"Georgie Girl"

I don't own anything. Because Mac deserve more credit, and I know GH will mess it up. Spoilers included.

The casket seemed unreal to him. He stared at it, hoping against hope, he would wake up from his worst nightmare. He felt Maxie's hand slipped into his, so fragile. Sighing, Mac hugged his eldest daughter close.

"Honey, could you check with Bobbie to see if Lucas' flight got in?" Mac asked gently.

"Sure, Daddy." Maxie kissed Mac's cheek. Mac noticed, since finding out Milo Giabetti had been killing people, Maxie had been more subdued. He also had noticed neither one of them wanted to get more than one room way from each other.

"Oh, baby girl." Mac sighed. Stroking his daughter's hair, Mac didn't bother to wipe his tears. "Hey there, Georgie girl…" He softly sang the song that would calm Georgie down when she was upset. Robin's song was 'Bopping Robin' and Maxie's was 'My Girl'.

"Uncle Mac?" Robin said softly.


"Felicia's here and Maxie's pretty upset at seeing her," Robin murmured.

Mac clenched his jaw and fists. Of all days, that Felicia decides to be a mother….

"Why don't you see if Cooper can get Maxie to take a walk?"

"Yeah. Good luck."

"Mac, my baby's dead." Felicia sobbed.

"What, Frisco couldn't bother to come? It doesn't matter. He missed Georgie's life, so I guess it makes sense he miss her funeral." Mac commented.

"Mac, that's not fair," Bobbie protested.

"No, it's not fair for me to raise three daughters I never planned on having. It's not fair for me to stay home while everyone else gets to go on super spy adventures. Grow up and be parents to the kids you decided to have."

"Are you actually blaming Robert and me for getting blown up by Faison?" Anna asked incredulously. Robin bit her lip, just quietly watching.

Mac took a deep breath. "You had an twelve-year-old daughter to think about. When I took Robin in, I gave up international spying because I had a child depending on me. I made an adult choice, to stay safe for her. I managed a bar. I was a P.I. It wasn't as fun as spy games. But, you know what, I had a kid!"

Robert nodded. "You're right."

Mac sighed. "My daughter's dead. Felicia, I'm sorry you felt like you had to save Frisco for the girls. But they need their mother. Frisco left them and that was his choice. You left them and me to fall back in love with him. But you don't get to come back and play the poor martyr. Maxie and Robin were in a hostage situation and none of you manage to show up to check on them."

"Daddy, the Quartermaines are here," Maxie said.

"Excuse me, I need to play host. But let's just get through this day," Mac said, knowing Georgie would have done the same. He unconsciouously hummed 'Georgie Girl' under his breath as a last lullaby to his daughter.