A blur ran into the crowd, running into the high school students here and there, until it came across the end of a hallway. Now that it's stopped, the physical form of a person looked back as they saw the campus officer still running to catch them, waving his nightstick around. A smirk appeared on her face as she cut a corner and continued running. Her movement was as if the wind was whistling, the speed unbelievable at this rate. It wasn't until she found that there was another campus officer at other end of the hallway she just encountered, smashing her in the middle with guards on either side of her.

"We've got you now, Hyuuga!"

A faint chuckle escaped her throat as she waved the fringe of her hair to the side. "Think again."

As fast as lightning, she ran straight for man before her, startling him at how bold she was. "Wai--" But it was too late.

She ran as fast as she could this time and slid between the legs of the man, hitting his crotch in the process as a trait of revenge. She got back up as she was in front of a window now, looking back at what was happening. The second campus officer was aiding the one whom she recently "attacked" as he attempted to check his crotch, but the man objected rudely. "DON'T TOUCH IT, IT HURTS SO MUCH!"

Hinata gave a short laugh as she jumped out of the window, landing perfectly on her feet, like a cat casually regaining it's posture.

Yeah, this was a normal day in the life of Hinata Hyuuga, the top female delinquent.

Keyword: was.






"...Wow." Tsunade gave a light, halfhearted laugh as she looked through the records of the girl before her, having numerous stacks on her desk.

"This is...a colorful record, Miss Hyuuga." As this was said, Neji did a facepalm, turning his head back and forth as Hinata just shrugged towards the Blonde woman. "I also see that you have a history with..." She shuffled some papers around until she found the packet that had lists and lists of things Hinata had committed in her experience as a high school student. "Foul language against staff, stealing cafeteria food, vandalizing school property, threatening kids in school--"

"I did that only because those kids deserved it." Hinata stated rather bluntly with a spice of harshness; but she motioned the older woman to continue reading. Tsunade's eyes grew wide as she put the list she had in hand aside, looking for a new packet. "Packet 'X', Packet 'X'...Aha! Found it!" A stack of about two hundred papers were piled on the desk now, Tsunade reading the top paper that stated the subjects within the huge pile of papers.

"Wahhh...these are the cases of fights you've been in?" Hinata shrugged once more, her posture in a very boring, nonchalant state as her cousin's was the exact opposite. He was tense and shameful to see all those documents on the the principal's desk of his cousin. He couldn't believe that a once sweet Hinata did all those things...

"Well then, we are a school that cannot judge a book by it's cover, so...."

Neji lit up as he flew across the room, grasping Tsunade's hands, happy tears falling. "YOU'LL TAKE HER IN!?" Tsunade gave a surprised look at the twenty-two year old man holding her, a hesitant nod forming.

"THANK GOD!"Neji now started to hug her cousin who was still the stoic, enigmatic person she's been for the past hour while confined in this office. "This is the only school in the whole county that she hasn't been too! Well, the only school who hasn't banned her off the property, that is."

A bittersweet smile appeared on the blonde principal's lips. "Gee, I wonder why..." She muttered on her breath. "Well then," She cleared her throat as she gave the two Hyuugas the form they filled out earlier, now having the seal of approval that she just recently placed. "You are officially a student of this school Miss Hyuuga Hinata."

"Woo." Hinata said sarcastically as she twiddled her fingers in the air at a circular fashion.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, Miss Tsunade!" The woman nodded as she guided them out of her office. "There should be an ambassador on their way up to guide you to your classes Hinata." She nodded as she bowed respectfully giving her new principal a genuine smile this time.

"Thank you."

The sudden gesture made Tsunade's mind boggle at how stunning her smile was. Why, she was almost smitten at how beautiful a girl could be when she wanted. If only she changed her personality, that is... She watched as their backs walked out of her office, shutting the door quietly. Such a weird set of people...

