Author's Note: And back to finish up this fic. Sorry to anyone who was a bit put off by my recent foray into Angst with Too Late. For those who enjoyed it, I'll probably be back to it in a few weeks, after this and a special I'm planning for Valentine's Day.

Title: I'm Yours

Rating: M

Chapter 3: You're Mine

"Well, you're still technically a virgin, and my fantasy is only about half over. Though fortunately, I think we can solve both problems at once," Natsuki said.

Relief hit Shizuru first as she realized that, contrary to her concerns, she hadn't done anything wrong. Then she reflected a bit more on the meaning of the words, and she noticed the fire that had ignited in Natsuki's eyes, and concern made its way back into her mind. Natsuki's intentions were clear, though how far she was planning to go was a bit less so. Knowing her though, it would be at least as far as Shizuru went – assuming her modesty was taken out of the equation, which was a pretty safe bet at this point.

Shizuru had never really considered submitting herself to Natsuki. In all of her fantasies, she'd always been the one to start things up, while Natsuki had relented at last to her advances. Maybe she'd acknowledged on some level that if they ever did start up a relationship, as she'd definitely wanted, Natsuki would want to return her affections, but it had always been a step too far removed. She was just never able to picture her notoriously modest friend having the guts to take charge during sex.

But if what she was inferring was correct, Shizuru had underestimated her friend. She still wasn't sure what to think of this development, but she had to at least make sure. Chewing on her lip nervously – which required suppressing an instinct to hide this emotion from her girlfriend – Shizuru asked, "Natsuki… has been having fantasies about me submitting to her?"

A mischievous smile formed on Natsuki's face. Shizuru briefly wondered if that was what her own looked like, and if Natsuki felt the same mixture of feelings she did right now when she was subjected to Shizuru's version of this smile. It was hard to pin down what exactly those feelings were, though. Part of it felt somewhat like mild fear of what was coming, but she also felt a little touched, knowing the emotions that were truly driving her girlfriend's mischievousness. Maybe there was a little eager anticipation as well, trusting that it would end up being enjoyable, even if it was a bit frightening.

"Well, only the last week, really," Natsuki said. The fire hadn't left her eyes, and her face still bore its mischievous grin, though she was at least giving Shizuru time to think about this. "Before your birthday, it was really just me giving myself to you, but then after what happened…" Natsuki's expression changed slightly. She now bore a look that Shizuru would describe as "playfully angry." She continued, "That was mean, you know, getting me all worked up and in a more romantic and loving mood than I'd ever experienced before, and then just falling asleep on me without letting me get any release."

Shizuru couldn't help herself. She had to try to tease the girl back. Natsuki was just too precious when she was acting like that. "Ara, but Natsuki said that that was what she really needed, didn't she? And I thought Natsuki liked being my cuddle-bunny as well?"

Natsuki seemed to wince slightly at the term "cuddle-bunny," but she quickly recovered and took charge again. "It was what I needed, but it was still mean." She withdrew an arm from her embrace with Shizuru and used it to playfully swat her lover's shoulder, a cute pout adorning her face. "I dreamed about getting revenge on you for that when I fell asleep, in quite vivid detail. Since then, my fantasies of giving myself to you have been topped off with a chance to pay you back. I'm going to have to be a bit mean to you in return, Shizuru, but only because I think it's what you really need."

Natsuki was patient for a minute more as Shizuru considered this. It struck Shizuru that with how patient her girlfriend was being here, she wasn't really going to force her into anything. Even though she had promised to fulfill her fantasy, Natsuki was showing consideration, knowing that Shizuru didn't have this in mind and might not be ready for it.

That was the question then: Was she ready for it? Shizuru was never one to willingly give up control of any situation. Could she really surrender herself like this? Shizuru raised her gaze to Natsuki's eyes, searching them for the answer. The flames of lust in them had faded by now, but what was left gave Shizuru her answer. In Natsuki's eyes, she simply saw love.

