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Griffin eyed the house he had bought in a small Wizarding community. Next door to it was a very crooked looking house of a large red haired family (guess who). Shaking his head he turned around and ducked inside. After months of studying he had found out a spell that prevented anyone form finding out if someone used magic, chakra or jumped within or around the house, the last of which he was thankful for.

Once inside he jumped, landing in the ally that had become his main jump site, however since the incident with the paladins a couple of years back, he had started varying them until he had come across that spell. He then quickly headed towards Number Four to pick of the boys. Letting himself in, Griffin eyed the waiting bags before walking into the kitchen to find the boys with scrolls and various books spread out while they ate.

"Reading while eating boys?" He asked.

"Yep," Harry replied before turning back to the books and scrolls and pointing something out to his brothers. Griffin chuckled and sat down.

"I found a house for us, it's in a small Wizarding community called Ottery St. Catchpoll. It's not that far from here, actually, only a 2 hour drive." He informed them causing the three boys to turn and look at him.

"Awesome Grif," Naruto replied, using the nickname that they had given him. The boys were smiled all three of them satisfied with the prospect of being so close to home.

"Alright then, I'll take the bags and come back, tomorrow we're leaving." He told them and went to pick up their bags.

The next morning they had a large breakfast at the Dursley's and goodbyes. Griffin had left the address so that Vernon and Petunia could stop in for a visit. Then headed to the alley and Griffin jumped with Harry with Naruto and Dudley followed behind. They landed just within the spell's range.

Griffin glanced around again before leading the three boys inside the new house. The three boys darted forward and instantly started exploring. "Harry, or Harii, put your henge up, the solid one." He called before taking his stuff to his room and unpacking. "Okay Griffin," Harry called back while putting the solid henge up and going back to exploring. Griffin chuckled and unpacked quickly, so use to moving that it never took very long anymore.

The next morning found the four new occupants of the house, sitting at the table eating while the three boys studied. The three boys had grown greatly in the four years they'd been studying under him together. Seeing them like this left Griffin with no regrets for anything that he had given up. He didn't miss hunting down Paladins, though he still hated Roland, he no longer felt the need to dedicate his whole life to revenge.

Harry was fit and had taken to the colours black, green and silver. As Harii, his hair was black streaked with silver and his eyes were still green. He wore black pants and a dark green muscle shirt that had a silver dragon going around it. Dudley had taken to white and pale blue and was often seen wearing white pants and a pale blue t-shirt. Naruto loved dark orange, black and read. He wore black pants, a red tight fitting red t-shirt and a dark orange outlined in black bandana to keep his long spiky blond hair out of his face. All three of them had chosen to grow their hair out, even if it was only a little.

Griffin as pulled from is musing by a nock at the door. With a groan he stood up, followed by the three boys, and made his way to the door. When he opened it he came face to face with the large red headed family that lived next door.

"Hello, how my I help you?" He asked.

"Oh dear, we heard someone had moved in next door and came to say hello. I'm Molly Weasley; this is my husband Arthur, and our children, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny." (Thanks to mysticmoon1331 for reminding me about Charlie so a cookie to them) Griffin nodded as she introduced each of them.

"Name's Griffin, Griffin O'Conner, this are my ward Naruto Uzumaki and my cousins, Dudley Dursley and Harri Jarter. Pleasure," He replied eyeing them. Molly smiled kindly and handed him a plate of cookies.

"These are for you as a welcome gift, take care." She said in a motherly voice, still smiling.

"Thanks, Griffin isn't good with saying thanks. He has bad people skills. Bye Mrs. Weasley." Harri spoke up taking the cookies and running.

"That's it; I'm doubling your work out for that kid." Griffin called after the Harii as Dudley and Naruto took off after him.

"Well, good bye dears." Mrs. Weasley replied as she and her family waved good bye. Griffin nodded in return and closed the door, glad to have that over with. With a sigh Griffin went to find the three boys, hoping that, that was the last time they saw the Weasley family.

