and I have already given you my answer concerning your son. The Telmaran have agreed to let us perform the Bonding ritual. With your approval, I will begin tonight."

Denan nodded. "What exactly is included in the ritual? It won't hurt my son, will it?"

"Of course not," Heero said, not bothering to conceal his scorn. "The Telmaran are not barbarians. There can be no one else present, though. It will interfere with the natural flow of my energies into him."

He didn't miss how Duo's head canted slightly to the side. "It sounds interesting. I had no idea anything like that went on." He turned to face his father, lifting his beautiful, blind eyes. "Father, is this really necessary? I'm sure Heero has better things to do than baby-sit—"

"I won't hear any of that, Duo," his father cut him off. "Heero's agreed, so that's the end of it." He stepped closer to his son, cupping his face and leaning down to his ear. "You're all I have left, my boy. I can't lose you, too."

No one else in the room could have heard, but Heero could. After all, he was a wolf . . .

He could smell the warm wash of emotion that overcame Duo as he smiled. "All right," he whispered, shifting to kiss his father's cheek. He turned back to Heero. "I can take you on a tour of the house. Father is a busy man, and I'm usually lonely without him."

Heero nodded, reaching out to place his hand beneath Duo's palm. "Good way to familiarize me with the place. And get to know you." He smiled at the pleased look on the face of his soon-to-be Bonded.

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