Everything came clear to her at that moment. She could trust Natsuki in this. There was no way she'd been in it only for her own pleasure; she'd take care of Shizuru as well. Beyond that, it was simply fair that she get her turn. She'd given herself up completely to Shizuru, and their relationship wouldn't work if Shizuru wasn't willing to give as much as she got. She was so blessed to finally have Natsuki's love anyways that the thought of refusing such a request from her was anathema. A month ago, she would have given anything to see that love in Natsuki's eyes. Now that she had it, she was willing to give anything in return, and she would be happy to give it.

Shizuru allowed her own love to fill her face and match Natsuki's. "Alright Natsuki," she said. "There's just no way I can refuse you, as nervous as I am." Shizuru could feel a blush tinge her cheeks at her admission of nervousness, but she pressed forwards. "I love you, Natsuki, and it's almost too much to know that you finally love me as well, and that you want me just as I want you."

Shizuru took a deep breath. And so the great Fujino Shizuru finally surrenders, she mentally noted as she went through with it and sealed her fate. "I'm yours, Natsuki." She watched Natsuki's eyes closely as she said this, anticipating the immediate change in her girlfriend. She'd been expecting the fire in them to immediately reignite, but that wasn't what she saw. Instead, the love in them seemed to deepen, and an expression of glee crossed Natsuki's face.

The thought of making Natsuki so happy and filling her with love caused a rush of burning warmth to flood through Shizuru's chest. She was sure then that this was right. She would do anything for this girl, just to see that expression of happiness on her face. So when Natsuki rolled her onto her back and jumped on top of her, she willfully acquiesced with a gentle giggle at her girlfriend's behavior.

"Alright, now first things first," Natsuki said as she looked down at Shizuru. "You had a lot of fun at my expense with that trick you did with my blouse, keeping my arms tied up like that. I think it's time you know how that feels."

A blush tinged Shizuru's cheeks at Natsuki's suggestion, but she was determined to try to stay strong – even if she did want to give herself up completely to Natsuki now, it would be more fun to make her work for it in the end. "Ara, but my blouse is already off. I don't think Natsuki will be able to do that to me."

"Well then, I'll just have to improvise," Natsuki said. She moved off of Shizuru, getting off of the bed. Confused at her girlfriend's actions, Shizuru rolled over to look at her, and she found Natsuki digging through their pile of discarded clothes. After a moment, she stood up, holding Shizuru's bra between her hands. "I think I can get this to work."

After a moment of consideration, and noticing Natsuki glance at the headboard of her bed, Shizuru figured that Natsuki was planning to use the bra to help tie her up. The thought caused memories of fantasies she'd planned out over the past week to run through Shizuru's head. When she thought of Natsuki giving herself over to her, one thing she'd considered doing was tying her hands up to the headboard – something about having Natsuki completely at her mercy like that was just irresistible. She'd even gone out and bought some silk ropes to assist in the act.

But when the time had come, the idea of using her blouse for that purpose struck Shizuru, and she went with that instead. She'd been a bit concerned about how Natsuki might react if she'd gone for the ropes. It would have taken either a lot of cooperation or force to properly tie her up with the ropes. Even though Natsuki had made it clear that she was Shizuru's, she just didn't feel that her girlfriend would be quite that willing to assist in restraining herself, and there was no way she would ever use any measure of force against Natsuki.

"What is it, Shizuru?" Natsuki asked suspiciously, breaking Shizuru out of her train of thoughts. Her gaze snapped up to Natsuki's face, and she wondered how much of her thoughts the girl had been able to read from her expression. She'd been getting more and more careless with revealing herself to the girl.

Quickly scrambling for a plausible lie, Shizuru put a teasing smile on her face and said, "Ara, I was just admiring Natsuki's body. It's quite the sexy sight." She took this chance to allow her gaze to do just that, noting with glee that it was indeed true. Natsuki seemed to be perfectly proportioned, and the full effect hadn't struck Shizuru when she'd been lying down.

