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A/N: In writing this, I've come to the conclusion that Tom Lenk should be on The Office. This is just the start; I'm planning on turning this into a series of one-shots about Andrew's new life working for Dunder Mifflin. Hope you enjoy!

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Jim stole a glance at his new desk partner. With Michael gone and Dwight now regional manager, it was Andrew Wells who he spent his workdays by. His desk was a clutter of candy wrappers and action figures. There was a Star Wars screensaver on his computer, and right now he was talking with Kelly about last night's episode of Entourage. That was it. He officially missed Dwight.

He almost groaned out loud as Kelly left. With her gone, that meant that Andrew would start talking to-

"Who do you think is a better supervillain- Lex Luther or Harvey Dent?" Andrew's nasally voice asked.

Jim resisted the urge to bang his head on his desk. This was hell. It literally was. He glanced over at Pam working at her deck. Well, maybe not completely.

"Actually, I prefer Dracula to Lex and Harvey." He had learned weeks ago that the mere mention of anything supernatural would lead to Andrew saying that he had seen one. He was not to be disappointed.

"Dracula? No way, Lex could totally take him. Dracs all 'Oh, I'm the Prince of Darkness' and Lex would like, bring out this giant sun-powered laser and totally dust his ass!"

--------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------"I do enjoy baiting Andrew; it's one of the few things I enjoy about this job." Jim told the camera during one of his many interviews of the day. "I usually like to start with something subtle, like a strange cold spot in my bedroom or scratch on my car and he'll tell me that I'm being haunted and have a werewolf stalker. I'm really thinking about working up to something bigger- like a vampire attack in the warehouse or something. Pam had this genius idea involving Andrew, Dwight and a guild of Warlocks, but the preparation was just too intense to pull of ourselves. It's going to take reinforcements."

"He told me once that he was a demon hunter, but that I couldn't tell anyone else. I guess I pretty much blew that one."

---------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------

"Jim told you?! I feel so….betrayed. I should've known better than to trust a civvie, that road leads to bodies and broken hearts." Andrew slumped down in his chair. Now that his best friend in the whole office had betrayed him, he felt like it was Warren all over again. He sighed; he hadn't wanted to go public like this, but so be it.

"Yes, I was a rogue demon hunter; a battle-hardened man who trench along the road of goodness is heavily marked by treachery and loss. I was part of a coalition of warriors who fought to keep evil at bay, but when they decided to downsize, I was set loose to find my own path. I knew what was out there and couldn't just sit idly, so I became a hunter; a shadow in the darkness that only comes out to beat down the evil-doers and save the young attractive women that they prefer to snack upon.

Unfortunately, the way of the rogue hunter does not pay very well and I was forced to find actual employment. That's when I cam to Dunder-Mifflin; they're hours are perfect in that they end before the sun sets, giving me plenty of time to prepare before going out to save the innocent. The parking lot is full-on out in the sun, so I know that none of my co-workers are into snackage of the human variety. The pay is good, just bought a new bo staff… and they have dental."