Thicker Than Water.

Chapter 1: Everyday Miracles.

Jericho walked down the silent streets, his large brown eyes scanning the darkness for potential troubles. He saw, out of the corner of his eye, a man standing cloaked in the shadows of an alley. It could be innocuous, but it wasn't likely. Not in this part of town. Jericho ducked into an alley mouth of his own and watched the man. Sure enough, as a teenage girl, maybe fifteen, walked down the street, Jericho noted the man's stance shift, readying him for combat. As the girl walked by, the man pulled out a knife whilst simultaneously grabbing the girl by the hand. Time to go to work.

As the man heard the sounds of the young hero's footsteps, he turned, instinctively using the girl as a shield. Somewhat nonplussed at the sight of a young blonde boy in unusual attire, the man decided that there was one easy way to get out of this.

"Alright kid, scram or she gets it." He emphasised his point by holding his knife to the terrified girls' throat. The boy said nothing, but a frown crossed his face, and he started to walk towards the would-be mugger. "Hey, kid, I ain't joking here, you turn around right now or-" The man never got to finish his threat, because at that moment he made the mistake of looking the youth in the eyes.

His victim wasn't quite sure what to make of the following events, and was unsure what had surprised her more; the fact that her rescuer had temporarily disappeared, or the fact that her captor had released her, before running full pelt into a wall, knocking himself out.


Jericho smiled to himself. He remembered the first time he had tried that move. He had been fighting a solo enemy, a rarity for him, and he couldn't figure out how to restrain him. So, in desperation, he'd run himself into a wall. A pity he'd forgotten to phase out before impact…

But he'd made no such mistake today, and, in a small way, he was proud of himself. He turned back to the girl, and saw her shaking on the pavement. He saw her look at him, and gave her a reassuring smile.


It's nothing, really.

The girl frowned, unsure as to why her rescuer was waving his hands like that. Maybe it was some kind of victory dance?

"What's your name?" She tried, unsure whether or not he had heard her.


"I…oh, sorry."

It's alright.

"Sorry, I don't understand sign language."

Jericho smiled again, and handed her a small card. Slightly puzzled, she took it from him and read it.


Teen Titan.

"You're a Titan? Wow, I didn't know there was a Tower near here!"

Jericho shook his head, and laboriously mimed to her that it was just him.

"Oh. Well, thanks for everything, but I gotta get home." She smiled at him, slightly nervously, a little intimidated by the silent youth, but he flashed a reassuring grin in return, and walked on into the night.


Jericho slowly climbed the stairs to his apartment. It had been a long night. Two muggings, one attempted bank robbery, and a fire. A fire! Out of all the problems, it had to be one he couldn't deal with using his powers. Nonetheless, he had done what he could, and had a singed left sleeve to prove it.

He unlocked his door and walked him, turning on the soft lights as he did so. He sighed as he looked around. He was home.

Jericho's apartment was a veritable Shangri-La, with his living room turned into a kind of indoor garden, with plant pots, a fake grass floor, and a small orange tree in a large pot in the corner, under which sat a comfortable chair. In this chair, he reclined, and reached for his guitar. He always played after patrol, both to keep in practice, and to help him wind down.

D. A. B. F#. G. D. G. A. The chords washed over him, clearing his mind and relaxing him. As he began the melody, he felt his muscles unwind. Classical music. A back massage for the soul.

Suddenly, a tinny nine-note refrain- only a philistine could call it a tune- interrupted him, making him hit several wrong notes. He sighed and, carefully laying his instrument down in its stand, flipped open his communicator.

"Jericho? It's Robin. We need to talk."