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Chapter 1: A Depressing Thoughts

Jessica's POV

Homework, homework, homework! Piles of it! When would it end. At least next year I'll be a senior and I'll get out of this town. Forks, it was such a gloomy town for me. Nothing exciting ever happened here.

I pulled off my glasses and pinched the bridge of my nose as I thouhgt about how depressing rain was. I wanted to be on a beach, in the sun, I wanted to get a tan! If only I could go see Grandma right now. When I visited her in Florda, the sun was so welcoming.

"Bella, she's just human. I'm kind of surprised." I snapped out of my day dream and focused on what dad was saying to mom.

"Jacob, why is it so suprising?"

"The werewolf genes went to Embry's kids, it went to Sam's kids, it even went to Quil's kids. Why would it skip Jessica?"

"I don't know but at least we have her." At least mom loved me.

"I know, but it makes me kind of sad." I felt tears of sadness roll down my cheeks. I always knew I wasn't exactly what my dad wanted but why couldn't he just be happy with me? I was always good to him. I gave him great respect. I looked at my homework and thought about it for a moment. I shut off my desk lamp and went into the bathroom.

My sad feeling wouldn't leave, it didn't even let me think on anything else except for what a terible daughter I was. I got out of the shower and dressed in my pajamas. I laid down in my bed and cried myself to sleep. Atleast tomorrow might be a good day. After all, I am going to a new school. Forks High. I hope it's a good day.

My dreams were filled with Jacob saying what a disapointment to him I was. A couple times I woke up in tears. I shouldn't let it get to me this much but, it's depressing when you know that you are a let down to even just one of your parents.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Stupid alarm! I switched it off and slowly sat up. I soon remembered I was going to a new school today! I jumped up only to get stuck in my blankets.

"Of!" I moaned as I felt my bare lags slap against the wood. What a way to start the exciting day. Unfortunately, I did enharet some of my moms clumzyness. Other then that little let down, I was somewhat beautiful. I'm not trying to brag or anything but I did have good features. I had silver blonde hair that reached my waist, I had ocean blue eyes, and I was skinny.

I looked very little like my dad, mostly like my mom, even though I didn't really get her looks. I know that doesn't make sense and all but, I don't know how else to say it. I picked myself up off the floor and grabbed some clothes. I almost ran to the bathroom. I took a fast shower. I blowdried my hair and-- unfortunately I have slightly frizzy hair-- I straightened it. I pulled on a pair of skinny jeans, a white turtle neck, and put on my bear paws. Couldn't live with out those in Forks. I threw on some make up and ran down stairs.

"You hungry Jessica?" Mom asked.

"Naw, I think I'll just take some coffe and go." I poured some of the coffe in a coffe thermus, pulled on my parka, grabbed my keys, and got in my car. It wasn't anything fancy. Every one around where I lived chipped in to get me a car for my 16th birthday. I got a black Mercadies. Such a nice car. I was really suprised when I got it.

I pulled into the school parking lot and there weren't really any good cars. I saw a perfect shiny volvo. I pulled up next to it. I didn't want some kid to beat up my car. I grabbed my back pack and got out of my car. Every one just stared at me as I walked up to the office. It was warm and inviting. The counter was a little cluttered but, who cares?

"Ummm, excuseme..." The office lady was sitting at her desk far to interested in her book to hear me. I heard the bell ring out side. Great, already late to my first class at a new school.

"Ma'am?" She still didn't hear me. Two other students walked in. If you could even call the boy a student. He was huge. He had large muscles too. He had a beautiful girl at his side. I felt ugly compared to her. Her beauty was amazing. It's like there should be a group of people singing, 'halelujah' and lights shining down on her.

"Mrs. Beasley?" The boys breathtaking voice captured everyones attention.

"Hello Emmett," She said, "what can I do for you?" I sighed. She had to help the godlike people first!

"This young lady was here before us, perhaps you should help her first." Emmett said pointing to me. The girl slapped his arm and The office lady sighed.

"Yes?" She asked in a kind of cold voice.

"Um, I'm a new student here, and I need my schedual." I said.

"You must be Chief Swans granddaughter!" I nodded and smiled at her. I heard a small gasp come from the blonde angle. The office lady gave me several papers.

"Have all your teachers sign it and bring it back to me at the end of the day." I nodded and walked out of the office. I had Computer Science first period. I walked to my class and when I opened the door, every pair of eyes in the room was on me.

"You must be the new student. I'm your teacher, Mr. Esteey. There is an open seat in the front row." I walked to my seat as the eyes followed my every movement. I sunk into the chair and the teacher continued his lecture.

"Hi, I'm Alexis." The girl sitting next to me said happily. She had black hair and vibrant brown eyes.

"I'm--" She cut in.

"Your Jessica, I know about you, everyone has been excited to meet you!" I was surprised about her knowing my name. But, then again, this is Forks. News travels fast. It's kind of anoying. After boring computer science, I had PE. Wonderful, I hate PE! The coach didn't make me dress out or anything. I wasn't going to make a fool of my self at least.

While I sat and watched the class, I saw a wondering pair of gold eyes. The girl had black hair, she was very short, she looked like a pixie. I figured she must be related to that boy and girl in the office. After she got out from the locker room, she walked over to me. I lost all feelings of calmness as this beautiful girl walked over to me.

"Hi! You must be Jessica! I'm Alice. I'm so excited to finally meet you!" Wow, quite a bubbly girl.

"Hi, nice to meet you Alice."

"What's your next class? Maybe we'll have it together." I pulled out my schedual and looked.

"I have, calculis--"

"We have that together!" Why was she so excited about it. I just met her. When we got to the class the teacher just looked at me. She looked like an old hag.

"I'm supposed to have you sign this paper." She basically riped the paper from my hands and signed it.

"Go sit where ever you want." She shoved the paper back at me and I walked as fast as I could to a seat next to Alice.

"Mrs. Jones, she is the grumpiest teacher in Forks High. Don't get on her bad side." I looked at the boy sitting next to me. His blonde hair fell into his green eyes.

"Thanks for the tip."

"Pleasure, by the way, I'm Dylan."

"I'm Jessica."

"Oh, I know who you are." Damn it! Everyone does know who I am. "What do you have next period?" He asked snapping me out of my thouhghts.


"Me too, I'll walk you over there." Well, looks like I'm making new friends fast. Mrs. Jones was the scariest person I had ever met. All she did was yell. She even threatend to flunk a kid for no reason. I got out of her class as fast as possible. Dylan ratled on about the school and all his friends. He said I should sit with them at lunch. I figured it would be a good idea since I had no where else to sit. My mind was stuck around the beautiful, godlike people who I'd seen today. First the boy in the office and the blonde girl, then Alice. I'm sure they were the most popular kids in school since they were so... perfect.

I walked into the classroom and went up to the teacher. He was an old guy. He was starting to go bald.

"Hi, I'm supposed to have you sign this slip." He took it and signed it.

"You can take a seat next to Mr. Cullen here." I turend and my eyes met with two pure butterscotch eyes. My heart flutered as I looked at him. I sat down next to him, his eyes never leaving mine. I actually felt nervuis around him. My heart went into my throat. What was going on with me?! I felt my cheeks warm up. He smiled a crooked smile. His voice rang out in bells... no, it was more like the whisper of an angle. It caused the hairs on my arms to stand up.

"Hi, I'm Edward."

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