Title: Distortion

Author: hottee39

Rating: Pg-13 +

Summary:AU. Shibuya Yuuri raised as a human, blood of a vampire, meets Wolfram Von Bielefeld, the transfer student who just gotten out of a coma. They hate each other but both of them had become targets of vampires and their unknown pasts were to blame. They got to find a way to save their butts. That is, if they don't kill each other first before the other vampires do.


The moon was full and bright; positioned high up in the dark ominous night sky. Midnight had passed but the hands of time continued to tick persistently. The air was silent and eerily comforting at the same time. Everyone was recuperating from their long day; dreaming blissfully away as much as they could before they would be forced to welcome the morning of another day of work and studies. Normally, those slumbering beings also include teenagers of fifteen however that wasn't the case for one average looking kid who sat on his bed, hunched in a defeated posture. Drowned in the darkness with his only light source trailing in through the window, it casted an elongated shadow upon his carpeted bedroom floor. A dark and dreary aura filled the atmosphere. Sobs and sniffles floated around the room.

The teen was crying. The sheets shuffled when he began to hug his knees to his chest tighter, with dim hope of smothering his cries.

"Why?" His voice was shaky and hoarse. He was barely audible. "I'm so confused - ." He was silent for those several moments that he raised his head mechanically, eyes wide and attentive staring straight in front of him, as if listening to something or someone. A few minutes had past before his features evidently softened and finally a smile creased his lips. His mouth gapped open and close several times as if reluctant to speak of a secret. It took him a moment before his expression was turned determined, deciding to reveal his thoughts. He beamed brightly as his lips parted to say the words that were going to change his life- he never got to say it though.

Things flew by his eyes in a single instant. A black shadow. A blonde man. Stern blue eyes. Blonde hair. Green eyes. Blue eyes. Green. Blue. Green. Blue. Green . Tears. Tears. More tears. Lips that let out a silent yell. Blue. Green. Blue. Green. Blue. Green. Blue. Green. Blue. Green. Blue. Green. Blue. Green. Blue. Green. Blue. Green. Blue. Green. Blue. Green…



"Yuuri no."




Black eyes shot open instantly, forcibly tearing himself away from his dream-nightmare. His racing heartbeat was subsequently slowing down now that he was awake. Blinking incessantly, he managed to clear daze in his head. He roused from his bed, planting both of his feet against the carpeted bedroom floor, curling his toes against them to assure himself he was really awake. With a sigh, he aimed for the glass of water on the side table. Gulping it down, Yuuri set the glass back down. The glass clinked against the wooden table. He closed his eyes for a moment to recollect himself. The lanky teen stared at his palms. He flexed his fingers, wondering if everything that had happened so far had been a dream. Shaking his head, he crossed his arms behind his head before falling backwards onto the pillow, eyes trained on the paint peeling off from the ceiling.

What was that about?

Yuuri strolled along the corridors of Inteligence Crow High towards his homeroom. The hallways were eerily quiet -usually expected especially this early in the morning. His shoes echoed off the walls as he neared his classroom. The black-headed boy was not one eager for classes and was seldom granted the liberty of walking through such deserted paths. It bored him to no end but he still appreaciated another sign of normalcy in his life. Glancing at the empty corridors, he wondered to himself the reasons for coming at this ungodly hour. The only reason he could come up with was that he had cleaning duty to do – and he loathed it.

Taking a glimpse at his watch, it read 7.40. He was ten minutes later than he should be. He shrugged it off. It was not like anyone was going to care as long as the job was done. He didn't get much sleep last night anyway. He spent the after hours tossing and turning in his bed until it was nearly dawn before sleep finally embraced him. He only managed two hours of sleep. Damnit- he was tired.

Reaching his homeroom, he slid the door open only to be immediately hit in the face with a rag.

A wet one.

Right in his face.

And he knew who did.

There was only one person who would dare pull that stunt.

He had totally forgotten about him, and now that he remembered his presence.

The day was going to be hell.

"Hey what the hell is your problem throwing that into my face?" Picking the torn cloth up, he averted his glare towards the figure sweeping the floor, acting as if his entrance was not distracting in the least – even if it was obnoxiously obvious he had deliberately threw the cloth right at him. Who else was in the room?

"You're late. Haul yourself in and get to work." The blonde student nonchalantly instructed, taking no heed of Yuuri's scowling face, though his snobbish, commanding tone was evidence enough of his displeasure with Yuuri. The pissed off teen made his way towards his desk to release his bag.

"Nice of you to spoil my day with your fucked up attitude." He dropped his bag with a thud for emphasize, mumbling a little louder because he didn't want the blonde to have the better of him.

"Oh and you think your attitude isn't fucked up?" Yuuri averted his glare into those cackling emeralds. The blonde had paused in his work, posing with a hand on his hip and the broom upright in his other hand. A scowl marred his features, scary enough for anyone sane to back away. Yuuri, however, simply challenged him straight on. He had dealt with crazier things.

"Define fucked up to me right now." If it was even possible, his features grew meaner as his scowl deepened.

"How about showing attitude to your cleaning partner who had taken the liberty of starting ahead so as not to get into trouble. Because his tardy idiotic of partner couldn't make it on time even if his life depended on it!"

