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Hermione woke up startled. Something wasn't right. Hermione glanced out her window to see it dark. Her eyes widen when it came to her. She was late for Christmas night at the Weasley's. She flew off her bed and into her closet. She couldn't believe that she fell asleep when she got home. Yanking out a red collard shirt and a black pleated skirt she hurried into the bathroom, changing her clothes in the process. She brushed the knots out of her curly hair and through it up in a messy bun. Adding on some brown eye shadow and brushing her teeth, she hurried out of the bathroom, slipping on some black flats and grabbing her Presents for everyone she apperiated to the Barrow.

"Hermione it's about time you go here!" Mrs. Weasley exclaimed when she showed up in the kitchen, pulling her into a hug. "Put those under the tree, we'll open them after dinner which will be done any minute. You got here just in time." Mrs. Weasley let her go and returned to cooking. Hermione walked into the living room and was almost trampled by Flur and Bills kids. Laughing she walked over to the tree and dropped off her presents.

"So a House-Elf shows up in my bedroom and starts fixing my bed with Katie and me still asleep in it!" The group of guys around Fred exploded with laughter; Hermione chuckled and rolled her eyes.

"A bit immature aren't they?" Hermione turned around to see George at her elbow, two cups of eggnog in his hands.

"He's your twin."

"Yes I suppose he is, but I say I'm the better twin." He handed her one of the cups which she took cautiously. "Don't worry I didn't spike it." Hermione took a sip of it. "Of course that doesn't mean Harry or Ron didn't." She glared at him making him laugh.

"You're cruel George Weasley."

"Ah but you love me Granger."

"Oh Really now?" She raised an eyebrow at him and walked out to the garden, George fallowing her.

"Yes really, otherwise" He said taking her cup out of her hand and putting it on the ground. "I wouldn't be able to do this." He pulled her close and planted a kiss on her lips.

"Oi! What are you two doing?" Ron yelled from the back door.

"Nothing Ron, What is it?" Hermione yelled back.

"The little Runts convince mum to let us do presents first then food. Get in here so we can do it fast I'm starving!" They laughed and walked back into the house. Hermione sat down in one of the many chairs circling the tree. The twins handed out presents, the young kids tearing them open the minute they got them. Finally all the presents were done and everyone was sharing what they got.

"Hey it looks like there's one more left and it's for Hermione." Hermione grabbed the huge box from Fred's hand. She tore the wrapping off to see a huge book.

"Oh, uh, another book. Thanks."

"Open the front cover." George said coming up next to her. Hermione gave him a questioning look but George just smiled. Opening the front cover she gasped. There, in the middle of the book with a couple cut out of it, was a diamond ring. "Boy do you looked like a fish with your mouth opening and closing like that." A couple of people closes around them slapped him. "Ow, ok geez. What I'm trying to say is, Hermione will you be wife?"

"Do I even have to say anything," Hermione said coming out of her shock state. "Yes!" Everyone around them cheered and congratulated them as they hugged the live out of one another. Finally Hermione pulled back enough to whisper in his ear.

"I can't believe you cut a huge chunk out of a perfectly good book."


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