"SHIZUNE!" The office receiver beeped back instantaneously as a woman's voice was heard in response. "Hai?"

Tsunade sighed as she sat back in her seat, rubbing her temples. "Please come in my office and sort out all the Hyuuga's documents. I have a headache from reading all of this..."


"Woah, dude, she's smoking hot!"

"Wahh~ She's a girl? I can just imagine if she were a boy~"

"Back off! I saw her first!"

"What the fuck are you talking about!? She's obviously gonna like guys!"


The large class of people stopped their talking and gossiping as a silver-haired teacher called attention to the front. Hinata noticed that the school was extra-extravagant in it's studies, and she was surprised at how beautifully crafted the classrooms were. They were all sparkling in cleanliness and wealth; the lights were bouncing off the engraved white walls so well, that it took a minute for Hinata to adjust to all the brightness. She figured that the school had a theme of 'black and white' for she noticed that all the guys wore black uniforms and the girls wore white ones. She was wearing a white one herself yes, but she decided to have pants instead of the skirts. It would allow her to move more when she's getting chased down by the campus officials most likely, after spray-painting the walls like at her old school...

Well, that's what she planned out, anyways.

"Everyone, as you may know we have a new student." Everyone responded in a very robotic matter that made it sound like they were programmed to say that almost immediately, to a new student like she. But she can tell from the glint of most of their eyes, that she was going to be the topic of everyone's conversation. She can't helped that she looked amazing, but had a personality like she does!

The white uniform she was wearing included a pair of white pinstripe pants and suit vest combination with a white collared undershirt. Her hair was scruffy and multi-layered that gave her that masculine yet feminine look. A silk ribbon was tied around her neck that ended in a bow; all the colors seemed to have complimented each other quote nicely. Whoever came up with the color scheme of the school uniforms did very well. The girls had red ribbons and white uniforms, while the boys had blue ribbons and black uniforms. GENIUS.

"Well then, I believe you should introduc--"

The door slammed open as a girl with pink hair flew in. She was panting harshly as she grasped her chest, clearly out of breath.

"SORRY I'M LATE SENSEI!" Everyone focused on the girl as Hinata didn't pay attention at all for she was busy looking at the details of the walls within the classroom. 'Hmmm...this would be nice for a grafitti mural...'

"Sakura, could you have least waited outside? We have a new student, and it was very rude of you to just barge in like that." Sakura regained her posture as she looked to who Kakashi was referring too. Hinata's head was still turned but she felt someone lightly tap her shoulder.

"Hello there, I'm Sakura! Sorry to interrupt you like that."

Hinata turned around casually as she gave Sakura a beautifully crafted smile. This one thing, this one motion, made Sakura's heart beat faster than a drum. "Hello, I'm Hyuuga Hinata. Pleasure to meet you." Hinata's voice was as smooth as velvet and held the great sound of a bass. Sparks flew inside the bubblegum girl's mind as Hinata's hand grasped hers, the smoothness of her hand unusually relaxing.

"Wow, Sakura's stumped!"

"She better not put any moves on my prince, or shit's gonna go down!"

"Sasuke's not gonna like this..."

In a flash, the Haruno pounced on the poor girl and started to ravish her with kisses on her face.

"HOY!" Hinata was panicking as she tried her best to pry the crazed girl of her body, how was this enjoyable!? The class stared in bewilderment as Kakashi finally pitched in and removed Sakura off of Hinata, who's clothes and hair were messy, along with a few lipstick marks on her collar. But this just made her seem more sexy, and everyone held themselves back so they wouldn't end up like Sakura.

"Mrs. Haruno, I dismiss you to the principal's office right now!" Sakura pouted as she sighed, pacing out that door, that is, until she paused to give Hinata a kissy face.

The Hyuuga girl rushed to her seat, clutching her head in confusion and disregarded everyone's attention to see if she was alright.

"What the fuck is wrong with this school!?"

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Next, Hinata will--

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