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Draco and Blaise had heard Lavender's theory on Hermione and had almost rushed down the stairs and beat her two friends senseless. They didn't even realize how wrong they were. How could they think such a beauty like Hermione was vanilla? She was anything but vanilla. Draco and Blaise were furious; how could they even suggest such a thing? Blaise and Draco were now more certain than ever that they were going to have to seduce her immediately and properly. They went downstairs, making as much noise as possible, and walked into the kitchen. Hermione was standing there in her light pink apron wearing a pair of jeans that fit comfortably and a t shirt about a size too big. The jeans didn't really flatter her figure and neither did the shirt, but she looked cute.

"Practicing to become my wife, Hermione?" Blaise asked, sitting on a chair close to her. She was grating the block of chocolate she had retrieved from her drawer. She turned around and blushed.

"I'm afraid not, I'm going to bake a cake," she replied, smiling at him sadly.

"What kind of cake?" Draco asked, sitting next to Blaise.

"A chocolate strawberry cake. It's Remus' and my favorite," she answered, not daring to look behind her; she was afraid they would know that she knew about them.

"Are you alright, cara? You seem to purposely avoid looking at us," Blaise asked innocently.

"I'm okay. I'm not avoiding you. I just want to make sure the cake turns out alright," she tried to explain without turning around.

"You know, Granger, a guy could get a complex. I mean I am confident enough in my good looks to know you aren't repulsed by me, but Blaise here, well he isn't as confident as I am," Draco whispered in her ear as he stood behind her one arm on either side of her body trapping her in between. Hermione shivered at the sensation and tried to stay in control of herself; after all, she was vanilla. She carefully turned around so as not to fluster him or her and looked into his eyes, searching. Once she found what she wanted she gasped.

"You know," was all she said as she placed a hand over her mouth. "I am so sorry; I didn't mean to find out. I won't tell anyone; after all, who you are with is nobody's business …" She was about to keep on rambling when Blaise began to laugh.

"Ai, bella. You are so cute when you are all flustered, relax, we aren't here to taunt you or threaten you. We actually came to accept your proposal." He walked towards her and took her arm leading her to the table to sit. She looked at them with a smile that radiated happiness.

"So you will train with us and help protect this house once we leave?" Hermione asked enthusiastically.

"As long as we get something out of it," Draco replied smirking. Hermione weighed her options, she couldn't give him much and what ever she did agree to she knew she had to make sure only she would be affected.

"Depends on what you want," Hermione answered, squaring her shoulders.

"What are you willing to offer?" Blaise asked, grabbing her hand and playing with her fingers.

"Anything I can offer," She answered, looking deep within his eyes. He could see her determination, her vulnerability, her strength, and it caused him to shudder.

"Well then I think we have a deal," Draco said, standing behind Blaise.

"Only when you come up with what you want from me, I won't agree to anything before that," Hermione said, smiling, she wasn't going to agree with anything these Slytherins were planning unprepared. Draco was about to say something when the door to the house crashed open. Hermione stood up and unsheathed her wand in a quick, fluid movement.

"'Mione, we are home!" a male voice called out. The Slytherins turned to see her reaction and saw her eyes widening in anticipation; she sheathed her wand and ran out of the kitchen laughing. They followed her just in time to see her jump into the arms of a short and stocky red head.

"Charlie!" she squealed excitedly.

"Hey love, how have you been?" he asked, spinning her around.

"Stop hogging her, Charles!" one of the twins said indignantly.

"She is not just yours, you know!" Ginny said, poking her brother in the ribs.

"That's right, she is ours," the other twin said, wrapping an arm around his other half. Charlie finally let her down and she hugged the others.

"I missed you all so much!" Hermione said as the twins wrapped their arms around her and kissed her cheeks. They finally managed to let go enough of her for Ginny to wrap her arms around her friend. "How have you been?" Hermione asked, worried.

"I've been fine; I told you I'm a big girl." Ginny stepped back from the hug and looked Hermione over. "I'm burning that outfit; as a matter of a fact, I'm burning all your clothes now," Ginny said while she began to untie Hermione's apron.

"Ginny, you are doing no such thing. What am I going to wear if you burn all my clothes?" Hermione asked, running away from Ginny and hiding behind Charlie.

"Nothing sounds good," Charlie said, laughing. Hermione slapped him playfully and laughed, but her blush was prominent.

"Don't worry, I have that part taken care of." With that Ginny emptied her pockets and the twins enlarged several bags of clothes. Hermione's eyes opened wide and she almost passed out.

"Where in the world did you get all that?" she asked, stepping away from Charlie.

"Well, love, George and I sold our latest product to this big company in exchange to becoming partners. There company was going bankrupt and we saved it so we now own half of it and we still own our own shop."

"With that money we received we decided to give you a small makeover. After all, the product came true because of you, or should it be in spite of you," George said, handing her a bag. Hermione smiled and hugged him tight. He picked her up and kissed the top of her forehead.

"Oy, tone it down." Ron said as he exited the library. "I could hear you all the way in the library, I almost lost to Harry."

"Don't you tell me to tone it down, Ronald Bilius Weasley!" Ginny said sounding an awful lot like her mum. George placed Hermione behind him and Draco and Blaise took that chance to enter the room fully; after all, the Weasleys had had enough time to greet her.

"Granger, you left something on in the kitchen, and unless you plan on setting this place on fire you better check it out," Draco said, walking up to her. Hermione panicked and ran into the kitchen; she was glad for an excuse to leave.

"Excuse us; we have some issues to work out," Charlie told the Slytherins as he ushered everyone into the library.

"You know, I think I might like the female Weasley, especially if she burns Hermione's clothes," Blaise said wistfully.

"The only thing I like about them is what they are about to do to Weasel," Draco said with a malicious smile.

"So did they leave yet?" Remus asked, walking down the stairs. The boys looked up, startled. Just how long had the damn werewolf been there? Draco thought before answering.

"Running away?" He knew he was baiting the older man, but he just didn't like him.

"Call it a graceful retreat," Remus answered, raising an eyebrow; he made his way to the kitchen ignoring the younger men. They followed close behind him just in time to see Hermione adding the chocolate flakes into a pot with boiling milk. "Are you making what I think you are making?"

"Depends, what do you think I'm making?" Hermione asked, smirking.