The tease failed to land, even with Shizuru demonstrating her appraisal of her girlfriend's bare form. Not even a hint of a blush appeared on Natsuki's face. "Not buying it, Shizuru. Your eyes were nowhere near me." Shizuru put on a mock pout, hoping Natsuki wouldn't press her further. No such luck. "I'm in charge now, Shizuru. You said it yourself: You're mine. So, tell me what you were thinking about."

Shizuru knew she was beaten, but she tried one last dose of puppy-dog eyes on Natsuki. When the girl's expression refused to budge, she gave a defeated sigh and rolled back onto the bed so she didn't have to face Natsuki. After a moment of figuring out the easiest way to explain what she was thinking about, she decided to simply let Natsuki see for herself and draw her own conclusions. "Lowest drawer of the nightstand," Shizuru said. Then, feeling that a little extra insurance might be needed so Natsuki didn't get the wrong impression, she added, "I wanted to be prepared for whatever Natsuki might want me to do."

Shizuru resolutely stared up at the ceiling as she heard Natsuki walk over to the nightstand and pull open the drawer. There was silence for a minute, and Shizuru tried not to let herself worry too much about what Natsuki would think. She had already tied the girl up, so seeing the ropes for just that purpose couldn't put her off too much, could it?

"You were planning to use these on me?" Natsuki said at last. Her voice held no sign of discomfort in it. If anything, she seemed to be mildly amused. Shizuru breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that Natsuki wasn't mad at her. "So why'd you bother pulling that trick with my blouse?"

Shizuru turned her head back to look at Natsuki, pleased to see that the girl's face held only an amused smirk on it. She was holding the two lengths of silk rope in her hands now as she waited for Shizuru to respond. Deciding that there was no point holding back the truth now, Shizuru gave a small smile and said, "I wasn't sure Natsuki would be alright with those. I felt I was already pushing my luck far enough, using your blouse like I did."

"Heh…" A blush finally appeared on Natsuki's face. She raised a hand to coyly brush her hair back over her shoulder. "Yeah, I guess that might have been a bit much for me. I know I said I was yours, but…"

"But that doesn't mean I'm going to push Natsuki into things she isn't ready for," Shizuru said, speaking up as her girlfriend trailed off. She pushed herself up to sit on the edge of the bed so she could better face Natsuki, and she reached out to take one of the girl's hands with her own. Looking up into her beautifully blushing face, she said, "Natsuki is mine, and that means I'm going to take good care of her and give her just what she wants. And if it's me she wants, then I'm hers as well."

"Shizuru…" Natsuki said softly. Swallowing a lump in her throat, she pressed through, "No fair. You're making it hard for me to want to tie you up when you're being this sweet."

"Ara, then maybe Natsuki should focus on how I'm being no fair to her," Shizuru said with a soft chuckle. She wasn't going to let her lover out of a chance to completely fulfill her fantasy just like that, especially not right after she'd convinced herself that it would be best to go along with it. If she had to be a little teasing to get her back in the mood, then that would be no problem for her. She was, after all, Fujino Shizuru.

Natsuki furrowed her brow in thought, prompting Shizuru to remark on how cute she was when she did that. "I don't think that will work," she said.

"Hmm…" Shizuru stood herself up and playfully touched a finger to Natsuki's nose. As if she'd just pressed Natsuki's blush button instead of her nose, the girl's cheeks rapidly turned red. "Then I'll just have to be even less fair to Natsuki. Now…" Shizuru took advantage of Natsuki's temporary stun to deftly extract the ropes from her hands. "I think it would be quite a waste to let these beautiful ropes go unused tonight. Come on, Natsuki…"

Shizuru lightly tugged Natsuki back to the bed, but the girl seemed to be gaining a bit of her mental clarity back, and she shook her head as if to clear it. However, Shizuru wasn't quite ready to let her go yet. The girl's sexuality was making Shizuru think of a spring. If she wanted to get a big reaction from her, she'd have to push her quite a ways first. The previous week, Natsuki had been eager to respond in kind after Shizuru gave her a love bite, and this night she'd been eager to tie Shizuru up just after she'd been pushed all the way. However, the mood had failed her after Shizuru had needed a break to sort out her feelings. She'd now have to rectify that mistake by pushing Natsuki as far as necessary until she broke free. And if she didn't… well, then Shizuru would just get the pleasure of seeing Natsuki writhe at her touch once more.

