"Can you pass me that case of ink-pads beside you?"

Hinata grabbed the tin swiftly as she placed it into the palms awaiting the metallic object. She traced up the person's arms with her light orbs until she came in contact with smiling eyes that were gleaming in what seemed, unexpectedly, fake delight.

"Thank you." Hinata gave a small smile that revealed her dimples and couldn't help but see the boy's smile turn into a huge grin in the process, if that were possible...

As she turned away, she grabbed the black ink brush as she continued on with her piece, a brute lion in the center of her white, tarp canvas. The feeling that radiated off of the brush strokes were very strong as you could tell by her technique that she was demanding and strong-willed while concocting the painting. A few minutes passed until she felt the boy continuing to stare at her, making her curiosity and tension to build up at the same time. With a flick of the wrist, she placed her brush down on the small easel before her, now facing the boy full on, eye to eye.

"Yes~?" A glint of amusement shined through Hinata's eye, the boy gladly catching it and reveled yet another smile in response.

"The name's Sai."






"You went to school there!?" Sai smiled as he nodded, Hinata looking at him in disbelief.

"How!? You have to get recommended by the headmaster's counsel, and have a beautifully talented hand!" Sai gave a short laugh as Hinata just thought back at what just came out of her mouth.

"That's what she said!" They laughed in unison as the two raven-haired teens continued moving through the lunch line, grabbing things that caught their interests. Sai decided to get something on the light side which included a salad with chicken pieces, cherry tomatoes, and a side of a creamy fruit-parfait and a tall glass of iced tea on the side of his glass, carved, cafeteria tray. Hinata on the other hand, was beyond what Sai would think that she'd eat. She got a steak that was medium-rare that was piled with simmered mushrooms on top, layered in it's own sauce that it was cooked with. A thick slab of mashed potatoes was on one side, as the remainder of the plate was covered with macaroni and cheese. Her tray was more than halfway full, but that wasn't all of her meal, yet.

She had a big glass of chocolate milk and a small plate of flan for her and Sai to share later on. If you took one glance at their trays, you'd think that one plate belonged to the person whom didn't have it originally.


As they finally descended from the line, Hinata felt the warmth of something splattered on her chest. Sai looked at her with a composed face, but she could see in his eyes that he was ready to see what was about to happen.

The lunchroom grew quiet as everyone looked towards the trio, eyes filled with anticipation and excitement. Hinata didn't have to look down at herself to know that someone had bumped into her, causing her lunch to splatter all over her white uniform. She dropped the glass tray on the ground, everyone impressed at how it kept together, but still kept their pupils on the new pair of raven-haired teens, one smirking, the other glaring.

"Watch where you're going." Hinata kept a calm facade as her body held the resisting urge to punch the boy with all her might. She eyed the boy's own pair of eyes, looking shockingly alike to her new best friend's.

Hinata gave a low sigh as she propped down on one knee, beginning to pick up the mess from the tile floors of the huge cafeteria. After picking up the solids, she lightly paced toward a near-by table, placing it gently on the surface. Everyone was silent as they observed her, her posture like a swan but her swiftness like a cat; it was as if they were watching a ballerina. But Hinata's next acts that were about to unfold were definitely not prosperous.

She walked in front of the six-foot-one junior as she quickly unbuttoned his blazer, placing it atop the liquids that he caused to be spilled.

Everyone looked around, eying each other as people whispered among themselves, Sai having a genuine surprised look on his face.

"Did she just do that!?"

"How did she take off his blazer so quickly!?"

"Dude! She's got some big balls to do that shit!"

"Oh fuck, something's 'bout to go down!"

"Well, Sasuke did ask for it..."

"He's always gotta be a prick to pick on the new kids, boy or girl!"

A growl escaped the lips of the younger boy in front of Hinata, him now gripping at her collar, the white fabric stretching to show his strength.

"Who do you think you are?" The female form had an angry vein pop out of her head as she took her hand and gripped his wrist, her power overwhelming his as he cringed, letting go of her and settling her on the ground.

People were gonna comment on how she was able to do such a task, until a shrill of pain busted through the room.

Hinata pinched the nose of the Uchiha boy harshly, bringing his face down to her own five-foot-eight stance, his eyes squinting in pain. Sai tried his best to hold down a laugh because of the oddness of this situation, but it seemed to seep out of him uncontrollably.

"WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN TALK TO SOMEONE OLDER THAN YOU LIKE THAT!?" Half of the cafeteria were in a complete bitter-sweet trance at the site while the other half were busy taking a video, pictures, and remembering the humiliation of the stubborn boy.

"A-Aish! Gomen, Gomen, Gomen!" Hinata gave a gave an aggravated growl as she let go of the boy's nose now, pushing him back into the hands of his friends. "Cocky Bastard." As this was muttered, the whole cafeteria started to 'ooh' as Sasuke laid his eyes on Hinata's back which was fading away from his sight, pushing the heavy, steel lunchroom doors aside, a boy following her tracks.

"Who the hell was that!?" Sasuke's face was brushed red as everyone in the lunchroom continued laughing at him still. A blonde boy came by his side with a stack of papers immediately at hand. "I believe her name is Hyuuga Hinata." The raven-haired teen snatched the papers out of his friend's hands, analyzing them with a scrutinizing eye. His angry aura vanished as it was now lightly brushed with amusement and impressiveness.

"She's been in one-hundred-nineteen fights, undefeated at the scene." The members of Sasuke's group gasped in shock as he clenched his teeth, clearly thinking about something.

"Sasuke! You should ask her to joi--"

"NO SHIT TAYUYA! I'm thinking right now, aren't I!?" The read-haired girl crawled back in the posse as they waited for his movement. Finally he gave a short chuckle that made everyone look at him warily.

"Hyuuga Hinata, eh? Well, looks like I'm going to pay a little visit today."


"Hinata, are you alright?" Sai gripped the girl's shoulder as she continued to attempt to wipe stain off of her blazer, showing no avail. The water fountain continued to spew water at her jacket, making it worse than it was already.

"Ugh." Hinata removed her hand from the handle that forbid the water to come out, now fumbling with the buttons of her blazer. Luckily, it didn't stain the inner cloths of her outfit, making it possible to still wear her suit vest for the rest of the day. "This is such a muddle, I swear to god." She continued wiping the jacket that was in her hand now, leaning against the the wall. It was such a pain in the ass that Hinata just decided to give up, sliding down on the floor, still against the wall, her chin on her knees now.


Hinata peeked up from under her folded arms, looking at the thing placed before her. Sai was in his suit vest now, bending down to give his black blazer to the girl in despair.

Suddenly a bright smile appeared on the Hyuuga's lips, her dimples finally showing in delight. Sai gave a surprised look as Hinata suddenly grabbed his hand, dragging his head to her chest below. "Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU SAI!" Hinata continued to hug him until her energy kindled down, her having to just rest his head in place. Unknowingly, Sai brought his arms around her waist, keeping himself comfortable with her even if they were in a public hallway.

"Let's sat like this for a little while." Hinata shook her head softly as the two kept interlocked, closed eyes tantalizing them to fall asleep.

Well, for the time being, that is.


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1. Wakes up with Sai in her arms, but now they are the infirmary, "mysteriously".

2. Have a dream that will take her into a flashback about her past.

3. Been woken up by Sai, and takes her to class, them both being late, them sleeping against eachother on both their minds.

4. When they wake up and return to class, Hinata is wearing a black blazer but Sai and Sasuke are without theirs. No one knows who it originally belongs to, yet.

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