"You are making chocolate strawberry cake," he answered, walking towards a piece of chocolate. He took it and tried to take a bite, but Hermione knocked it out of his hand.

"Remus J Lupin, if you take one bite out of that chocolate I will stop baking!" she scolded as she threw the piece of chocolate away. Remus pouted like a child and backed away from the tempting chocolate to help her.

"What can I do?" He asked, eyeing all the ingredients laid out all ready measured.

"Nothing, you, my dear, are easily tempted," she said as she handed him some tea and scooted him to a chair.

"How about us?" Blaise asked, stepping forward.

"We aren't so easily tempted," Draco added as he stood behind Blaise. Hermione eyed them critically and nodded.

"Malfoy, you can watch the icing and make sure it doesn't burn. Blaise, you can help me make the cake mix." Draco didn't say anything, he just went straight to the stove and stirred the chocolate to make sure it mixed with the milk, adding a couple of more chocolate pieces to make sure the icing had the right consistency. Blaise and Hermione worked in perfect synchrony; Blaise would give her all the ingredients, making sure he got the right one and didn't get in her way. Soon they were done and the cake was in the oven. "All that is left to put away is the flour. Malfoy, can you pass me the flour?' Hermione asked, turning in time to watch Draco Malfoy throw her the open bag of flour. All of a sudden flour was flying everywhere, coating everything it touched, laughing at them as it landed on their heads and floor. The inhabitants of the room just froze and watched the whole event unravel, mildly amused.

"You threw it?" Remus asked laughing.

"I didn't know it was open." Draco defended, his face red, with a fine coat of white flour.

"I must say it looks good on you." Blaise said, laughing. He picked up some flour from the floor and threw it at Draco. Draco retaliated by throwing some on Blaise, but hit Hermione instead who turned to a laughing Remus and threw it at him.

"Not so funny anymore is it?" she said, laughing; soon a war had erupted where no one was sure on how to declare a winner. They were all on the floor panting when the Weasleys and Harry came in.

"It appears that while I was getting the scolding of my life because of you, you were having fun with the two people who started all this," Ron said furiously. Hermione stood up and started flexing her hands; her eyes were starting to water, but no one could tell if it was out of anger or hurt.

"Ron I think its time you shut up," Harry said, noticing Hermione's stance. She looked ready to strike or cry, and Harry did not want to get involved, but he didn't want Ron to get hurt either.

"No, this is all their faults." He pointed to Hermione, Draco, and Blaise. "If she had just let me in, and kept them out, if they had had the decency to die then I wouldn't have been in trouble." He knew he had stuck his foot in his mouth again when he felt the air get heavier. The air around them seemed to crackle and Hermione was biting her lip as tears flowed down her face.

"Ever think that the reason you got into so much trouble was because of your mouth? Goodness, Ron, I'm trying to keep unnecessary deaths from happening; I've been doing it since Sirius. Next time you open your mouth you should insert a shoe shop." Hermione was pissed off, how dare he say that about Draco and Blaise? Just because they weren't the purest people didn't mean that they deserved to die, no one except maybe Voldemort deserved to die. Why couldn't her friends see that they all needed to work together. She wiped away some tears, but they were quickly replaced by more.

"Hermione calm down, you know he is just angry. Don't cry because of them," Remus said, trying to be the voice of reason.

"Ron, just get out of here," Charlie said, not even bothering to glance at his brother.

"You know he doesn't mean it, remember he does have the emotional capacity of a teaspoon," Ginny said, trying to calm her best friend down. Ron looked like he was going to say something but the twins dragged him and Harry out of the room. "Come on, lets get you cleaned up." Ginny took a now sad Hermione upstairs and left the others to sort everything out.

"So how long have you two been in love with her?" Charlie asked bluntly. Blaise and Draco smirked.

"Longer than you, that's for certain," Blaise answered. Charlie shrugged and turned to Remus.

"I don't love her; I just think she is an attractive and intelligent woman. In any case that is beside the point, but just to spite you I will remind you that you certainly have not loved her longer than him or Fred," he replied.

"Bloody hell, next thing you are going to tell us that red up there has a big lesbian crush on Granger too." Remus and Charlie looked pensive for a second.

"That would explain her need to always help Hermione change, the fact that she talks about her nonstop, and all the presents she bought her," Remus answered thoughtfully.

"Bloody hell," George said as he walked in. "What is this? Is this a meeting of the we love Hermione club?"

"Why of course, dear brother, remember we meet every Saturday at six," Fred answered, taking a seat and staring at the others. George pulled out a seat next to him and smiled mischievously.

"So what made you two fall in love?" Blaise and Draco looked troubled. They were not expecting to be cornered to talk about their feelings; well, at least not by this bunch. Draco and Blaise looked at each other and tried to figure out what to do.

"Fourth year, during the Yule Ball. She looked so bloody fantastic that for a second Draco and I forgot that she was Granger, know it all Gryffindor." Blaise answered. The twins looked pensive for a while before speaking.


"I don't know what she looked like then, but if she looked anything like she did when she accompanied me to the Dragon Ball then I completely understand," Charlie said, thinking back to that night.

"This makes me wonder how many other poor blokes are also in love with her," Remus said, leaning in to talk. "I mean, how many guys in Hogwarts have been lusting after 'Mione, without her knowledge?"

"According to Ginny, a lot," Charlie replied. "She said some of them even asked her out, but Hermione was too oblivious to notice," he added, laughing.

"She has only ever had eyes for Harry and Ronnikins," Fred said, partially in disgust.

"Maybe now she will realize that those two don't deserve her nearly as much as they think they do," George said hopefully; he hated to see his twin so sad. Plus, Hermione wasn't nearly as bad once she was out of school.

"I think that can be arranged," Draco said conspiratorially. The group was about to say something when Ginny came rushing down the stairs.

"Ginny, give me back my clothes!" they heard Hermione scream as Ginny laughed maniacally.

"I told you I would burn them!" she yelled as she ran out the door into the garden and past the men. They followed her out to see her throw the clothes in a big pile and throw a Muggle match at it. In a matter of seconds the piles of clothes were up in flames. Ginny turned to the group, an evil glint in her eye, and all of them backed away in fear. "Now she has to wear what I got her." They all nodded and Ginny came back inside calmly, as if she hadn't just stolen someone's clothes and set them on fire. Hermione was still upstairs yelling and cursing Ginny to the seventh circle of hell until Ginny slammed the door closed.

