First Sonic fanfic. No flames please! And, before you ask, YES, this is another one of those fanfics where I get sucked into a video game! Yes, I know it is cliché, so PLEASE don't hurt me! Review please!


"Damn, sis, the stupid hedgehog won't jump!" yelled my older brother Haru. I sighed.

"Why don't you try pressing A?" Haru pressed the large green button on the purple controller and, to his surprise, Shadow the hedgehog jumped.

"Wow Keiko!" exclaimed my extremely immature brother. "You're good at this game."

"Really?" I replied sarcastically. "Maybe it's because we got this game five years ago and sold it on EBay." Uh, this is so stupid! When did I ever agree to this torture?!


"Keiko!" called Haru in a singsong voice. I narrowed my eyes as my older brother interrupted the climax in my book. "Look what I got!"Haru flashed me a grin and pulled out the shiny cover of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Didn't we sell that game five years ago on EBay? "Will you play it with me? You're really good!"



"Leave me alone!"

"But sis! It's no fun alone!" My brother made a fake whimpering noise and showed me his best puppy eyes. "I'll do your dishes for a whole month if you play with me!" Wait, did he just say that?

"You've got yourself a deal!"

End Flashback.

"Wow. I never thought about it that way." I rolled my eyes. Haru could be so stupid sometimes. The puny figure of Shadow the hedgehog suddenly jumped into the dark abyss below the moving grey platforms. "DAMN YOU SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG!!!" cursed my brother. "Radical Highway is so hard!" Haru sighed and got up.

"Where are you going?"

"The bathroom. All this anxiety makes me need to pee."

"Do you want me to finish the level for you?"

"Go ahead."

"Ok, but get your ass back here quickly, or you'll miss the cut scene." The bathroom door slammed as I had a go at Radical Highway. I was five years out of practice, but Radical Highway was one of the easiest levels. It wouldn't be too difficult to finish it. Suddenly, the screen flickered. I jabbed the plug into the wall tightly. Suddenly, everything on the screen started moving from right to left. Pressing a few buttons on the TV screen fixed that. Suddenly, everything on the screen moved up and down. I pressed a few more buttons to fix that problem. Then, it started moving diagonally! That was it. I kicked the stupid GameCube console with all the strength I could muster. The screen flickered several times, and then everything went black, as I fell. I screamed as the evil force of gravity pulled me down on a road. Unfortunately for me, I landed flat on my stomach. Two large airplanes flew above my head and dropped bombs on the road. The land I was standing on began to crumble, and I started sinking to my doom.