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Chapter 11: The Intruders part 1: The Truth

"Where are we going?"

"To go find Mrs. Ling "

"Why, again?"

"Momma says shes got somethin to ask her"

"Like what?"

"How should I know? lets go!"

Ji pulled his older sister Koko behind as they ran through the woods past the Ling's, there cousins, Rere and Lilia's and across the bridge to the main square of there small fishing village on the eastern edge of the Earth Kingdom. On there way to the Ling's stand the two children ran into there friend Ping, one of the few people close to there age.

Ping is 9 yrs old, only 3 yrs older than Koko, with short ragged black hair and dark brown eyes with fair skin. He was only a few inches smaller than Koko but an inch taller than Ji. He wore a ragged brown shirt and black pants that barely went past his knees. Ping's father was a fishermen who made his living off catching fish and selling it in his town and other towns such as Binghe. Ping's mother was killed in the firenation burning of there town 5 yrs ago when he was only four, now he lives with his father and grandparents in a shack along the sea.

"Hey guys what'cha doin?"

"O Hey Ping", Ji greeted his friend happily, "We're on our way to find mom wants to speak to her about somethin".

"But I just saw her only a few minutes ago?" he replied confused "She said she was on her way to your place".

"She was?", Koko gaped.

Ping nodded "mmh, indeed she was, I saw your Aunty Chi go with her to"

"But then why would momma tell us somethin that wasn't true?"

"I don't know, parents do that to you sometimes when they don't want'cha around"

"Yeah . . . . maybe", Ji trailed off then protested "But then whats so important that we can't be around to hear it?"

Ping shrugged.

"How's your sisters feelin?"

"A little better Kisa still screams a lot, as always, Lea won't eat and the rests pretty much the same"

"Well anyway my dad wants me back at the docks by noon time so I better get goin", Ping said and turned and waved goodbye before running off:

"See ya!"

"We will"

5 minutes later. . . .

"So what do you think mom doesn't want us to hear?", Koko asked curiously on there way back at home.

"I don't know", Ji replied pondering "But do you think we really should go home? I mean she doesn't want us around for something".

"Na, lets just walk home slowly"

So the two children walked home slowly talking trying to pass the time but both agreed without Lea it was pretty boring. When they were at the turn to there home a voice rang out:

"Let me go Shan!"

It was Thalassa! The two looked around the curve to find both Shan and Thalassa. But what they saw wasn't something any 8 yr old would want to see. Shan had Thalassa pulled flush up against him, her back against his chest, one hand grasped her hip the other was by her neck grasping the side of her face.

"What's going on?", Ji asked yhis older sister.

"I don't know but whats Shan doing to Thalassa?"

They watched as Shan whispered something in the 15 yr olds ear causing a panicky expression to cross her face. She struggled for a little while until she managed to pry herself from Shans grip and ran off into the forest with Shan following close behind.

"What was that about?"

"I don't know?", Ji replied "but I don't think it was very good".

"Wanna follow them?"

"Shouldn't we tell mom?"

"No shes busy", Ji answered and ran off after the two teenagers his sister following close behind.

Two two ran threw the pine-forest, not realizing this was exactly where Shan had thrown Thalassa into a sap tree causing her to have to cut her hair. As they neared the cliff they heard voices so they knew they were getting close. When they were as close as possible they hid in a bush and listened and watched.

They saw Shan and Thasssa at the edge of the cliff, Thalassa facing the edge.

"How could you possibly not know who that watertribe girl is?"

"Not everyone has to know!", she shot back.

"Yeah only mentally challenged"

"I am not!"

"O yea, that stupid little Lea girl is"

The two kids gasped at what Shan had just said.

"Did he just call Lea stupid?"

"Why that little!"

"Ji stop they'll see us"

"Don't you talk about Lea that way!" Thalassa shouted defending there 5 yr old sister "She's just different and learns things slower then other kids! Its not her fault!".

"I can talk about whomever I want to in whatever way I want to!", he spat in her face angrily and they saw him dig his finger nails into her wrists as Thalassa gasped in pain and began struggling.

"Stop Please! Stop It! Please Let Me Go! LET ME GO!" Thalassa practically screamed now as she kept trying to rip free of his grasp. Ji thought he saw blood. They watched as Thalassa's legs began to tremble and they thought she was going to collapse. Instead she kneed Shan with all her strength between the legs.