"That girl is insane; she just set all that on fire and walked away. She walked away," Draco said, eyes wide. The Weasleys and Remus just nodded until Harry walked in.

"Why is there a fire in the middle of the lawn?" he asked, a little panicked.

"Ginny," Fred answered.

"She finally got her wish," George added. Harry thought for a second and then laughed in realization.

"She actually set her clothes on fire. What's Hermione going to wear now?" Harry asked pushing past everyone and towards the pile of burning clothes.

"What the twins and Ginny got her," Charlie answered turning back around and going inside after Harry put the flames out.

"I have a feeling all Fred and George provided was the money," Remus said intuitively. The twins gave a solemn head shake and sighed. The men heard a door open upstairs and Hermione's indignant yells.

"There is no way I'm wearing this. Ginny, put the wand down. Ginny, I swear if you make me go downstairs with this on I'm never talking to you again."

"That's a chance I'm willing to take."

"Gin, please! Don't make me do this, this is so embarrassing. Who in their right mind would buy me this? Are you sure this isn't your shopping bag? Seriously, Ginny let me stay here, no one will miss me."

"Hermione Jane Granger, if you do not walk down those stairs I'm telling everyone to come up and we can just hang in your room until tomorrow, where you will have to model every piece of clothing." The next thing they heard were steps coming down the stairs. Everyone tried not to rush to the door to see her, but it was just too hard. In the end everyone had rushed towards the staircase to see Hermione Granger come down.

Hermione had her eyes closed; she did not want to see the faces of the ones she knew were looking. She could feel their stares and that was more than embarrassing enough; she did not want to see their mocking faces as she, Hermione Jane Granger a.k.a. Vanilla, walked down the stairs. She felt two hands grab hold of hers and for a second hoped it was Harry and Ron, but these hands were a different kind of strong and rough. She squeezed them tight and slowly opened her eyes to see everyone staring at her with opened mouths. She looked at her sides to see two smirking Slytherins; she blushed a bright crimson and looked at Ginny for help.

"I told you, you looked drop dead gorgeous," Ginny said smugly. Hermione rolled her eyes in response.

"You, however, forgot to mention why I had to wear this," she said, impatiently squeezing Draco and Blaise's hands.

"It's for the party, of course," Fred said gaily.

"What party?" Harry asked, confused.

"The Holy Hell Hermione Looks Delectable Party," George answered, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"George, stop using foul language and I do not look delectable," Hermione said, agitated.

"From where I'm standing you look ravishing, my dear." Charlie said, winking at her. Harry looked lost and confused. He wasn't sure if they were flirting with her or being nice. He also wasn't sure when Hermione had got that great figure; the dress reminded him of Muggle fairies. It was a forest green corset top with cream and black strips of fabric that made the skirt of the dress hang down from the corset. The top of the dress had vine stitching decorations which all joined at her shoulders to create a flimsy strap around her shoulders. Her hair hung in curls loosely around her; her eyes were covered with light green eye shadow. Her feet were covered by cream platform sandals with a small broach to hold the straps together. She looked absolutely magnificent; since when did she look this stunning? Hermione finished walking down the stairs with both Draco and Blaise, blushing the whole while and it wasn't till she landed that she let go of them and made her retreat to the kitchen. They were all too stunned to move.

"I know, I'm a genius," Ginny said, smirking. "Now, I suggest you all get ready for the party too." Quickly everyone ran out in different directions, whether it was to get dressed or put up decorations. Blaise and Draco just walked into the safety of the kitchen.

"She is off her rocker, and now I can't even get the damned dress off. I can learn how to save the Wizarding World in a month, but ask me to take my dress off and I'm hopeless." Hermione had an apron tied around the dress and was checking the cake. She really loved magic; it let her make the cake in half the time and without incident. If it weren't for magic she would be a terrible cook.

"You do realize that talking to one's self is the first sign of insanity, Granger?" Draco asked as he admired her from behind. She turned red and covered her mouth; Draco Malfoy had just heard her curse, things were not going as planned.

"Yes well, right now it's the only thing keeping me sane," she answered as she took out the cake from the magically enhanced oven. She placed it on a rotating plate and retrieved the pot with the icing.

"Need some help, bella?" Blaise asked stepping forward and looking for a knife.

"No, I'm okay. Are you two going to join in on the festivities?" she asked, looking at them inquisitively.

"You mean the Holy Hell Granger Looks Delectable Party?" Draco asked, trying to sneak a taste of the icing. Hermione turned red once again and blocked Draco's attempt to get some chocolate.

"No, the Welcome Home party, the other party is just Fred being sweet." Blaise raised an eyebrow and Hermione smiled fondly. "He is just trying to make me feel better about what happened yesterday with Ron." Blaise seemed to disagree, but Hermione didn't really pay him any mind. She kept on covering the cake with the icing until it was completely covered and looked absolutely delicious.

"Partying with Gryffindors is not how I like to spend my time, Granger." Draco replied after failing to get a taste. Hermione shrugged and went to the fridge to retrieve some strawberries.

"Don't you dare, Draco Malfoy," Hermione said without turning around and Blaise snickered.

"Bloody hell," Draco said as he backed away from the cake.

"If you want to spend the night upstairs its fine with me, just eat with us and then run like the wind. However, there are a couple of things you will have to do before you make your escape. First, you might want to use a silencing charm around the walls, we get pretty rowdy. Second, if any of the Weasleys go upstairs and offer you something called Gryffindor Courage, don't drink it unless you can handle yourself. Third, depending on what everyone has to do tomorrow I will be in pretty late so please don't lock me out." Hermione placed the last of the strawberries on the cake and stood back proudly. She looked at the intrigued Slytherins and mentally smirked, so her plan had worked after all.

"This sounds like a celebration worth going to." Blaise said as he stood up and walked to the door. "Coming, Draco?" Draco looked at Hermione once over and then went out the door. Charlie took that moment to walk in, decked out in Muggle clothing.

"Hey, Hermione, mum told me to tell you that she will be making dinner for us so you don't have to." Charlie was wearing a maroon colored dress shirt and black trousers. His hair was tousled and he looked very sexy. Hermione nodded. "After all, we don't want to get food poisoning."

