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He briskly met her halfway between their routine routes to school—at the destination which they both (though he, reluctantly) agreed to always meet. He persistently insisted that he just meet her at her apartment due to the nonstop rainfall, but she just vivaciously responded, "But Uryu! If you walk to my house you'll get all soaked! Plus…I have the umbrella. I should just walk to your house instead."

He in turn replied back with a gallantly valiant tone, "Yes, but I have my jacket and really, I should be the one to walk you to school, Ori…"—he paused in quick contemplation, but gulped instead as his heartbeat overtook him—"…Inoue-san."

He was still shy when calling her by her first name, and she smiled despite it. As soon as she saw him she lovingly caught him in a bear hug, which almost knocked the wind out of him.

"Uryu, you're too formal sometimes! You can call me 'Orihime' since we're more than just friends now, you know! It's not like my name's 'Tom' or anything!" She grinned up at him and his face turned a light tint of a confused pink. "But, I like that about you. You're so polite. It's really sweet."

She stood up on her tippy toes and kissed his not-so-cold cheek. His face was blushed a full shade of red now, but he tentatively wrapped his hand around hers, which she accepted heartily, and they were finally on their way.

There was a cold drizzle that morning, but they didn't give the slightest of cares. They were both under her umbrella, warm, contented, and most of all, loved.

Orihime leaned her head against his shoulder, and Uryu smiled smugly, yet humbly to himself.

They arrived at their school with an approximate seven minutes to spare. They would have been there earlier, only if Orihime didn't point out every random thing she saw on the ground or in the gray cloudy sky. Not that there was much in the sky—but Uryu didn't object to it—he enjoyed it. He lightly mused at her random muses. He liked it; he liked how she talked, he liked how she thought—he liked how her mind worked. Uryu never doubted her mental capacity upon observation, but around her quirks, she was an intelligent person.

Well, except for her street smarts. On their way, she nearly ran into a street pole face-first, then bowed a "sorry" to it after Uryu nimbly pulled her away—before he ran into a fire hydrant, crotch-first himself.

They walked up to their class together, unsurprised at the usual commotion happening in the room.

There was a new foreign exchange student—apparently an American girl—who, tragically, had a rather tolerable bust, and was already failing at suitable defenses against perverted, violating attempts of groping by that sex-crazed Chizuru. Tatsuki was there trying to save the poor, poor American from her touchy-feely creeper advances, which just freaked out the brown-skinned, dark-haired foreigner more, since Tatsuki's methods of fixing things were, literally, to just "punch them in the face". That almost got the foreigner into an unwanted cardiac arrest.

On the other side of the room, Mizuiro was discussing the time when he went on a trip to Hokkaidō and met these older twins—and ended up going to a hot spring with them and their older friends—and as usual, Keigo was freaking out about it, saying how he "never, ever got any of the action".

Ichigo, Rukia, and Chad were over by the window desks just watching it all in partial amusement—and they all thought the same exact thing: compared to the death-defying, hollow-hunting lives that they had to hide from everyone, this was totally normal. Ichigo was leaned comfily back on a desk with his arms crossed, orange eyebrows raised, but his plastered trademark scowl twisted into a smirk upon the sight of the incongruous pair walking into the class.

At the sight of Orihime and Uryu arriving together, about everything stopped, and about everyone looked over at the door. Uryu wore a blank look as the heavy spotlight was on them, and Orihime tilted her head to the side, confused at the sudden interest that beheld them. Uryu's keen dark blue eyes quickly scanned each person's mortified gaze; as he got to a certain orange-haired classmate, said classmate's smirk widened.

"Wow…" Orihime said as she timidly waved to everyone, "You guys look like you just saw something…kooky."

Keigo's mouth vibrantly dropped and his brown eyes widened.

"Ah! But alas good Inoue, we have seen something 'kooky'!" He instantly ran over to them and pointed at Uryu, "YOU!" He then pointed to Orihime, "And you!" He then pointed to their hands, which were still intertwined, "AND THAT!!!" He scampered back over to Mizuiru. "The popular, beautiful, voluptuous yet ditzy hime, with the nerdy, four-eyed, weirdo sewing emo, number-one-in-the-class freak?! What is this horrible world coming to? The madness! It is just too much for me to bear!"

