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Chapter 8: a steamy hot bath


"Uh hate to interrupt here but can we take this into the hot springs" said Asuka. "Why" hey said. "well for one with all this craziness I need a long bathe and I thing some people could use a bath" she said. Then they all turned to the four in question (no need to say who). "What" they replied. "that actually sounds like a nice idea" said hel. "well then follow us then ladies" said yuri. Then they went off laving fray unconscious on the floor.

Now the story

The all turned down the hall then opened up a small door. When the opened it there was a large locker room. "Okay you guys can use our lockers and we will just put our stuff in these baskets" said asuka. "you don't have to do that, we don't want to impose" said Verdandi. "it's cool you guys are our guests after all" said shadow. They all then started to strip down their clothes. Everyone was basically comfortable around each other except for Hel who decided to undress more of in the corner. While unnoticed by the others the two couples in the room were secretly looking each other over. "Oh my goodness I didn't notice what strong muscles shadow has. Mow that I think about it I don't really know much about her at all. Well I just have to fix that later" thought Freya. After the all finished putting their clothes away they then decide to step out into the hot spring. When they opened the other door almost all of them were amazed by how large the area was, that is except for the ones that all ready lived there. When they saw two figures in the mist.

"So this is where you guys were I was wondering where you two went" said midori. However she was cut off by the mildly disturbing scene taking place. Misato a twenty three year old woman with long purple like hair was standing naked on top of a rock shouting as loud as she could "IAM YOUR MASTER! YOU WILL DO AS I SAY! NOW GO FORTH MY SLAVE AND BRING ME……………………….. A FRILLY PINK DRESS!!!...... (silence)………… "Guys we would like you to meet Misato and her wife Ritsuko they are the ones looking after us" said Yuri. "Nice to meet you" said Mayura and her friends. The woman she was pointing at was her wife of 4 years Ritsuko a woman light skinned woman with short blond hair. "Good afternoon everyone" said Ritsuko trying to ignore her obviously drunken wife.

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