"I resent that. It's not my fault I never learned to cook. I any case I prefer baking," Hermione said smiling. "Tell her not to worry about desert since I already finished it," she added as she stepped away from the fireplace.

"Will do," Charlie replied as they walked out of the kitchen to see what madness had ensued in the den. She, however, was blocked from the den by Charlie no matter how many times she tried to get in; she would have used magic, but the Muggle way seemed more fun. After about twenty minutes of unsuccessful tries she went in search of the rest of the inhabitants. Ginny was upstairs in the bathroom getting dressed, and Harry had excused himself from the festivities since Ron didn't want to see any of them. Hermione had promised to save him some cake. She then went up to her shared room were Draco and Blaise were lounging around. They stood up as soon as she entered and she waved her hand dismissively. She looked them over and tsked at Draco's shirt. He was wearing a smoky gray dress shirt and black trousers. The flaw in his get up was the fact that he had buttoned his shirt one button off. She walked over to him, thinking of him like Harry and Ron, and began to unbutton his shirt. It wasn't till an ivory hand stopped her that she realized what she had been doing.

"I never figured you for the type of girl to make the first step." Draco said, lowering his head towards her.

"I was just fixing your shirt, you buttoned it wrong," Hermione answered with baited breath; she wasn't sure what was going on, but it was making her tremble.

"It seems to me, cara, that you know exactly how to unbutton it the right way," Blaise said closing in from behind her. She turned around swiftly when she felt his warmth and looked him over. He was wearing an indigo shirt and cream colored slacks; his, unlike Draco's, were perfectly buttoned. She was trapped in between two Slytherins, who had nothing good crossing their minds, worst of all was the fact that she liked it. Suddenly a knock at the door shook them out of their trance-like moment. Hermione recovered quickly and walked towards the door; she looked at them once again and saw that Draco's shirt had been fixed; she opened the door and saw an unlikely face.

"Bill!" she exclaimed as she jumped on him, wrapping her legs around his waist and squeezing him tight. "How are you? How is Fleur? Is she here with you?" Hermione was so excited to seem him and find out how he was that he didn't give him a chance to answer.

"Do you have time to talk?" Bill asked seriously. He looked into the room and his eyes darkened as he saw the two Slytherins. Hermione nodded and smiled at him encouragingly, then she noticed the position she was in. She turned a dark crimson and was about to get down when Bill rearranged her so that she was cradled close to his chest. "You look like a princess so you should be treated as one," was his answer to her inquisitive stare. He carried her down the stairs and out to the patio, where he sat on a bench with her still in his arms.

"Why do you look so sad?" Hermione asked as she rubbed his cheek; he winced and tried to turn away, but she stopped him. His face still held the marks of his attack; while they weren't that angry red anymore they were still clearly visible. "Did you wince because I hurt you or because you are afraid?" He looked at her thoughtfully and hugged her tight.

"Fleur is afraid of me, she can never keep her eyes on me for too long. When we make love she keeps her eyes closed and afterwards she turns away from me. I don't think she loves me, I think she just wanted to prove she wasn't as superficial as everyone thought her to be." He didn't want to look at Hermione's face; he was sure he wouldn't be able to handle it.

"Maybe she isn't afraid of you; maybe she is afraid of herself. Maybe she doesn't want to hurt you anymore than you are. I've seen her with you, her eyes shine with love. I've watched her when she thought you two were alone, like the time you fell asleep on the settee. She walked over to you and ran her fingers over every single one of your scars, she kissed every single one, and she cried as she whispered she loved you. It was so sweet it broke my heart, Bill, don't let Fleur go because she doesn't know what to do. She loves you, I know she does, and I think deep down you know too." Bill did know, as a matter of a fact he knew too well. He was just afraid she wouldn't be able to accept him with the open arms Hermione had, he was afraid he would hurt her.

"You really are the brightest witch of your age, on some subjects." He winked at her and jumped up.

"Come on, I want you to take something to Fleur so you two can make up." She grabbed his hand and ran to the kitchen. When she arrived she was met with a table filled with food; she looked back at Bill and he smiled.

"I was the messenger." Hermione smiled and walked over to the refrigerator and retrieved a glass bowl filled with both white and brown chocolate. The white chocolate had the shape of flowers, the dark chocolate was the shape of half moons, and the milk chocolate was the shape of hearts.

"The white chocolate is infused with vanilla, the milk chocolate with strawberries, and the dark chocolate with raspberries. Go home, bring a bottle of her favorite wine, and talk it out, use the chocolate as a peace offering." She gave him a kiss and pushed him to the fireplace.

"Thank you," Bill said as he grabbed a handful of powder and left. She locked the floo network and turned to see Blaise and Draco leaning on the door frame.

"Dinner is ready," she said as she began to take plates to the dinning room. Draco and Blaise helped her move the food to the dinning room and set up; well, Blaise helped while Draco supervised. Hermione stepped out of the dinning room and once again said, "dinner is ready." Everyone flooded the dinning room and began to ask Hermione to sit next to them. Hermione looked flustered not wanting to make anyone feel bad and was about to just sit on the end when Draco grabbed her and sat her on a chair, Blaise sitting on her other side. Everyone smirked at them and Blaise and Draco had the feeling that they had just been conned into sitting with Hermione; seriously, these Gryffindors were very Slytherin. Dinner was rather uneventful until desert came and Hermione revealed her delicious cake.

"You know, 'Mione, you should open a bakery," Charlie said as he waited for his piece of cake.

"I was thinking about opening one after we defeat Voldemort," Hermione said casually.

"How can you be so certain you will defeat the Dark Lord?" Draco asked, sneering. Hermione gave him a wicked smile and served him some cake.

"I guess I haven't told any of you about my plan." Everyone turned to look at her better and she blushed, she really did not like being the center of attention. "Well while we were away I began to train with the Dead Forest elves, Harry and Ron still don't know about it."

"What did they think you were doing?" Fred interrupted. Hermione shrugged, she really couldn't tell.

"They probably thought she was playing Suzy Homemaker," George answered, snorting.

