A/N: Since I haven't watched/read the prince of tennis in about a year, I forgot all the tournaments and how many they had. As a result of that and my laziness, I have decided to make my own tournaments. The list will go as follows:

The one they already had

The 1st Regional

The 2nd Regional

The 3rd Regional (I'm so creative aren't I?)

The Kanto

The Nationals

So the tournament that will be referred to in this tournament is the first regional and it will consist of 16 teams out of which the top 2 will proceed to the 2nd regional.

Chapter 6: The pursuit of happiness

It had been about a week or so since he had seen the doctor and Echizen had stayed true to his word and hadn't even touched a tennis racket. He had practiced great restraint and was determined to make it the full two weeks.

The time of year however had not made it easy for him. Even today he was on his way to a tournament and he could do nothing more than stand on the sidelines and cheer despite his role as captain. It wasn't as though he didn't want to play-in fact he could barely restrain himself from playing most of the time. He had stopped going to practices to avoid the temptation and a few days ago, his father forced him to wear hard casts on his left and right wrists to prevent him from giving in to his temptation.

Echizen sighed as he turned into the site where the tournament was to be held. In the distance, he could see a gaggle of Seigaku uniforms standing around the registration desk.

"Hey Akio!" He called, seeing his friend in the distance. "What's going on?"

" Kondo got into a street brawl!" he called back putting his palm over his face. "He's being held at a precinct a few miles from here," he explained. "We need a seventh member to register officially."

Echizen shrugged. "Register me," he said without a moment's thought. The notion shocked Akio.

"You?" he asked incredulously. "Didn't the doctor tell you to stay off the court for a while?"

"So?" Echizen asked throwing a jersey on.

"So don't you want to think about this first?" Akio asked.

"What's to think about? If we don't register in the next five minutes, we are disqualified and our season ends here." With that, Echizen walked up to the registration desk and submitted the registration form for Seigaku. We need Hh

"Ryuzaki Sensei, how can he do that without even a moment's hesitation?" Akio asked the quiet Coach.

"He's as stubborn as those who came before him. He will proceed without hesitating – that is the way he was taught," She said, a hint of nostalgia and pride in her words. "Besides, I have no intention of letting him play. If I put him in singles one and we can win the first three bouts, he won't actually get to play.

"That's not a bad idea," Akio mused. "We'll work hard to make sure he doesn't have to play," Akio promised with confidence and determination emanating from his eyes.


After checking the bracket Echizen and Kenji wandered off to take a look at some of the new team lineups

"Hey look at this, it's the mighty Echizen," a boy said, with a cruel smirk across his face.

"Hello Hisashi," Echizen muttered. "I see they still haven't kicked you off the team."

"Actually I made co-captain this year," Hisashi answered, his smirk never faltering.

"Shame to see how low your school has sunk then," Echizen retaliated. Hisashi's face contorted and he turned a deep scarlet.

"Shut up!" He screamed with anger. Just then another boy with dark blue hair walked up behind Hisashi with a smirk on his face and the same color jersey.

"Relax Hisashi, or have you forgotten? Echizen here can't play anymore; doctor's orders, right?" the boy said looking at Echizen's wrists, covered with the casts he had applied.

"My team doesn't need me to beat you, Sho" Echizen retorted, sporting his own smirk.

"Such a shame," Sho muttered. "I was looking forward to destroying you in our match. Our last one went into a tiebreak didn't it?"

"Yeah, I bet he just put those casts on as an excuse not to play today," Hisashi added grinning. Echizen's eyes grew cold.

"Not that it makes a difference," Sho added. "With Seigaku, we can always target those idiot new members who never know what the hell they're doing," he said with a laugh. Echizen clenched his fist.

"Yeah and what about that joker Akio?" Hisashi added. "Last time we played, I nearly broke his ankle! This time, I'll make sure to break his leg!"

"You Bastards!" Kenji screamed with murder in his eyes. Echizen however held him back. With one swift movement, Echizen thrust his right hand against a concrete wall, effectively breaking the cast with a ear shattering blow.

"You won't even take a single point against us," Echizen promised. "And if you touch any of my team, I'll destroy you," he added before turning to leave, the force of his words hanging in the air.

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