Title: Separated

Author: Devdan

Rating: T

Summary: Some say everystory begins happily but not for Katara and her friend's and family. After a tough fight against Azula that almost cost her, her life it is only the begining of a whole new adventue.

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Warning: this chapter contains minor description of violence

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Prologue part 1

After what felt like an eternity firelord Ozai was gone, the throne room lay in ruins and the avatar had finally ended the century long war.

Meanwhile . . . . .

Sokka had gotten up and washed the blood off his sword after knocking down a bunch of firenation soldiers when he heard the news the firelord was dead, they had won. He felt like celebrating but that would have to wait he needed to find Toph and his sister and make sure they were ok first.

"Toph . . . Katara" he called walking among the fallen and seeing the horrors that the battle had brought but he was too preoccupied with finding his friend and sister to pay much attention.


"TO . . ." he was cut off by someone shouting "OVER HERE!"

He turned to find Toph running towards him.

"Toph your ok" he said with relief one down, one to go then he asked her urgently "Toph have you seen or heard anything from Katara?".

"About 2 hrs ago, I was surrounded by firenation soldiers Sugar Queen came running over to help when Azula struck her down, she got right back up when Azula took off in one of the back alleys and Sugar Queen followed" Toph explained then added "And that was the last time I had seen her".

Relief soon turned to concern at the thought of his sister taking on Azula the person who single handedly took down the avatar. Then he turned around and took off yelling back to Toph "come on Toph we've got to find her". She followed him close behind as they took off in search of Katara. 'We've got to' he thought to himself desperately 'we just have to'.

20 minutes later . . .



Sokka mind was racing he just had to find her, he couldn't bare to lose her not after losing his mother 6 yrs ago, as he and Toph raced down the pathways off the palace. All he could think about was Katara lying dead in some alley way he tried to push that thought out of his head but it just wouldn't go away. Just then Toph stopped and called for Sokka.

"Sokka over here" Toph suddenly said beckoning him over "I think I found something".

At hearing this he then sprinted off towards Toph and both off them began walking down a narrow pathway on the far side of the palace. Sokka looked around and noticed that there must have been one heck of a fight here there were scorch marks on the walls of the buildings.

"Toph what exactly is down here that made you want to come through here?"

"This is the pathway that Azula ran down and if my feet are correct there's a dead end up ahead", she explained.

Just then they stopped at the smell of blood and lots of it.

It made Sokka feel nauseous then fear flooded him as he knew what would lay head.

The two of them slowly approach the corner and looked over the other side. Sokka was horrified at what lay before him. He stepped around the corner and he began shaking a little bit at the sight, the smell of blood filled the air. The walls were scorched and covered in blotches of blood as he took a step he felt something squishy under his feet he lifted his foot and winced a little bit when he found it was blood mixed in with the sand covered ground. As he walked scanning the battle scene he felt sick to his stomach and he was more scared then he had ever been for his little sister. Then he felt a lump on the ground and he looked down to see what it was and to his horror it was Katara's water sack torn and covered with blood.

'No this can't be happening' he thought frantically as he searched the sides of all the buildings in the alley then his eyes stopped at the bloody figure lying surrounded by a pool of blood. His heart nearly stopped and he was very fearful as he walked slowly over to the figure then he stopped right in front of he dare not look down but had to know who it was, he had a weird feeling that it was his sister. He looked down and looked over the person carefully and to his shock and relief it wasn't his little sister but was Azula. He was relieved to find that Katara hadn't been killed fighting Azula but relief soon turned to concern when realized Katara was still out there.

"Is it her?" Toph asked uneasily.

"No its Azula, but Katara's no where in sight she must be still out there"

"Where do you think we should look now?" Toph asked.

Sokka wasn't very sure where to look now then it hit him the palace maybe she went to help Aang after they announced the Firelord was dead.

"The palace of course she'd want to be there for Aang after he beat the firelord"

"Good idea lets go"

At the palace. . .

Sokka and Toph ran up the stairs of the palace to find Aang standing on the balcony looking out sadly at all the destruction that had been caused. He looked tired but he didn't move until he heard the sound of footsteps running up the stairs.



He turned to the sound of his friends and he smiled.

"Hi guys", he said happily it quickly faded when he saw there faces.

"What happened", he asked concerned

"She's not with you", Sokka said frantically.

"Who?" Aang said completely confused.




"No I thought she was with you when we split up?" Aang asked confused because the last time he checked she was with her brother and Toph.

"She was but we all got separated when the third wave of firebenders came" Sokka began "Toph said she saw her last 2 hrs ago when she came to help her but got jumped by Azula who then took off into a alley on the far side of the palace and Katara followed after her. Then about 10 minutes ago we found where the battle took place the good news is Azula's dead the bad news Katara wasn't there and the only trace we found was her torn water sack", Sokka explained sadly then continued "we came here in hopes that she came here to help you after you defeated to firelord but I guess she's not here".

After Sokka had finished Aang felt nauseous and fear flooded him for he couldn't even begin to see life without Katara.

Then he suggested "Maybe we should go see your father and all the other warriors and see if one of them has seen her"

After a few minutes the trio finally found Sokka and Katara's father.

"Dad . . . DAD!" Sokka cried.

Hakoda turned to find his son running towards him he began to smile that soon faded when he saw his son's face and knew imediantly something was definitely wrong.

"What's wrong Sokka" he asked concerned.

"Have you seen Katara?"

"No, isn't she with you?"

"No she's not and we can't find her all we know is the last time she was seen was 2 hrs ago fighting Azula, who Toph and I found dead in an alley way, we were hoping you had seen her", Sokka explained.

Before Hakoda had a chance to speak one of the warriors from the earthkingdom spoke "Um excuse me but are you guys talking about a young watertribe girl?"

