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Chapter 1

She watched the waves silently, crashing against the side of the sailing ship, her emerald eyes glistening in the sunlight, as she watched the waves, deep in her own thoughts. Her red hair danced freely by her side, like fire, free in the wild.

Her silky white dress clung to her figure perfectly, It just reached above her ankles. Her dress was apparently made from 'cheap' silk. But, Lily knew it was far from cheap, the king would not want his step daughter in 'peasant' clothing, no matter how much he disliked her.

Lily awoken from her thoughts, turning her gaze to the figures above, by the steering wheel. Her annoying half sister was on of them. Petunia, Petunia's blonde curly hair fell to her shoulders, her chocolate brown eyes were dull. Not to mention she had a horse like face. She wore only expensive dress's, at the moment she wore a blue dress, which was horribly puffy and had to many frills.It fell past her ankles and trailed on the floor. The dress was literally disgusting, in Lily's view. She found it hard to believe it was claimed 'in style' in most places, it made you look like the top of a mushroom, for god sake.

Lily's sister had her fathers hair, but, had her mothers eyes, expect, there's mothers eyes were not dull, they had a twinkle and were always full of happiness. But Lily knew better, her mother was far from happy, she was being forced to be with somebody she didn't love.

Victoria Evans left Petunia's father King David Evans, for a pirate and his own brother, Ian Evans, who was king of the pirates and Lily's father. Lily sighed heavily if it wasn't for that fat bastard, Lily would be with her father.

Trying to search her brain for any memories of her father, she couldn't remember anything, all she could remember was standing in a street, with people all round her running and screaming, she remembered falling and then somebody helping her up. A boy, with gorgeous hazel eyes and scruffy black hair.

Sighing she looked up at the cloudless sky, she had been dreaming a lot about that night, she was only four or five when they took her and her mother back to David.

"LILLIAN GET UP HERE NOW!" Lily snapped from her thoughts, sighing, she climbed the stairs, to were the three figures lay.

As soon as Lily got close enough a large fist connected with her cheek, causing pain to explode in her cheek, tears to spring to her eyes. Blinking away her tears, Lily refused to let them fall, especially in front of David.

The king, grabbed Lily by her cheeks, making her face him. Lily gulped, what she saw in his eyes, was not good.

As soon as the thought crept into her mind, she was shoved down the stairs, she had previously come up.

She cried in pain as she lay at the bottom of the stairs, pain shooting all round her body. She attempted to get up, so she could look the man, who caused her this pain, in the eye, so she could show him, he would never make her weak.

As soon as she attempted to get up, her body gave away, slumping back to the ground, only to be pulled up again by her hair. Lily swayed, when the person let go of her hair, trying to keep up right, she looked into the evil eyes of her step father.

He smirked at her then grabbed her by her wrist, and then dragged her down another flight of stairs. Stumbling as he dragged her, Lily felt the pain in her body increase. It felt as if it was on fire.

Finally, he walked threw a door frame which held no door, he dragged her threw, behind him and shoved her to the floor, next to a pile of box's.

He snarled at her and stamped on her chest, making her wince, she forced the scream back down her throat. She would not let him hear her scream any longer.

Noticing he was not pleased by the fact she didn't scream, he stamped on her chest again, getting the same reaction, silence. She heard him growl in his throat, he kicked her in the side making her double over. Then, finally walking out leaving her in darkness.


Captain James Potter, stood on the balcony of his ship, The Marauder, watching the waves crash against his ship, as it tailed another. He smirked as he turned his gaze to the busy crew below him. He had one of the best crews he could ask for. They worked together, when needing to, no complains were ever heard.

Looking down at the Lion medallion that hung round his neck, his scruffy windswept raven hair, fell into his eyes as the wind blew it slightly. Smiling as he straightened up, showing off his muscular chest and well toned body. His hazel eyes glinting with mischievousness, he pulled on his shirt but not buttoning it up.

He moved his hand so it lay behind his back, it brushed up against his sword that lay on one side of his belt, a pistol holder lay on the other side. A small dagger the size of a small kitten, hid in his boot, hiding like a bat from the view of the world.