…Silence…a cough…

Chizuru would have instantly jumped in the one-sided conversation with her own matching cynicism if Tatsuki wasn't already holding her down by the throat. No questions asked, Tatsuki was happy for her best friend who had finally found her love, and she would have held Keigo down to shut him the hell up too—if only she could reach him from across that damned room. Maybe just throwing Chizuru out of the window would work…

"The lovable princess with this dorky fiend? This can't happen! She must have been tainted, hypnotized, defiled, by the prissy hands of the sewer!—the most perfect innocent girl with the dark-haired moocher clad in leather torso apparel? Evil has slapped its dark hand in the corrupt!"

…More silence…another cough…

One of Uryu's eyes twitched, and glared coldly at the skeptical Keigo, who went over to Ichigo for protection from the navy blue-eyed "fiend". Uryu's grip on Orihime's hand tightened, but she leaned her head against his shoulder and sighed. She smiled softly to herself.

"Ichigo, my friend! Please, oh please tell me this isn't so!" Keigo grabbed Ichigo by the front collar of his shirt, pointing specifically at Uryu. "You of all people have to tell me that that looks totally WRONG!"

Beyond angry was an understatement. He was downright pissed. The Quincy tightly clenched his jaw and indignantly scowled in utter contempt—so he was a "that"? And what was so wrong with him and Orihime? What the hell was an 'emo'? He couldn't fully grasp the menial concepts of his classmates' complete shock—was the sight of Orihime and him together that appalling? Ugh, Keigo was an annoying, melodramatic bastard sometimes! His eyes narrowed in vexation. His glasses gave off a pissed, almost blinding shine to all of those around him. A few students shivered at the tension of the epically frozen basilisk glare.

"Don't touch me," Ichigo pushed Keigo away and smirked over at Uryu. "…And no, I don't think it's wrong."

Ishida needs some limelight once in a while. Everyone sure as hell knows that I get too much of it.

Ichigo stole a quick glance at their hands.

Damn, though…

"Hey, Ishida!" He heartily threw Uryu a congratulatory thumbs-up, and the Quincy acknowledged it with a sincere look of his own, despite the coolness of his eyes. Then, quizzically looking at Rukia, who was sitting on a desk next to him, Ichigo slyly bent down and inaudibly whispered in her ear, "But, how does a guy like him get a chick like Inoue? I mean, there was never any, like, hint—"

Rukia slapped him upside the head, merciless at pointblank, and he jumped back, startled with eyes wide.

"The hell was that for?!"

Rukia exasperatedly rolled her violet eyes and sighed—she loved a total idiot.

"For being a dumb-ass."



A lone tear ran down Keigo's blanched face as he saw the exchange between the two.

"No! Kuchiki, I've lost you too? And of all people…why, Ichigo, why? When did you turn so…so LAME? I thought that I could drag you back when you told me that you studied like a nerd! But now," he looked away, tears streaming uncontrollably down his face, "now you're beyond the few choice checkpoints of return! I've totally lost you! You have no more chances at salvation! You're in cahoots with, with," he turned around and pointed, "THAT FREAK WITH HIME!—"

As Keigo curved back to point at Uryu again, his index finger made contact with something firm, and, rather well built.

"Uh, Keigo, you'd better watch out before you get your sorry ass kicked," Ichigo's simper smirk turned to a full-fledged grin as he scratched the back of his orange head. "Though, I think it might be good for you, ya' poor bastard."

Keigo gulped, as his pointer finger was pressed squarely against Uryu's chest.

He blinked once—his skeptic eyes grew wider as he locked gazes with his glaring navy blue-eyed death.

The room chilled considerably.

"Asano, I need to have a few words with you."

