Chapter 8: The First Day Part 2

4 hours later

"It is now 12:30, you may go to lunch now. The lunchroom is down the hall to your left, it's the fourth door on your right. I suggest that once you finish you go to your room and wear some clothing that you don't mind getting dirty in. Yevips expects you to work and he lives by the mantra, and I'm quoting him on this, 'if you ain't dirty or sweatin', then you ain't workin'.'," said Ahmad.

5 minutes later

"Finally, I'm out of that boring lesson," Harry said.

4 hours of sitting in one place doing nothing but listening to your breathing generally only has two possible outcomes; either you go insane from boredom or you fall asleep. Harry was fortunate though. He was able to find something to keep his attention. Who knew watching a fly constantly slam face first into a light fixture could be such fun? Unfortunately, the fly eventually slammed itself to death. This led to Harry constantly falling asleep and being constantly reawoken by the pain of Ahmad's staff being whacked against his head.

Now, Harry was sitting in the lunchroom after stopping by his room to change and was currently trying to wake himself up while eating his lunch.

"Hey, you new here?"


"Are you new here? It's a simple yes-or-no question buddy," the strange man said with a smirk.

"Oh, yeah. Why?"

"Because I was curious and wondering why you were sitting here all alone. You're more than welcome to talk to people here, we don't bite…well, the draconian and werewolves do sometimes, but that's only when they're in a bad mood," he said with a chuckle. "Wait, where are my manners? My name is Sivad Auhsoj." The man was about 6ft. 7in. tall. He had a muscular build along with a slight tan. The most defining feature though were the amber yellow eyes.

"My name's Harry Potter. I've only been here for a day."

"Sweet, what species are you? You look human, but you never can tell in this place. After all, I look human, but I'm actually a werewolf."

"I thought werewolves were human?"

"Well, yes and no. it depends on what kind of werewolf you're dealing with. The bitten werewolves are actually only humans which take on wolf forms once a month and also have a few wolf-ish characteristics. A true werewolf is one who was born as a werewolf. They are usually bigger than a Bitten and have much more powerful characteristics when in human form. Borns can also transform into they're wolf form at will. Another difference between Bittens and Borns is that a Borns wolf form is much larger. A Bitten wolf looks very lean, have long limbs, and stand at about 9 ft. tall on their hind legs. A Born werewolf is much more muscular, their limbs are about how long they should be compared to their body, and stand at about 14ft. on their hind legs."


"So, what species are you?"

"According to Pyrodraft, I'm a Draconian."

"You've already met Pyrodraft? Wow, you must be pretty important to meet with the big guy already?"

"What do you mean?"

"Pyrodraft is the leader of Rapture. And while he loves his people, he's usually really busy so he doesn't really get to spend time with any of the citizens."

"Well, he's going to be teaching me himself sometimes, what does that mean?"

"…It means that you are incredibly important, you are going to be really powerful, and he will most likely adopt you."


"I don't know, except for the important part, I was just making up random crap," Sivad chuckled.

Harry spent the rest of his break talking with Sivad. It turned out that Sivad was adopted by the same couple as Yevips. When it came time for him to leave, Sivad happily gave Harry instructions on how to get to his next lesson.

"The field is on the other side of the compound. Just go out the fron doors and walk around to the back."

"OK, thanks."

"See ya around."

"See ya."

5 minutes later

"I see you were able to make it on time."

"Well, lucky for me, someone was kind enough to tell me how to get here."

"Someone had to tell you how to get here? Are you stupid? The lesson is being held on a field. Fields are kept outside and all of yer lessons are being held in and around the compound. That would make it incredibly easy to find this particular field."

"Ok, ok, there's no reason to insult me over it."

"Well Pansy, time to start yer survival training. We are gonna go for a jog through that forest over there," Yevips said.

The aforementioned forest was rather large, the smaller trees standing about 100ft tall. The inside of the forest looked dark, reminding Harry strongly of the Forbidden Forest only there were actual trails going into it.

"We'll be stoppin' every now and then so I can teach you the names and properties of any animal or plant that I deem necessary for yer learning. I will also be tellin' you what you should do if you ever find yerself in a particular situation," Yevips explained. "Now let's get goin'."

15 minutes later


"What? Why?"

"Look to your left and tell me what you see."


"Anything else?"

"Ummm, plants? A couple of bugs?"

"Is that all?"


"Wrong. There is a white-lipped pit viper sitting in the branch diagonal from your head. Slowly back up about 2 ft. That viper looks to be about 7 ft long. Vipers are primarily a shade of green in color although some may have various colored markings on their body. It's venom is hemotoxic which destroys red blood cells. This leads to causes organ degeneration and damages body tissue. While the white-lip isn't very aggressive during the day, that doesn't mean you should be any less careful," Yevips described.


"Now look at the ground behind you."

"Why? Is there some kind of poisonous lizard there?"

"No, I didn't want you to look at me while I pushed you face first into a thorn bush," Yevips said with his voice dripping in sarcasm. "See that plant? The one with the pink-ish green stalk and frilly leaves with obvious veins?"


"The stalk is edible, but never eat the leaf. The leaf contains a poison which can cause convulsions, coma, and eventually death."

"That's pretty good incentive not to eat it."


1 hour and 35 minutes later

After that little stop, Harry and Yevips would stop every once in a while to learn about various plants and animals in the area.

"You ain't doin' it right, if you just dump a bunch of sticks in a pile, then the fire won't last very long at all. It also won't be as hot as it could be. You need to get the actual fire above the ground, that way air can circulate underneath it and provide oxygen for the base."

"Why does the fire need oxygen?"

"There are three things needed to make a fire; a heat source, something to work as fuel, and oxygen. In this case, the heat source is provided by the knife and flint I gave you. When you scrape the sharp part of the blade along the flint, it creates spark; thus, the heat source. The fuel here is the wood which you set on fire. Finally, the fire needs oxygen. The oxygen mixes with the heat source to convert the fuel into fire. If any one of these three factors isn't present, the chemical reaction will not take place. Now, the base of the fire is the hottest part. The more oxygen that is available to the base, the longer the fire will last and the hotter it will be," Yevips explained. Looking at his watch, he said, "Well, time to get goin'. Pyrodraft's expectin' you in about 10 minutes."

I must be honest with yall. This is not my number one project and most likely won't be for quite a while. Unless someone wants to adopt it from me, I will update when I can but I give no guarantee it will be often or anything. There will be one more part to The First Day. I am also trying to make the chapters longer.