(A/N: Yes! I'm finally starting a new story! I know I haven't finished most of my other ones but this idea popped into my head and it was too good to let go. So here's my new story! It's GaaxSaku fic so get ready! Oh and I really don't like this summary so if you'd prefer to not even read it, then don't and just go to chapter one. Thank you!!!)

Taste Tester

Summary: After getting lost and abandoned, Sakura arrives at a strange village that welcomes her a bit too warmly. The village is creepy with ancient rituals and beliefs. For one, they believe they're until the protection of an evil god and they must sacrifice a human being once a month to keep that god happy and willing. Sakura fell right into their laps. Instead of offering one of their own, they use her as the sacrifice. They tie her to a post on a cliff edge and leave her for the night.

As far as evil gods go, this one isn't exactly all that evil. His name is Gaara and he's decided to draw a line. Sure he'll accept weak, old, or sickly villagers but this girl…she's not even from the village. For once in his long life, he actually doesn't want to kill. Instead, he takes her back to his castle. What awaits her there? What is he planning? Will he really let her live or is he just saving her for later? The villagers called him an evil god but what is he really? Can she actually survive living in the home of three "evil gods"? How attached will she get to our Gaara? Well, you'll have to continue reading to find out!