The walk home from school was always Uryu's favorite part of the day. It mostly was his period to reflect on things, to think, to just bask in the smooth tranquilities of the quiet midday. Now the walk home was even better with Orihime walking along beside him, holding onto his arm. They didn't say much to each other, but nothing really had to be said. The very essence of their love was enough to keep them both satisfied.

Suddenly, she giggled to herself, and he looked down at her with a bemused face.


She didn't look up at him, but she smiled as she gazed on, apparently in her own state of reflection.

"Keigo is so funny! I didn't know he screamed like a girl."

Uryu's eyes imperceptibly narrowed, but he couldn't help but agree. He sighed a little.

"…Nor did I, Inoue-san."

The sky was gray, but the storm had finally cleared.

They stopped at her door, and she stood in front of him. She gingerly wrapped her arms around his neck, and he in turn softly placed his hands on her waist. Orihime looked deep into Uryu's eyes.

It was rather romantic, both there with arms entwined, gazing at each other.

"Do you want to come in?"

He rested his forehead against hers, and his glasses faintly slid down his nose. Delicately, she helped slide them up with her middle and index finger, imitating the same way he adjusted the ever slippery rectangular lenses on his face. She kissed his nose.

"I don't know, can I?"

He glimpsed a little flash of a smile.


Feigning sadness in that handsome face of his, he gazed deeply into her cheerful gray eyes, pretending to pout. She grinned in amusement. Ishida Uryu pouting? That was something you didn't see on a daily basis! It was so…out of character! Her grin only grew bigger—he was really cute in or out of character, so it didn't matter to her, even in the slightest of bits.

"Well, okay, since you're doing such a great job pouting…" She kissed the tip of his nose once more. "But you have to do something first."

The wind softly blew its seasonal breeze against the pair, and his hands tantalizingly stroked the sides of her body in a slow rhythmic motion. She felt his fingers spider their way up her back, and then leisurely wash back down before traveling back up in a returned cycle of placid sensualities. Orihime shivered contentedly at their crawl, savoring the gentle satisfaction of his kind touch. He had wonderful hands, yet for a moment Orihime wanted to giggle.

What did Asano-kun say? Prissy sewer's hands? Hehehe…

The intellectual cogs in his mind started turning—her proposal sounded rather interesting—along the fine lines of a challenge. Uryu smiled, "Alright, Inoue-san. What must I do?"

Instantly, her face went serious and she scrunched her eyebrows together, pursing her lips.

"You have to call me Orihime."

The request took him aback. He even blushed. He was, after all, her shy Quincy.


"Uryuuuuu!" She whined, melting his heart multiple times and causing him to inwardly smile, "All day you have been calling me 'Inoue-san'! I even counted—once this morning, four times in homeroom, two times during passing, seven times during third period, fifteen times during lunch, since Asano-kun and Chizuru kept trying to spy on us all eating because I guess we made him cry…and I had that really good sandwich with the sardines, seaweed and mustard, along with that blueberry-cucumber-chicken sweet roll dipped in that special tartar sauce I made...oh yeah, anyway, eight—no, nine times during Crafts Club after you helped Mitsuru-chan with that scary looking pink doll again, and then once on our way here, and then one more 'Inoue-san' just now!"

He was still amazed at her incredible ability to say things in only one breath without the chance of suffocation. Uryu was about to comment, until she poked his cheek, silencing him.

"Pleeeeease?" She puckered her full lips pleadingly, and his navy blue eyes shined inexplicably down at her. "You won't have to call me by my first name ever again—you can even call me 'Tom', though I don't really understand why, Uryu, but just this once…I'd like…just to hear you say Orihime, and not Inoue-san."

At first he hesitated, but, after all he had been through for the past few days, years even, hell, he could do anything—even stop with those formal honorifics. It was pointlessly trivial after all, considering both his and Orihime's sturdy position as—all doubts aside—an official couple now. And the way she was relentlessly pleading to him…it was impossible to deny her anyway—let alone, the look in her gray eyes and her bleak tone of voice all but shred him to countless white and blue Quincy bits.

