Eye of the Beholder
Sometime after Anthony tells Sweeney of his plan to run away with Johanna. Just a nice moment between Sweeney and Lovett before everything goes sour.
Sadly, I own nothing.
"Do you suppose he loves her?"

Mrs. Lovett knew exactly what he meant, but she took small sums of pleasure in drawing out their conversations. He didn't speak much, her Mr. Todd.

"Who now, Mr. T?" She frowned a little when he didn't bother to turn from the window to face her.

"The boy, Anthony. Do you believe he loves my Johanna?"

"I reckon he does," she answered honestly. "She is beautiful, with that yellow hair." Mrs. Lovett sighed as Lucy's face flashed in her mind. "They always find love, they do. Beautiful girls, I mean. Don't leave much hope for the rest of us, I fear."

Mrs. Lovett wasn't entirely sure when she had stopped speaking of Johanna and when she had begun speaking of herself. Sighing, she turned to the door when suddenly a hand clutched at her arm, spinning her sharply around.

"Mr. Todd!" she gasped. He stood so close she could feel his breath on her cheek. She was certain she should be afraid, but the warmth of his body so near to hers made that impossible.

"Mrs. Lovett," he barely whispered. She lifted her eyes to meet his piercing gaze, nearly fainting in his arms as she did. He was silent for a moment before finishing. "You too are beautiful."

She tried not to read too much into it, hard as that was. Her mind was already racing, imagining a life by the sea. She could feel her cheeks burning with a rosy flush and was fairly certain if she looked into his eyes for one more second she'd have to have her way with him right there on the barber's chair.

She didn't have to worry, however, because he had already released his grip on her arm and had turned back to the window.

"Well," she said, flustered as she straightened her skirts. "You know what they say, Mr. T." She knew he was no longer listening, yet she couldn't help the playful smile that crept onto her lips. "Eye of the beholder and whatnot."