The two children watched in horror as Shan cried out in pain and flung Thalassa several feet away from the cliffs edge sending her tumbling onto the hard, dirt ground. She landed with a loud thump and they heard her hissed in pain, then curled up into a ball pressing her wrists up against her stomach.

The two gasped in horror. They wanted to help but they were to stunned at what they were seeing and there minds seemed to be in hysterics. Ji almost fell over but stopped himself by grabbing a branch causing the bush to rustle slightly.

"Why you little son of a", they heard Shan hiss angrily and watched as Thalassa back-peddled away, while letting out a high pitched screech as Shan's foot just barely missed her face.

"No ones here to save you girl", Shan said in a dark voice, the two knew there friend was in serious trouble.

"We've got to help her!", Koko cried in a shout type of whisper.

"But they'll see us", Ji cried quietly, "Lets go get mom she'll know what to do!".

"But . . .", Koko tried to protest but Ji had already gotten up and started dragging her off into the woods as they ran they heard Shan yell:

"I'll show you what happens when you refuse to Listen!"

To the Trail . . . .

Li was on his way home after some disturbing news of firenation soldiers in Binghe after a young watertribe girl with a dragon scar. As he was walking he heard the voices of Ji and Koko coming from the forest. Suddenly they burst out of the underbrush and into the clearing. They looked panic stricken like they had seen a ghost.

"Daddy!", Koko cried when she saw him.

"What is it? wants the matter kids?", he asked worried bending down to there level.

"Thalassa, shes in trouble!", Ji cried scared.

"Where is she?", Li asked them urgently.

"At the cliff" and within a second Li was on his way towards the cliff telling the two kids to follow. They followed close behind as fast as there legs could carry them.

But by the time the three of them had arrived at the cliff side Shan was no where to be found and only Thalassa remained. The whole cliff side was drenched and covered in water.

"What happened?", Ji asked no one in particular lifting his foot up out of the new mud "Whys everything all wet".

"My new shoes are all muddy!", Koko cried.

Li however paid no attention to the twos minor complaints. All that mattered was the drenched girl lying on her side in the middle of the open. Her medium in length chocolate brown hair was sprayed over face and clung to her body along with her equally wet clothes.

"Thalassa?!", he called as he knelt beside her and he called her name a few more times while shaking her shoulder but she didn't as much as budge.

"It was Shan daddy, he did this to her!", Ji cried.

"Ji don't accuse people"

"But daddy me and Ji saw him he threw onto the ground and tried to kick her in the face"

"Kids lets deal with that later once we get back home ok", Li told them.


Li turned Thalassa over and placed one hand under her head an the other under her legs and lifted her up carefully. She groaned and berried her head in the crook of his shoulder.

"Come on kids lets go home", and the three made there way back towards the cabin while Li carried Thalassa back to the home.

The group arrived back at the logged cabin to find Mrs. Ling, Aunt Chi and Ambika in the living room.

"Well I certainly hope that Ming can . . . O my gosh!", Ambika cried suddenly when she noticed her husband carrying a wet and unconscious Thalassa in his arms Ji and Koko by his side "What happened!".

"It was Shan!", Ji cried accusingly.

"Ji please", his father said sternly.

"But dad we saw!", Koko protested "He was hurting her".

"The children don't know what they are saying Ambika, we all know Shan's an honest boy and would never stoop as low as to injure anyone especially a girl", Aunt Chi protested.

"It doesn't matter whos responsible right now", Ambika stated "All that matters is that we get her to bed and in some dry cloths before she catches a cold or that plague".

So she ordered the two children to remain in the room with Aunt Chi and the obeyed. She and her husband made there way to the 15 yr olds room. Li went to place her down on her bed but Amika told him not to. He looked at her confused but she explained that she'd get the bed all wet so her layed her on the ground and he handed her over to his wife, who began to remove her soaking and wet robes.

"What happened?", she asked him concerned.

"I have no idea all I know is that I was on my way back here from Binghe when Ji and Koko came out from the woods and began crying and telling me that Thalassa was hurt", he explained as his wife gently removed the 15 yr olds robe with the girls head still resting on her shoulder for support.

