He he...

Edward cringed as I walked into the room, his breath becoming shallow.

"Brother." I clapped him on the back, and laughed.

Edward exhaled sharply and glared at me... I guess he was put off by the name.. but I don't know why, because Rosalie seemed to like mine... "Emmett." I laughed again at his voice. He sounded like a constipated cat.

"How are you?" I sunk into the seat across from him and stretched. Letting the pull of my muscles relax the strain. "Cause I'm good." I sighed as the last hour floated back into my head.

Rose was so beautiful.. especially the way she would arch her back and- "Shit!" I glowered at Edward.

"Your mind is so..." He shuddered.

I rubbed my head. "Beautiful? Magnificent? Lovely?"

Edward rolled his eyes. "Shallow?"

I leaned back into the couch. Silently appraising Edward.

He needed to loosen up a little... maybe attempt a little something different in his relationship. Did he realize I

just wanted to see him happy and fulfilled?

"Thanks Emmett."

"I'm serious." I watched Edward's face.

He nodded. "I know."

"Thats -."


I fell off the couch, and Edward looked appalled. "What the hell?"

She was pleading with him. "Come on Carlisle... Wheres Charlie?"

"I need some Clorox... I'm going to Bella's." Edward turned and walked out of the couch.

I started laughing again. Alice would probably join me soon.

"She liked the name." Jasper murmured running out the front door.