Hakoda turned to him and told him they were then the man explained his friend had seen a young watertribe girl walking among the wreckage 30 minutes ago.

"Where is your friend exactly?" Hakoda asked him.

"In the healing tents his arms got broken"

"O but are you able to tell us of her condition?" Hakoda asked.

"Not all that good my friend told me she was limping and covered in severe burns sir" the man explained then added "also my friend had seen 2 or 3 firebenders following her, possibly Ozai loyalists, that she had no idea were following her".

After hearing this Hakoda became very concerned for his daughter's safety and survival first he thanked the man for the information, and then ordered a group of men to go searching for her.

Earlier that day . . .

Katara was running down the streets of the palace her water sack hanging over her shoulder when she heard Toph yelling and the sound of rock clashing and fireblasts. She turned around to find Toph surrounded by a group of firebenders.

She then drew out the water contained inside of her water sack and charged and knocked down a few of the men.

"Well look who finally showed up" Toph said sarcastically shooting a rock at one of the firebenders knocking him down.

"Ha ha Toph hilarious" Katara replied sarcastically as she freezes one of the soldiers.


"Wha . .?"

Just then a bolt of lightning came out of nowhere Katara saw it at the last second and blocked it with an ice shield when it made contact with the shield moments later it blew up sending Katara flying several feet away.

"Aaaaaaaaaaah" Katara screamed as she flew and landed hard on the ground. She then got up and saw it was Azula who then took off in one of the alley ways. Katara quickly got up and gathered up all the water that had been dropped and charged after her.

She found Azula in a guard stance right in front of the wall blocking further entrance or the dead end.

"Well, well if it isn't the avatars little girl friend are you going to try and challenge me to a duel? I already known who's going to win but I do need practice so you'll do", Azula taunted

Katara then charged after Azula full force shooting spikes after her which she dodged easily then shot lightning at the waterbender who got out of the way just in time and shot a waterwhip in her direction that hit it target. This sent Azula flying a few feet back.

After 10 minutes of non-stop fighting both were getting tired but neither showed any signs of stopping. The walls around them where scorched and worn from Azula's lightning blasts. Katara had just dodged another blast of lightning and was getting tired. She then threw water daggers at the princess who dodged most of them but one got her in her arm and cut into it. Azula hissed in pain as blood began oozing out of the wound then before Katara even had a chance to react the princess shot a bolt of lightning hitting the waterbender in her left leg knocking her down.

The waterbender screamed as the flame came in contact with her flesh and she fell to her knees.

8 minutes later . . .

Both girls were getting very tired but it was Katara who was breathing the heaviest Azula had her on her toes constantly and she was already covered in various burns on her side, legs, and arms but she wouldn't give into the pain she would make Azula pay for all the pain she caused everyone even if it meant fighting to the death. Azula however wasn't as bad off as the waterbender but Katara had inflicted several injuries on the princess.

"Give up waterbender" Azula said coldly "then maybe I'll let you leave with your life".

"NEVER!" was her answer as Katara charged shooting 3 large waterspikes at her opponent, 2 in which missed but one struck Azula in the chest causing her to loose her balance and topple backwards. As the princess stayed stund Katara took this window of opportunity to attack.

2 minutes later Katara had Azula frozen against the back wall. Azula had been beaten badly and was getting dizzy. That's when Katara realized she was out of water 'O shit' she thought to herself how was she going to defend herself now that she was out water. Azula noticed the waterbender's vulnerability and melted the ice encasing her and catching Katara completely off guard shot a bolt of lightning at the waterbender hitting her square on in her chest.

Katara screamed as the lightning came in contact with her chest and she flew several feet away slaming into the stone wall.

"Well look who has the upper hand now waterbender and once your gone nothing can stop me from getting that idiotic warrior and blind little rat", she said coldly.

Katara heard her and couldn't, no wouldn't let her hurt her hurt anyone else and despite the pain she gathered the remaining strength she had and began bending the only source of water found her own blood. And as quick as lightning she had Azula knocked down by one of her waterwhips.

As she attacked Azula the only thought that ran through her mind was Aang falling, she saw the twist of pain and fear in his face when Azula shot him down, that thought, Katara' determination, nd Azula's crys of agony drowned out the horrible pain in her chest and the rest of her body. Then a dagger of blood shot through the princess's heart ended her life. At the end Katara's dress was torn up and burned so her once warrior dress now was nothing but a bunch of rags covered in blood. Katara backed away looking at the battle scene everything was a mess and the smell of blood lingered in the air and it made Katara feel suddenly nauseous but the evil princess was gone forever and no longer posed a threat to her and friends and that's all that mattered.

Then as she walked around the corner the worst pain she had ever felt in her life came over her. She then fell to the ground with a groan as she held a hand to the wound on her chest. Her chest felt like it was on fire and se squeezed her eyes shut gasping for air as the pain only intensified. She was so preoccupied with the hurting of her body she didn't hear the call that the firelord was dead. 'I've got to get help' she thought frantically to herself as she clung to the wall got up on her feet slowly trying very hard to ignore to pain.

As she slowly made her way around the palace court yard limping she observed the total destruction that the battle had brought the fallen lay everywhere and the smell of blood lingered in the air.

30 minutes later . . . .

She didn't know how long she had been walking for when the pain in her body seemed to go away, then she thought she heard her father calling her name along with several others they seemed so far away she tried to call to them but found herself to weak to answer. As she turned around her vision became blurry and everything was going black when she squinted her eyes trying to adjust her vision to see who was in front of her she saw 2 firebenders approaching her. She took a few small steps back when legs gave out from under and a tidal wave of darkness swept over her.

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