"Well how about having the worst night ever and coming to school only to face another day of it! To top it off, the first thing I'm greeted with in the morning is a slimy piece of wet cloth thrown into my face and a scowling brat who thinks he's the king of the world!"

"Well SOR-RY if the world doesn't revolve around you!"

"I'd be sorry too if it revolved around you!"

After practically screaming their lungs out, both abruptly turned away. They were no longer able to stand another minute glaring at each other. The blonde scoffed at his actions and proceeded to continue his work.

Yuuri couldn't stand Wolfram Von Bielefeld and the same went vice versa. The moment he transferred into his school, they both had met straight on, hand to face. Well...Yuuri didn't really mean to slap him, but something within him couldn't stand his insolent tone and words. He had insulted him the moment they were close up in public. Yuuri was delicately sensitive at the time and he unexpectedly slapped the pretty blonde.






"Hey Bie-la-field- ah! You mind if I called you Wolfram?"


"Wolfram. Hello? Anyone in there?"


"What is wrong with you?"

"Nothing's wrong with me. Just leave me alone."

"Everyone's outside playing and here you are moping around in this dusty classroom."


"Come on! Let's go and join them outside."

"I'm not in the mood."

"...Hey." The tone was darker and serious this time, catching Wolfram's full attention.

"Have we – Have we both ever met before?" Wolfram stared into his orbs to search for any signs of emotion that would have brought about such a question. Simply put, the blonde transfer student was stunned. He didn't know if he should have been nonchalant and denied with a simple 'no' to prevent any problems or just laugh outrageously at the teen with his crazy conclusion. Unfortunately, the blonde's tongue waged faster than his brain. He chuckled before laughing right out loud.

"You've got to be ludicrous. Why would we ever be acquainted in the first place?" The blonde switched to a less than amused tone. "As much as I would like to try and indulge in your silly simpleton questions, I've got better things to do than chat with some mama's happy-go-lucky boy. Do yourself a favor and let's not talk at all alright? Understanding me Mr. Simpleton?"

"What's shoved up your ass? A single question and you go off shooting your mouth like you own the place or something. And unlike you Mr. High-and-Mighty, I have the decency to remember how to address someone else and Mr. Simpleton is just plain and old for name calling. What? I thought only geezers used such a word nowadays, didn't know you were senile already."

"Hey! Lay off the senile shit!"

"Wow you can curse? Nice way for a first impression." Both of them were standing upright, glaring daggers into each other. Little did they know, an audience had gathered outside the classroom and were staring in the show with curiosity.

"Like you're any different? Didn't your mother teach you any manners?" Yuuri was pissed. Wolfram just HAD to speak of his mother. He had to control somehow not to do anything rash.



"You slapped me?"Both of them gaped in shock. Yuuri never thought he could ever harm another living being with physical violence. Likewise Wolfram thought this wimp could never even dare to pull such an stunt. "That's it." That pulled Yuuri out of his shock only temporary before he was tackled to the ground. Hands encircled around his neck as Yuuri struggled to rid of Wolfram. "I'll fucking kill you!"

End of Flashback

And they were sentenced to a week's worth of detention after that. Ever since that day, the blonde had promised to make his life a living hell – it was really an accident! It was not like Yuuri could blame himself though. Wolfram was obnoxious, arrogant, cocky, stubborn, prideful, hot-tempered, insensitive and...hmm... oh yeah, violent too - Wolfram had been known to strangle, choke and wrestle Yuuri with serious malicious killing intent. Sometimes because of the dumbest of things. What made it worse was that the teachers found their little detestation of each other "amusing", figuring they should be taught a lesson and got assigned as partners for most of their subjects. If Yuuri was to be seriously honest, the projects were splendid. The process and the behind the scenes work however, well...let's just say it wasn't pretty. There was a lot of bloodshed.


"We're doing it my way so just shut up so we can get it over with."

"What? I'm not your slave nor your dog Wolfram. I can come up with great ideas too."

"Amuse me with your great ideas."

"Well we could try this."

"Forget it. My idea's better."

"Since when did you get your judgment right? We'll do it this way."

"No. Mine."









"Mine!" A book was thrown into his head. "HEY! What was that for?"

"To knock some sense into you. You do realize we're going nowhere with this."

"Fine. We'll do it like this then." After a few moments… "Ok, I think we can manage like this."

"Hmph. Fine." Wolfram stood up to leave.

"Hey where are you going?"

"I'm going to use the restroom. Got a problem with that?" Yuuri blushed before shaking at the comment. "Good." Yuuri stared at wall, hearing the footsteps getting farther and farther. He slouched in his hand as he mumbled to himself.

"Maybe we should have done the issues of a PMS-ing guy." A book to the head. "HEY!"

"I heard that!"

"Shit. I'm bleeding."

End of Flashback

Taking a brief scan of the classroom, he released a sigh. Better get the job over and done with, he was itching for some air. Outside air, away from him. As much as he had became sort of accustomed to their daily quarrels, he couldn't deny the desperate wish to be away from him as much as possible.

Don't be mistaken. They were not friends in the least. Schoolmates? Yes. Classmates? Yes. Project partners? Yes. Friends? God forbid. He couldn't even imagine the mayhem that would follow.

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