We all know things never go as planned and the two youngest Weasleys, Ron and Ginny become regular guests at the O'Conner household, so regular that Griffin took to teaching them some basic spells and kata (1).

"Ron! Ginny! Get back here, I'm so going to hex you for that." Dudley yelled running after the young wizard and witch. Laughter could be heard threw out the household as they chased each other. Dudley out for revenge from the prank the two had pulled that turned his hair neon pink and green. It wasn't long before Dudley had caught the two in a low level genjutsu and was making them watch barney and other young child Muggle shows that had become know as evil in the O'Conner household. Griffin watch with amusement at the five of them as the goofed off while he made lunch.

Petunia and Vernon visited on the weekends, and soon life fell into a confortable pattern.

It had been six months since the four had moved in and they had learned a lot about the Wizarding world from their two friends. In that time said two friends had become quite good at kata and the basics. Griffin planned to leave them a couple of books so they could keep on learning when they left. All in all it had been interesting six months and there was still six more to go.

It was during the seventh month that Griffin jumped back to his lair, having not been there for quit sometime. It was then that he got a large shock. The very person that had stuck him in the wires in the middle of a war zone that had lead to a messed jump that landed him in Konoha was standing in the middle of his lair.

"What the %^&^% are you doing here?" He asked, staring at the American.

"Looking for you, thought you might like a little info on some Paladins." David Rice replied.

"No," Griffin stated and grabbed what he needed.

"I thought you hunted them?" David asked.

"I did, I do, I've just taken a vacation from it, got better things to do." He replied and jumped back to the Jumper house. David followed him to see a well kept house and four boys and a girl sitting at a table looking at scrolls and book written in different languages.

"Can you leave? Like now, I have things to do." Griffin told David before turning back to the five children.

"Ok you five, guess what your learning next. Weapons do how to handle a gun, base ball bat of knife? No you don't. That's why you're going to be learning after lunch. Also, Ron, Ginny, no telling' your dad, he'll want to see a gun or something and wind up shooting himself in the foot or something." He told them before turning back to his current problem.

"You're teaching a bunch of children to use things like a gun?" David asked.

"No, I'm teaching a two magic wielding children how to use weapons so that if there ever in a fight where they lose their wand, they won't get killed because their helpless." He replied setting the stuff down and getting something to eat.

"Now leave rookie or I'll kick you out and alter the wards so you can't get back in. I have better things to do then deal with a rookie jumper who doesn't know crap about the war he's in, even Naruto has more brains than you do." Griffin said.

"Fine," with that David was gone.

Griffin sighed; tomorrow they were heading back to the Dursley's. Right now they boys were packing what they need for their trip. They would be staying at the lair during that time. It had been five months since he had gone to his lair to find the rookie there. After David had left, Griffin had gone to his lair and put wards up to keep anyone who wasn't a jumper or someone he knew, out. Griffin jumped to his room and started packing what little he needed to take with him.

Half an hour later they were all packed. They would be keeping the house for them time Harry and Dudley were at Hogwarts. A knock on the door informed Griffin that Ron and Ginny were here to say good bye. Grabbing the books he was going to give them he walked to the entre way and opened the door.

"Come on in." He said and a loud thud told him that the boys were on their way down.

"Ron! Ginny!" all three called at once, running up to their friends.

"Were going to miss you guys when were gone, though you'll see Harii and I at Hogwarts next year. Naruto's going back to the academy." Dudley said as he and the other two hugged Ron and Ginny.

"Were going to miss you guys too, I can't wait for Hogwarts, I bet they never had first years who know the kind of things you guys do before." Ron replied. "

Ya, they're never going to know what hit them." the three boys answered.

"You two, these are some books and scrolls so that you can keep up with your studies in the year were gone, no slacking off you hear." Griffin stated handing them seven scrolls and five books.

"You two take care Ok? No getting hurt to badly." He lectured.

"We won't Griffin." They replied as they walked back over to the Borrow. Griffin nodded as they three boys finished their good byes and they went back into the house to gather up their things.

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