Sometimes you just know, you feel it deep down inside and you know. There are no questions, no second guessing, only the truth hitting you right in the face. That was something that he never expected, never thought would happen but in the end it did. It started that day when he seen her dance in detention. Something about the way she moved. It nearly sent him over the edge and at that point he couldn't figure out why. He had seen her a lot of time during class but never even gave it a second thought. It was that day, that day that changed everything.

He found himself doing things that he never thought he would. When Amber lied about something that Tracy never did, he stood up for her and reiterated a "Kiss My Ass." in order to get into detention with her. He followed her and her new found friends, the kids that had been apart of Negro day on the Corny Collins Show. He ignored Amber calling out his name and followed them right onto the bus and to May belle's platter party. He watched the hurt in her eyes as he told her in couldn't be a part of the march. The pain in her eyes nearly killed him and he couldn't do anything to get that out of his head and out of his heart.

He remembered seeing her name plastered all over the news, and wishing that he was there with her. He couldn't believe that she would savagely bludgeon an eagle scout. That was not the Tracy he knew, the Tracy that he was in love with. He found himself for the first time realizing this. Why it hurt so bad when she was upset, why he missed her when she wasn't around, why his life seemed so much better for having known her. In realizing that he realized that he needed to tell her, which brought him to her parents house. It would bring him to her room; lying on her bed; holding a picture and declaring his love for a woman who was running from the law.

The Miss Teenage Hairspray pageant was the next day and as it started he lost all hope in things getting better. Amber was surely going to be crowned once again and everything that Tracy has worked for would be a distant memory in the haze of the crime that she didn't commit. Watching Amber dance almost made him sick, literally. Her sweet demeanor during that dance was the furthest thing from the truth about her. Amber was cold and calculating. She would do whatever it took to get what she wanted. So when Corny was about to announce the winner Amber immediately took it upon herself to declare herself the winner and it wasn't until a familiar voice snapped her back into reality. "That Amber Von Tussle is about to get out danced." He watched every move, took in every step, his heart beating along the way. She was there, in the same room as him. Doing something that she loved and he was watching it. Amber could sense it too. She did everything to keep his attention but the more she tried the harder he pulled away finally ending it with a simply "No." He was out there dancing with her, smiling with her, going through the motions as if though it was a dream and he was half afraid to wake up. He danced with Inez and watched her win Ms. Hair spray. He saw the look and made his way on the dance floor one last time as the music finished playing up. He took Tracy into his arms and kissed her like he had wanted to do all night. Like he needed to do for a long time. He wanted to show her how much she meant to him, how much he would do anything for her and how much he loved her. He didn't care. He had relationships before but this was different. He had always refused to say love because he never felt it was right to say it, but with her it was. He didn't care about what the next day might bring or the day after. All he knew is that he was with the women that he loved more than life itself and he would do anything to prove that to her. No matter what it took.