"I really would appreciate it if no one told them yet; they are already upset with me enough." Everyone nodded and she kept on talking. "When I was training I came upon an ancient spell hidden by the elves in order to protect the wizards. This spell prevented the magic of Wizards from working whether it was on an isolated level or for every wizard. Aeryn and Kayrin, the elves who taught me, told me that when the race of wizards were young a powerful witch gave them a spell to stop the Wizarding community from destroying itself in the future. They said that they have been looking for the right witch to help them cast the spell since they heard of Voldemort. If this spell succeeds, I, along with the help of the elves, can create a barrier, an undetectable barrier, around an area which would cause all the wizards and witches to fight as nothing but Muggles. It's part of the reason why Harry and Ron have been learning sword fighting and self-defense."

"How are you going to pull this off?" Ginny asked. By then, everyone had a piece of cake in front of them, but no one was eating.

"Well we always wait for him to make the first move, but I figured now would be the perfect time to go on the offensive. The elves said that their forest would be the perfect battle ground since we knew it so well and the magical properties would help the elves and I in the spell we have to perform. Once we cast the spell everyone within five miles of the forest will be affected, but the Death Eaters won't know since you will be able to Apparate in but not out. Once inside they will be stuck. The best part of this plan is that there is no way for Voldemort to escape, you see, the spell will prevent all magic from working. He will be trapped there until we can find the Horcruxes and destroy them."

"So you aren't planning on killing him?" Remus asked, intrigued.

"We can't kill him without destroying the Horcruxes and we can't waste time and go in search for them. The only way is for the elves to keep him trapped there and while Harry, Ron, and I go in search of his Horcruxes."

"What are these Horcruxes you keep mentioning, Granger?" Draco asked confused.

"Something that ties the Dark Lord here, Harry and the rest were instructed to destroy them. Although I don't think Dumbledore would be so happy with the fact that you mention it so freely." Remus gave Hermione a reproaching look and she looked down in shame.

"I know, but now we have ears out there in case someone hears something. I don't regret forcing Harry to tell you." Hermione spoke with confidence, but the way her head didn't rise spoke volumes of the shame she felt.

"That's all right Hermione, we still love you with a passion rivaling that of …" Fred trailed off as he grabbed Hermione's hand and kneeled on the floor.

"Something really passionate!" George exclaimed, laughing.

"You can't even be serious now, can you?" Hermione knew they were just playing with her, trying to make her feel better, trying to comfort her because of Ron's idiotic behavior. She looked at all of them and smiled lovingly, and at that moment she knew that no one would love her more than they did. No one would ever be in love with her because she was vanilla, but she was happy to be loved at all. "Is the cake that bad that no one is eating it?"

"Actually we kind of forgot about it," Remus said, smiling sheepishly. He took a bite out of the cake and moaned. "Merlin, Hermione, this cake is, well it's a sin," Remus said as he took another bite and savored the taste.

"Is that strawberry I taste in the icing?" Ginny asked as she took another bite. "This is orgasmic, Hermione," she said, closing her eyes. Hermione's cheeks turned scarlet.

"I'm glad you all like it," Hermione said, taking a bite of her strawberry.

"She is right, Granger, this is almost as good as an orgasm. Almost," Draco drawled as he licked the icing off a strawberry. Hermione blushed a deeper shade of red and refused to meet his eye.

After the cake was finished they moved to the room the twins and Ginny had decorated. When Hermione walked in, the first thing she noticed was the giant flashing banner that said "Holy Hell Hermione Looks Delectable Party"

"I reckon we are going to have to upgrade that banner, George."

"I reckon you are right, Fred." They both smiled mischievously and pointed their wands at the banner. The new banner read: "Holy Hell Hermione Looks Delectable and Makes Orgasmic Cake While Still Being Brilliant Party" To say the banner covered practically the whole room was an understatement.

"Way too wordy, guys, but the point gets across," Charlie said, turning on a radio. A sort of tango song came on and Remus looked over at Hermione.

"Care to dance?" Remus said, stretching out his hand. Hermione looked him over as if sizing him up and nodded, and everyone else cleared the way. Remus was wearing beige pants and a chocolate shirt; he looked very handsome.

"This is going to be good," Ginny said to Draco and Blaise, who looked on, intrigued. Hermione and Remus moved like water together, bending and spinning as one, never missing a step or knocking into each other. The song picked up and Hermione locked her leg with Remus as he dragged her back a few steps, then she slid to the floor as Remus walked away. She stood lifting her arms up swaying with the music, moving her hand down one arm and across her chest and down her body, the other soon following it as if seducing Remus back to her. Remus walked over to her as she lifted both arms again and entwined his arms with her as he brushed her cheek. He dipped her back and she swung in his arms as the song ended. Watching Remus and Hermione dance had caused Draco and Blaise to get unwanted erections; they did not need the extra attention to themselves, so they just hung back. Yet, watching Hermione move so provocatively had set them on fire and she would be the only one to put that fire out. Everyone clapped as Remus and Hermione untangled themselves.

"I don't think I've had a dance that good since Bill's wedding," Remus said kissing Hermione's hand.

"You are exaggerating; I'm not that good of a dancer. All I do is let you lead, which is the whole point of dancing," Hermione said, blushing at the praise.

"I still say you are a smashing dancer," Fred said, winking.

"She is, she is just being modest. I mean, she just raised the temperature of this room by a thousand degrees. How long have you and Remus been practicing?" Ginny said, waggling her eyebrows suggestively. Hermione ignored her friend and went to a table to get a drink. There were four bottles there: a pink one named Hufflepuff's Friendship, a blue one named Ravenclaw Wisdom, a green one called Slytherin Cunning, and the last one was red and it was called Gryffindor Courage. She took the pink bottle and poured herself a drink.

"Well, after the wedding, Hermione and I danced together to let out some tension. I mean, at first she was clumsy and kept looking at her feet. She over thought the moves and tensed whenever I put my hands around her, but she finally got the gist of it after a while," Remus said with a fond smile.

The rest of the party was spent dancing and just having a good time until the clock struck twelve.

"We better go; it's going to be a long day tomorrow," George said as he began to button up his black shirt and handed Fred his red one. Ginny was fixing her shimmering, gold v-neck dress when Hermione took pity on her and helped her out.

"How do I remove this dress?" Hermione asked as she made sure everyone made it through the floo in one piece and to the right place. Ginny looked around conspiratorially. Remus and gone to bed already and the only ones left were Blaise and Draco. She winked at the two and leaned in.