"Not long before we reach them captain" a man said coming up from behind James. James turned round and grinned at the man. The man was only a inch smaller then James, he had longer hair then James. It was black and shoulder length and straight as a line. His eyes were dark, but, full of amusement and mischievousness. Sirius Black, second hand man on the marauder and James's best friend.

"Also, not long till Sirius stops annoying everyone, on how 'right' he is suppose to be" a sandy haired man said, coming up the stairs to were the other two men stood.

He had honey brown coloured eyes, his hair was shorter and a lot neater then both of them. He was skinnier then them as well and taller by a couple of inches. He looked weak but was far from it. Like James and Sirius, he had a dagger, a sword and a pistol. Remus Lupin third man on the ship, and James's other best friend.

"I have not been annoying everyone" Sirius pouted. Remus laughed, shaking his sandy hair, which fell into his eyes, he brushed it away quickly. "Sirius, how many times have you said you knew there was gold on a ship?" Remus asked calmly, after his laughter subsided.

Sirius looked as if he was in deep thought, he began counting on his fingers, "Umm about 10 or 15... I think" Sirius still looked as if he hadn't caught on. "Yes Sirius, and we all know how many times you were right" Remus grinned and walked off.

James stared at Sirius, waiting for a reaction and trying to contain his laughter, Sirius had just been insulted, and actually hadn't realised it yet. "Hes weird" Sirius shrugged, "anyway shouldn't we be getting ready to take the other ship?" Sirius questioned. James nodded "Yeah get everyone ready".

Sirius nodded, and began to climb down the stairs to give orders.

James sighed and walked over to the steering wheel, grabbing hold of it, he wondered if Sirius was actually right or was this going to be a waist of time, again.


Lily propped herself up against the wall, she was slouching slightly. She raised her hand, wincing as she did so, she checked her face for blood.

Pulling back her hand she felt nothing on it. 'Just going to be bruising' she thought as she dropped it to her side.

Suddenly there was a Almighty crash, from the upper deck. Lily cried out as a box fell from a pile and landed on her. Pushing it off her with all her strength, she clutched her stomach, blinking back tears that were threatening to fall, because of the unbearable pain that was running all round her stomach.


Lily's heart nearly jumped out of her body, turning her head to the door frame, she could hear somebody cursing and another person whimpering. She strained her ears to hear what they were saying.

"Peter you plonker, I told you to watch were you were going" a man growled. "I... I didn't mean to Remus" A man Lily assumed was called Peter squeaked. She heard somebody sigh heavily.

The hallway that lay beyond the doorway kept getting brighter and brighter, Lily closed her eyes, she could hear the footsteps getting closer and closer, till they stopped, she heard one of them gasp.

Footsteps came closer to her and stopped right in front of her. Opening her eyes she looked to see a plump blonde haired man in the doorway. She looked up and saw a sandy haired man standing right in front of her, she looked into his honey brown eyes and saw concern in them.

He knelt down in front of her, he reached out to her, but she flinched away from him. "It's ok I'm not going to hurt you" he said. Lily looked him in the eye, she nodded slightly and let him pick her up, when he reached out for her again. He began to carry her out of the room but stopped by the plump man. "Look for the stash, I'll send someone to come and help you in a moment." The plump man nodded and waddled into the room. Lily closed her eyes as Remus carried her up the steps which led to the deck.

Lily opened her eyes squinting because of the light, she noticed a dark haired man with shoulder length hair walk over to them. "Another girl" he grinned, but when he came close enough, Lily noticed his eyes went wide, "JESUS" he cried. "They did that?" he questioned Remus. Lily felt Remus nod.

Lily's eyes began to close as she heard "And were suppose to be the bad guys" before finally passing out.


Remus felt the battered body in his arms go limp. 'Finally gone unconscious' he thought. He passed Sirius and ascended up the stairs to the upper deck.

When he reached the top step he saw a blonde haired man and girl, who he assumed was the king and his daughter, being held by two pirates.

He looked over and saw his captain pointing his sword at the other captains throat.

"Remus I said get the loot, not a girl" James growled.

'Hes not in a good mood' Remus thought before looking James in the eye. "Actually, James I think you know her"

Remus watched as James's face turned from angry to confused. "I do? who is she then" James asked.

"Shes king Ian's daughter"