The smarty cogs turned endlessly in his brain, and the perfect though popped into his mind—he mysteriously raised a sleek black eyebrow and she found it rather…she gulped…sexy. Uryu's heart started to anxiously beat, he could hear his pulse in his ears, but he kept his straight composure—he kept it…


"Oh really?" He huskily whispered in silky seduction, "I think I can do that."

He held onto her tighter, and leisurely he dipped his head down, pressing his serene lips to hers. A soft, light kiss; a great, gentle kiss—he placed a hand on the small of her back, pressing her body closer to him, and she tilted her head slightly to the side—the kiss deepened significantly as she gripped his back to keep steady. She had never kissed anyone before—especially not like this—but her opinion was set in the strongest of stone: he was a wonderful kisser. In fact, "wonderful" didn't even describe it. Magnificent; beautiful; tender; enthralling; enchanted; freaking awesome—all of the synonyms, and their synonyms' synonyms all put together into one word—that would explain things. Like…

Magnificently-beautifully-tenderlly-enthrallingly-enchantedly-freakingly-awesome, and maybe even then some. That was the sensation of his lips against hers.

She mentally shook her head.

No, she took that back. Nothing could explain the feelings he gave her. The "love" feeling was a feeling that no one could explain in a vicarious sense. It would have to be physically, emotionally, mentally. Vicariously? No. One would have to know by the sheer experience of love.

Tilting her head even more, Orihime finally lost herself in the sensations of the moment, and she gripped onto him tighter, since she knew that her knees would probably give out at any second. But she also knew that she wouldn't fall. He would be there; he would catch her again, forever. She would never fall with him, her Uryu, there to love her. She didn't take his love for granted, but without a single doubt in her big compassionate heart, he was hers, and she was his.

Closing her eyes, she mumbled something incoherent, and she felt his lips curl into a smile. Orihime was quickly disappearing under the inevitable enchantment of his lips and the colorful world as she knew it was disappearing along with her. Not that she objected…

Things were getting desperate—she liked it desperate.



All too soon, he pulled away. He could have sworn that she had groaned in disappointment.

Uryu looked deep into her face—her cheeks were flushed with light pigment of pink, her eyes were still closed, and she wore a look of the purest bliss. He grinned to himself. He liked the fact that he was the only one who could get her to produce such a cute look—he also liked the fact that none of his damned detrimental nervousness had been revealed throughout that…makeout. His face lightly flushed at the term—he was so new to it, it was almost frightening. But, he couldn't help but let his face beam at the dizzy giddiness throughout their tenderly sensual moment.

Uryu leaned his forehead against hers once more, his heart still beating restlessly for her.

"Orihime, I love you."

She finally opened her eyes, and she looked up at him. The true look of love was in her eyes—the look of love that he had wanted, the look of love that she had wanted—the look of love that they both now had.

"O-Oh…" She gasped, attempting to reclaim her will to speak, "I love you too, U-Uryu—um, Ishida-kun."

She laughed and gave him a quick peck on the lips before she let go of him to open the door. If she was to stand next to him any longer, she'd drown in that irrevocable look in his dark, navy blue eyes. Her heart trembled hysterically as she caught her breath—her eyes fluttered as she swallowed the air in needy deprivation. If that was what it took to just get him to say her first name, then she wondered what it took for him to do other things...

Orihime, now blushing the deepest shade of red ever possible at the thought, could still feel his dark eyes on her, and her hands fumbled with the keys to her door. She was happy when the lock clicked, and she bounded in.

A small ray of sun found an opening through the thick gray clouds, and within seconds the dreary haze started clearing out. Uryu felt the warmth of the breaking sun on his skin, and immediately he removed his leather jacket. He looked up at the sky with a small, complacent smile.

"Uryu, y'know you can come in now!" Orihime popped her gingery auburn head out of the door, and he turned warmly towards her direction. Blithe and carefree, he walked into her apartment, and chuckled as she caught him in another one of her infamous, breath-depleting bear hugs. He wrapped his strong arms around her; one last thought entered his mind before he closed the door, enclosing their love to the presence of just two, softly shutting the world out…

She will be loved.

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