"A male has to take it off." With that Ginny flooed out of the house. She looked behind her as she left to see the only two conscious males in the house leaning against the door frames. Hermione turned bright red and turned around to seal the network.

"Did I hear the Weaslette right?" Draco asked, interested. Hermione nodded; she didn't trust herself to answer. "Interesting, I guess we could help you with that little problem," Draco said salaciously. Hermione didn't say anything; her throat was suddenly very dry. She walked past them and up the stairs.

"She has some very Slytherin friends." Blaise commented as they walked up the stairs. They stopped in front of the door and Blaise spoke again. "This is our perfect chance to make her ours, we can not mess this up," he whispered to Draco as he pulled him in for a quick kiss before opening the door. The lights were dimmed and they could see an outline of Hermione sitting on her bed taking off her shoes. Blaise climbed on the bed behind her, and Draco sat next to her and grabbed her hand as she took off her last shoe.

"We know what we want in exchange for helping you." Draco whispered in her ear.

"What would that be?" Hermione asked, her voice wavering as Blaise placed his hands on her zip.

"We want you," was Draco's reply as he nibbled on her earlobe. Hermione gasped as she felt the cool air hit her back; Blaise was undoing her dress. She shuddered as Blaise began to place kisses on her back and Draco began kissing her neck. She was shaken out of her stupor when she felt Blaise lowering the straps of her dress. She stood up and turned to look at the two men on her bed.

"What are you playing at?" Hermione asked as she pulled the straps of her dress up. She needed to know if this is what they wanted in return for helping her: did they want just one shag or regular shags? She wasn't sure if she could handle being used more than once just for their pleasure. If they wanted a toy then maybe they shouldn't be the ones to protect Grimmauld Place. Draco stood up and walked towards her slowly as if testing his prey; Blaise was right behind him, watching her in case she tried to run.

"We aren't playing, bella, we want you to be ours." Blaise placed an arm on her shoulder and walked behind her.

"Are you that dense that you can't see what you do to us?" Draco asked as he rocked his hips against her, pushing her back onto Blaise's erection. She gave a small gasp and blushed; surely she wasn't the one causing that reaction? She shook her head in denial and tried to escape, but she was pinned against two very muscled Slytherins. If she remained calm she could make them understand that she was vanilla and that they were lonely; for the love of Merlin, they were gay!

"You two are just bored and lonely. If it was any other girl you would have done the same. I'm sure once you think about this rationally you will see that I'm vanilla and clearly not to your liking," Hermione said logically. While it was nice to dream and fantasize about the two men she was entangled with, she wasn't going to fool herself. Draco grabbed her waist and pulled her to him roughly. He kept on arm around her slender waist and used the other had to lift her face up to look at him. However, Blaise was the one that spoke, very close to her ear, sending goose bumps over her skin.

"You are very wrong to think that you are anything as ordinary as vanilla. Hermione, if you should be compared to any flavor it would be the spicy, sweet taste of cinnamon, or the versatile taste of that chocolate you love so much. The rich, addictive taste, the way it can mix and change to please anyone, the way just one bite isn't enough, that's how you are. You are wild, calm, intelligent, sexy, shy, seductive, and soon to be ours. Hermione, if you don't believe my words then look into Draco's eyes and see his need and love for you."

She didn't plan on looking; she was wary of what she would find in his eyes, but at that moment Blaise had pushed his hips forward, forcing her eyes open in surprise, and Draco had taken that moment to lock his eyes with hers. She looked into his eyes and saw a cyclone of emotions, emotions she was cautious of deciphering, but she couldn't look away. She saw need, desperation, fear, lust, and other equally strong emotions, but the one that stood out the most was the one she refused to recognize. The feeling that held her eyes to his was the same one she had expected from Ron and Harry, but it felt so strange to think about them now, it felt wrong, it felt like betrayal. She shivered; she knew that her attempts at falling for Ron and Harry had been misguided. She couldn't get the thought of Draco and Blaise out of her head and now that they were there it was harder to do.

What if she gave them what they wanted and they threw her away afterwards; what if that emotion wasn't what she thought it was? She panicked, and her logical brain told her to run, but her traitorous body wouldn't let her. Draco could see the fear and doubt in her eyes, so he did the only thing he could. He leaned forwards and captured her lips in a heated kiss, begging for entrance with every stroke of his tongue, commanding compliance with ever nibble of her lower lip, showing his love with every caress of his hand.

"Don't think, Hermione, just feel." He kissed her again and this time she let herself be properly kissed. He relished in the feel of her, relished the heat of her mouth, relished being this close to her; he did not, however, relish the fact that she pushed him away.

"I can't do this. I can't be with you knowing you don't love me, I can't betray myself." Hermione had raised a hand to her lips and was touching them as she spoke, as if protecting herself from him. She finally managed to escape their grasps and walk to the door, but she couldn't for the life of her open it. She turned to face them, but that had been a mistake because at that moment Draco pushed her up against the door, all tenderness gone, and kissed her.

"Damnit, Granger, why can't you just stop and feel. I know you want us; I can see it in your eyes, just like you can see that I want you. Hermione, I love you, we both do and with time you can love us too. I know you can; we can make you feel better than you have ever felt, we will show you such pleasure you will forget that you don't love us." His voice was raw and she seriously doubted if she would hear such a tone from him again. While his words could lie, his tone couldn't; he was telling the truth. He kissed her again with sheer desperation, so different from his first, tender kiss and his second, dominant kiss. She finally let herself go; if he could show the vulnerability needed to confess what he felt, she could give him the acceptance she had never been given. She would be theirs and if that feeling in the pit of her stomach she usually got when around them was gone then she would never do it again, but if it remained she would be theirs until they no longer wanted her.

Draco wanted to explode at the happiness he felt when he felt Hermione give in to the kiss. Blaise somehow managed to push them towards the middle of the room, and stood behind Hermione, undoing the dress carefully and kissing every inch of skin that appeared. Hermione shivered as he kissed the small gap on her back and pulled away from Draco to look around. As she stepped back, the dress fell to the floor and she was left wearing a strapless bra and her lacy underwear. She began to fidget, trying to make herself invisible, when two fingers lifted her chin up towards his face. Blaise kissed her on the lips, softly and fleetingly as he grabbed her hands and placed them on his chest. He trailed kisses down her neck, across her shoulders, and back again towards her mouth, distracting her as Draco removed her bra. Blaise kissed her once again, pulling her towards him, crushing her against him. Meanwhile, Draco had rearranged the bedroom to place the beds together. Blaise broke the kiss, smiling at her while he stepped back to let Draco take over. Draco had divested himself of everything but his pants and relished the feel of Hermione's soft, but firm, body against his hard one.

