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Griffin glanced around as he landed in the ally about a block away from Pivot drive. Glancing back only long enough to see a child with blond hair follow him, he made his way toward one of the houses. The house belonged to the people who were his last living relatives.

Silently making there way the two moved towards the house, glancing around to make sure they were safe, never letting their guard down. Griffin knew what happened to people like them if they let their guard down.

"This is the place right?" asked the boy, his blue eyes sparkling, as they stopped in front of Number Four. Griffin nodded in reply to the boy's question, and headed up the steps to the house, pausing at the door; he raised his hand and knocked softly. Taking a step back, he waited for someone to answer the door.

Griffin had expected many things, but a little boy no older then the very boy he was the guardian of to answer the door, was not one of them.

"Hello, may I help you?" the boy asked shaking Griffin from his thoughts.

"Yes, I'm looking for Petunia and Vernon Dursley." He replied, eyeing the boy before him. The boy nodded and ducked back inside to fetch said people. It didn't take long for the boy to return, this time with two people trailing him, an extremely thin, horse like woman along with a large, walrus of a man.

"What do you want?" The large man, whom Griffin guessed was Vernon Dursley asked.

"My name's Griffin O'Conner and…"He started to say only to be cut off by a sharp gasp from the woman, whom he guessed to be Petunia Dursley, as her eyes widened. Glancing at her, he saw that she had covered her mouth with her hand and there were faint tears in her eyes.

"O'Conner?" She asked hesitantly in a shaky voice.

"Yes, that's my name, I take it your Petunia Dursley, my late mother's sister. May we speak inside?" He questioned. Nodding in reply Petunia motioned for him to come inside and instructing the boy to bring them tea. Turning Griffin motioned for his charge to follow him as he entered the house.

Once inside, Griffin glanced around before taking a seat with the blond haired boy sitting next to him.

"I heard my sister and her husband had died, but I didn't know if there son had died in the fire as well." Petunia stated. Griffin couldn't help but let a sad, humorless smile cross his features.

"Well, first there was no fire, they were murdered. Two, yes I survived, and three your probably wondering who this is," he motioned to the boy next to him, "This is my charge, Naruto Uzumaki. I promised the man who saved my life a couple of years ago that I'd look after him." He replied. Vernon scoffed,

"He looks like nothing more than skin and bones to me" he sneered, eyeing Naruto.

"That's only because no one in the orphanage thought to feed me anything more than moldy scraps old man!" Naruto shot back, glaring. Griffin couldn't but laugh at Naruto's antiques.

"You'd think after everything that kid's been through, his spirit would have been broken years ago. He really is like his mother, looks like his father though." He replied.

"You said my sister had been murdered, by whom?" Petunia asked. "I'd tell you, but the risks are too high, you see, they only killed mum and dad because they knew me." Griffin replied leaning back. It was then that they noticed the ruffled, battle worn look he had.

"Why would they do that?" asked the boy, only to get a glare from Vernon.

"And you are?" Griffin asked.

"He's my nephew, Lily's son, Harry Potter." Petunia replied. Griffin nodded than glanced at the state the boy, Harry, was in and frowned.

"The group of people who track down and kill people like me and Naru-chan here, I would tell you more but that could get you killed." Griffin informed them.

"Why did that get Liz (1) and her husband killed?" Petunia asked.

"You see the group who hunt us target the people we know to get us to slip up and make a mistake. I knew some people who were taken down because they got too hot headed." Griffin replied with a sad look in his eyes. Petunia nodded.

"Why do you treat your nephew so badly?" Griffin asked glaring at the Dursleys.

"He's a freak, that's why." Vernon replied.

Griffin narrowed his eyes, "Your just afraid of what he can do, aren't you."

Vernon shook head, "Of course not." Yet Griffin could see he was lying, after all, how else would he have survived this long unless he could tell when someone was lying.

"You're lying, it's written all over your face." Griffin spoke, stating his thoughts, causing Vernon's eyes to go wide in shock. Sighing Griffin stood up

"I'll be taking the boy, Harry, with me; he needs proper care and protection." Harry's eyes went wide.

"No, my sister Lily, was a witch, she had magic, and so does that boy, and I think, and almost hope, so does my son, Dudley." Petunia stated staring Griffin in the eyes, something that not many had the guts to do.

"Ok, but I'm training the boys then, I'll teach them to fight and defend themselves, and also, I'll see if I can get any books on this magic stuff for them to learn. But you have to start taking proper care of him." Griffin replied and stood up, Naruto following suite.

"We'll be here tomorrow at 9, be ready then." With that the two Jumpers left.

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1-Griffin's mom's name in this fic