"Did they tell you what happened?" she asked him the both of them knowing clearly who they were, Ji and Koko.

"O yes", he began "All they told me was that they had seen Shan fling Thalassa to the ground and try to kick her".

"Do you believe them?", his wife asked him curiously while lying the 15 yr old down.

"Of course its just it doesn't seem like Shan, he's such a nice boy"

"I know, trust me I know, its just there's always been something eerie about that kid", Ambika confessed as she placed Thalassa soaking wet pants and robe aside.

As Ambika looked Thalassa over she noticed the girls wrists. When she lifted her hands up to inspect them the sight that greeted her was far from pleasant. There were deep cuts shaped in human finger nails digging into both of the girls wrists and blood was oozing from the spots slowly. She gasped and then began cleaning the girls wrists and bandaging them up.

"So how was Binghe?", Ambika suddenly asked as she wrapped a blanket around the teen and lifted her limp body onto the bed.

As if triggering something really important Li's eyes grew wide.

"Li? what's wrong what happened?"

"Fire Nation soldiers"

"What!?", she said in disbelief.

"There after after a young watertribe girl with a dragon like scar on her leg"

The twos eyes suddenly flew to the massive scar running along the young girls leg. That's when they realized . . .

"They're after Thalassa", Ambika whispered quietly while returning her gaze back to her husband her eyes wide and full of tears, "But that means . . . .".

"She was telling the truth", Li finished for her "She really came from the Fire Nation".

"What do we do?", Ambika asked as tears fell and she chocked on her words as she spoke. Li knelt down beside his wife and wrapped his arms around her. She turned towards him and berried her head in the crook of his neck. While petting her hair he whispered:

"I don't know Ambika I really don't know"

The next day. . . .

The 15 yr old stirred slightly before opening her eyes slowly. She was in a bed was the first thing that hit her but not just any bed but as she looked about the room she found it was her bed. She was back home.

'How did I. ..', she thought but that's when all of it came flooding back. Shan. How she hated him but hoped that after this he'd leave her alone. But that wave? How'd that happen? Was it by coincidence or something else.

Thalassa shook it off and flung her legs over the side putting a little bit of pressure on her wrists. . .A sharp pain shot up both her arms and she jumped back and looked at her hands her wrists were bandaged.

'O great they know', she groaned.

But who found her?

She suddenly found herself looking down to see her plain forest green nightgown that Ambika had made for her a few months ago.

'How'd I . . ', she wondered then realized, "Ambika" she said out loud.

Walking out of her room she shut the door to her room quietly and tip-toed down the hall as quietly as she could. Everything was quiet. She guessed Li had gone out to work on the farm and Ambika was probably with him. The children were still asleep.

The Kitchen was empty except for NiNi who layed lazily across the carpet infront of the stove. The 15 yr old shook her head and walked outside. It was a bright and sunny summer morning with several white clouds floating in the light blue sky. There was a slight breeze that rippled across the 5 acre farm.

On the clothes line on the eastern part of the logged cabin was a clothes line with Ji's white shirt and Koko's green dress along with her robe, pants, and undergarments? Thalassa's eyes suddenly grew wide and looked down her nightgown to find fresh ones underneath. She blushed in embarrassment.

"Your awake!", came a voice from her right. Th 15 yr old turned find it was Ambika.

"Yeah", the 15 yr old replied quietly as the older woman approached her.

"Thalassa who did this to you", Ambika suddenly asked her, her voice serious but concerned.

Thalassa was startled by the sudden outburst but still didn't respond just kept her eyes downcast and avoided eye contact.

"Was it Shan?", Ambika asked quietly when she remembered what Ji and Koko had told them earlier. Just because the others didn't believe the two children and her husband hadn't seen him when he and the children discovered the 15 yr old laying in the wet grass, drenched and unconscious, doesn't mean he wasn't responsible. She actually believed the two of them she could tell something was up by how that boy always wanted to know where Thalassa was and how when ever something happened to Thalassa, Shan was never around.

Thalassa felt her heart race when she mentioned Shan. Did she know? Should she say anything? Most of all would she believe her? Deciding that she couldn't keep the truth a secret anymore sighed and replied quietly:

"It was"

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