Blaise was once again behind Hermione, whispering words in her ear that only the two of them could hear. He grabbed her hands, running them along Draco's chest, covering every inch of Draco's chest and abdomen and then wrapping them around Draco so she could run her hands along his back. He let go when he felt her hands begin to move on their own. He kissed her neck and stepped back to divest himself of his clothes. Draco wrapped his arms around Hermione and tilted her head back to reach a sensitive spot on her neck. She moaned in pleasure and Draco smirked in satisfaction. The seduction was going fairly well; they just had to take it up a notch. He loosened his hold on Hermione and moved behind her, kissing her neck all the while. Blaise stepped in front of Hermione and smiled reassuringly. He kissed her deeply, nibbling on her lip until she opened her mouth, and attempted to run her tongue over her abused lips. Blaise took advantage and plundered her mouth with his tongue, exploring every tooth and crevice. He pulled back and grinned with pure male satisfaction when he heard her panting. He began to kiss her neck, playing close attention to that point behind her ear; he kissed down her neck until he reached her collarbone. He stopped, and Hermione looked down as she noticed the lack of touch. Blaise was looking up at her with such passion that Hermione found herself nodding to whatever it was he was asking. She was giving in to them completely.

The next day Blaise was the first to wake up. He looked down at the arms confining him to the bed and followed them to Hermione, who was still blissfully asleep. He gave her sleeping form a small smile and briefly pondered on the fact that Hermione Granger liked to cuddle and be cuddled, that is if Draco's arms wrapped tightly around her were any sign. He turned slightly to look at Hermione's blissful smile and then at Draco's relaxed face. He was sure that they had proved their love yesterday, and if the hadn't, well, at least they were a few steps closer. He ran his hands up Hermione's arms and cupped her face, rubbing her cheek in a circular motion with his thumb. He saw her eyes flutter between sleep and arousal; he had hoped she would stay asleep, but his hopes were crushed when she opened her eyes. She could see someone lying down in front of her, but she wasn't sure who it was. She was tired and sore, so she rubbed her eyes sleepily and concentrated in front of her until she saw Blaise. She tensed and sensed the body behind her tense; all the delicious things that had happened the night before came flooding back, and she relaxed into the arms that had been holding her.

"I thought you were going to make a run for it, Granger," Draco said as he pulled her naked body closer to his. Hermione blushed and Blaise noticed that it reached all the way down past her chest.

"Yes, well, I would have, but I don't think running out of the room naked is exactly the sane thing to do right now," she replied, rolling her eyes.

"Just what I need, a dose of sarcasm in the morning; most girlfriends would just kiss their boyfriends and say 'good morning dear,'" Draco replied sarcastically as he propped himself up with one arm.

"Most boyfriends wouldn't complain about their girlfriends if they wanted to keep her happy, and trust me you want me happy," Hermione retorted, turning to look at him better; it was at the precise moment when they made eye contact that they realized what they had said. Hermione blushed even more intensely then when she had first realized she was naked; Blaise was convinced that the blush had reached all the way down to her toes. Draco, on the other hand, had a smug, possessive look on his face.

"I think our little witch is falling for us, Draco," Blaise said, amused. Draco didn't stir, he just looked at her. Hermione couldn't handle the intensity of his stare and turned to look at Blaise, but that had been a mistake seeing as Blaise wore a look of intense smugness and a little of something else. She took a breath and closed her eyes; she needed to think, and she did not need to look at them.

She analyzed her feelings, carefully cataloging them as she recognized them. She was feeling extremely embarrassed, but that was to be expected seeing as she was naked in bed with two very male bodies after doing all that they had done last night. She was also in pain, which was also normal after her first time; she was feeling sated and she expected that every time she did the deed she would feel like that. But what troubled her most was that feeling she had felt at the base of her stomach every time she was around Blaise and Draco. The feeling hadn't vanished as she'd thought, it had actually grown into a weight that was pressing down on her heavily, but that wasn't the worst part. The weight seemed to have duplicated and was now in her heart. She opened her eyes and the heaviness that was suffocating her vanished as soon as she saw them. She knew she was screwed at that specific moment; she chuckled to herself at the bad pun and made to sit up. She needed to get away from them if she wanted to talk logically. When she sat up she remembered the state of her nakedness, and regretted it, and with a groan laid back down and covered herself back up. Blaise and Draco looked at each other, amused.

"You all right, Granger?" Draco asked, smirking; she had been making interesting noises, weird movements, and downright hilarious facial expressions. Blaise looked at her, a little worried; he wasn't sure of what was wrong, but he hoped that it was nothing too serious. She made some noise and Blaise was sure it had been an answer to Draco's question.

"What was that, love?" Blaise asked as he moved the blanket down.

"I said you could at least call me Hermione, Draco," she repeated, red.

"So does that mean you are our girlfriend?" Blaise asked, feeling a bit foolish. It really was a juvenile question to ask after they had done such an adult thing, but he really wasn't worrying about his question, just her answer.

"Well that all depends, doesn't it?" Hermione replied as she sat up and leaned against the backboard of the bed. The boys looked at her intently, waiting for her demands.

"Depends on what, Gr-Hermione?" Draco asked as she glared at the almost-use of her surname.

"Depends how long you two live after Ron and Harry know about us?" Hermione said seriously. Draco and Blaise looked at each other in confusion and she laughed. "I'll tell you what, if you survive more than two minutes with the two of them after they find out, then I'll become what you want me to become," she said, smirking.

"Your Slytherin is showing," Draco replied, glaring at her.

"Yes, well something else of yours is showing." Hermione retorted as Draco looked down at himself. She laughed and said, "Made you look."

"Out of all the witches in Hogwarts we fell in love with the looniest one of all," Blaise said affectionately. Hermione smiled at him and her eyes glinted.

"Yes, well I got stuck with you two so I think you are better off." She got up and took the blanket with her, wrapping it around herself and heading to the bathroom. She needed to pee and to think badly. She knew she wanted them, but she needed to take things slower than they had been going. Unfortunately, she hadn't realized how late she had woken up and she hadn't noticed the two pairs of eyes that had watched her leave her room scantly covered by a bed sheet.

"Bloody hell, was that…?" He couldn't finish his question before his partner answered.

"I think so."

"Was she wearing…?"

"She wasn't wearing anything."

"Are you…?

"One hundred percent sure." The companion answered before they made their way slowly to the room. They had just reached the stairs when they heard the bathroom door open; they quickly ducked into a room and waited for the sound of a door closing.

"Why are we hiding from her if we want to know what's going on?" Ron asked Harry as they began to slowly walk up the stairs.

"Force of habit," Harry answered with a shrug. They were in front of the door and trying very hard to hear what has happening on the other side, but nothing could be heard. "She must have cast a powerful spell on it. We should just wait here and wait for her to come out," Harry said warningly to Ron.

"I know. We don't want a repeat of last time," Ron said grudgingly. They sat in front of the room and silently waited for Hermione to come out.

Inside the room Hermione was met by two half-dressed wizards. The beds that they had transfigured together the night before were still one, but it had been made and the clothes had been picked up, folded and set on top of it. Hermione was still clad in nothing but the sheets so she felt like a piece of meat as she walked towards her dresser to put on some clothes, at least. She had the weirdest feeling that it was later than she thought, even though the house had been silent so far.

"I don't think you have ever looked this good," Draco said as he admired her. Her hair was tousled, her eyes still blurry with the last remnants of sleep and she was wearing a partially see-through sheet around her naked body. "Or shagged for that matter," he added as he stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Hermione leaned into him and caught a look at his watch; she jerked forward and started grabbing clothes out of her drawer.

"Merlin's pants, it's late. They should be up by now. Ginny, why did you have to burn all my clothes?" Hermione was a wreck as she tried to look for something semi-decent to wear.

"Are you alright, cara?" Blaise asked, confused; one moment she was leaning against Draco and the next she was a wild woman muttering about clothes and time.

"Yes, well no, I'm not sure. I can't find anything to wear, I have to take a shower, and I'm pretty sure Ron and Harry are up already," she said, counting them off on her fingers. Draco snorted and picked up his wand, pointed it at her and said a cleaning spell. She looked at him in surprise and smiled. "Thanks." Blaise stepped in and started looking though her clothes and found something for her to wear. He handed her a pair of black lacy hipsters and a matching black bra, a camisole and shimmering gold shirt to go over it, and finally black low rider jeans. She dressed quietly and looked at the both of them fondly. "Thank you," she said as tears welled up in her eyes.

"Are you going to cry?" Draco asked, a little panicked. Hermione shook her head, smiling, and tried to wipe the tears away. "If you don't like what you are wearing we will find you something else to wear," he said awkwardly.

"I like what I'm wearing," she answered in a small voice.

"Then why are you crying?" She shrugged. "Stop crying then," Draco said a little harshly. Blaise elbowed him and walked over to Hermione.

"What he means is, please don't cry, bella, it bothers us to see you cry when we don't know what is wrong," Blaise said, wiping away even more tears. Hermione threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply.

"This is the first time anyone has ever helped me dress and clean just because they wanted to. This is the first time anyone has taken care of me," she said as she walked to Draco and kissed him fiercely. Draco hugged her tightly and refused to let her go, even as she finished the kiss. Blaise smiled and walked towards the door, removing all the protective spells and opening it. Harry and Ron saw the door open and wasted no time in rushing in, only to be met by the sight of Draco embracing Hermione.

"I think we have some company, Draco," Blaise said as he casually walked over to the embracing couple. They broke apart and Hermione grabbed their hands, looking for comfort.

"What the hell is going on, Hermione?" Ron asked, shaking with anger. Hermione was about to answer when Draco squeezed her hand and spoke up.

"Nothing that concerns you, Weasel, but if you are just dying to know then the answer is very clear. Hermione has consented to be ours for as long as she so desires, because we do desire her. So, in laymen's terms, so you two can understand, she found two wizards who see her as more than vanilla." Draco loved the shocked and embarrassed looks Harry and Ron had on their face.

Blaise was next to speak; if they wanted to survive those two minutes they had to make sure Harry and Ron didn't speak.

"You see, unlike you two and that daft girl Lavender we don't see Hermione as 'vanilla', we see her more as chocolate. They way she melds with everything, creating new, exciting, and tasty products. We love how wild, how wanton and how vixen she can be while still being her. We love everything about her, even her know it all attitude and her obsession with knowledge, which is more than I can say for the two of you." Harry and Ron shook off their surprise and looked outraged.

"What are you trying to say, we love Hermione," Harry said indignantly; how could they question his feelings?

"Yeah right, and Snape loves unicorns. Face it, all the two of you have ever done is use her. Sure, you like her well enough and may even think of her as a sister, but you sure as fuck don't show it. I mean how many fights have the two of you had with her over stupid stuff or over her trying to protect you?" Draco said, still not giving Hermione a chance to speak. By his count they had less than a minute left and he was not a man to lose.

"Oh, because you have just been dandy towards her. You've been worse to us, Malfoy," Ron said furiously.

"You are right, he was an arse towards you two, but towards her he was a little kinder. Even if you didn't notice, because he only taunted her in front of you two and when she was alone because of you two he never approached her. So yeah, he is an arse but to say the least he was never actually her friend." Blaise said defending him, only about fifteen more seconds.

"Hermione, what are you doing with both of them? Why haven't you spoken? You've been imperioed, haven't you?" Harry said, stepping forward, trying to get to her, but she just stepped back.

"No Harry, I haven't. I just came to realize that my enemies sometimes treat me better than my friends. I'm not sure if they love me as deeply as they say they do or if at all, but they have showed me more kindness and love in one night than you two have in two months. I fooled myself into thinking I loved you two, but you opened my eyes. I heard you yesterday, I heard you say all that you thought of me. I believed that no one could love me because I was so ordinary, but they proved me wrong. I'm sorry, guys, but for now I will stay with them, maybe until they realize that I'm not the right one for them, but I will enjoy my time with them." She grabbed their hands even more tightly and walked out of the room.