Alright Natsuki, now's your chance to show me you're serious about this if you want to take me. I know how strong you are, my love. You can do this. Natsuki may not have picked up the exact message in Shizuru's gaze, but she did seem to melt a little at it. Letting her left hand hold onto the ropes, Shizuru used her right to gently stroke down Natsuki's shoulder, prompting a shiver from the girl.

Shizuru kept the girl frozen at her touch as she gently traced her hand back up and circled her fingers around a particular spot on Natsuki's neck. Through all of the making out she'd done with the girl in their night-long session a week ago, Shizuru had discovered that this particular spot seemed to drive her absolutely wild. Just the thought that Shizuru was focusing on it seemed to have Natsuki frozen in place, breathing unsteadily.

Not one to disappoint (except for a particularly good tease), Shizuru allowed her hand to come to rest on Natsuki's shoulder as she slowly leaned her head forward. She paused when her lips were just an inch from Natsuki's neck and gently breathed out onto the spot. The response from the girl was immediate, as her entire body started shuddering. Shizuru didn't torture her for long, and she quickly moved her lips down to capture Natsuki's sensitive spot between them, causing the girl to let out a throaty moan.

Shizuru gently kissed her love's neck for a few more moments, until she felt like the girl was about to crumble in her hands. This really wasn't fair, she knew, if she expected Natsuki to snap and take over. Sweetness like this was just causing her to melt down, but that would still help to make her revenge all the more powerful when it came. She'd just need to give the girl a proper chance to take over, which would require a slightly different mood in her.

Acting quickly so that Natsuki wouldn't have a chance to realize what was happening before it was over, Shizuru wrapped her hands around the girl and pulled her backwards, falling onto the bed. Natsuki let out a startled yelp, but she wasn't able to mount an effective defense as Shizuru then rolled her over and twisted her around so that Natsuki had her head on the pillow while Shizuru lay on top of her. Natsuki opened her mouth to say something, but Shizuru was quick to shut her up with a kiss.

When she was confident that Natsuki wouldn't try to say anything more, Shizuru backed out of the kiss and took a moment to gauge Natsuki's current mood. Her eyes showed that she was certainly quite aroused, and possibly feeling a little overwhelmed by Shizuru. That was definitely closer to the mood she'd have to be in to take over, though Shizuru wasn't quite sure what she'd have to do to get her the rest of the way. With a mental sigh, she figured that she'd just have to go along with things and hope Natsuki could figure it out for herself.

Shizuru gave her girlfriend another quick kiss before she started to straighten up over her. The ropes she'd been holding had gotten a bit tangled around their bodies, so she was forced to pause in the process as she unwound them. She unconsciously noted that the position gave Natsuki quite the eyeful of her breasts, which just might account for the pink tinge that had just appeared on her cheeks. Shizuru had known that her bust was significantly larger than average, but she'd never paid it much mind. However, knowing that Natsuki seemed to enjoy it so much put a much different spin on the situation in her mind. Hopefully the girl would take a chance soon enough to get her fill of them.

When she got the ropes straightened out, Shizuru took a moment to catch her breath as she looked down at Natsuki, the muscle strain from holding her prior position catching up with her. She noted idly that Natsuki's eyes seemed to remain fixed on her breasts. A gentle giggle caught the girl's attention though, and Shizuru said, "Alright, I think it's time we put those ropes to use. Don't worry, Natsuki, I promise you'll find it quite enjoyable. I know you secretly love my teasing, and this should allow me to give you more than your fair dose of it." Now if that doesn't scare her into action, nothing will.

It certainly scared her. Natsuki's face seemed to drain of blood, which was actually quite the new sight for Shizuru. She'd seen it going in the other direction quite frequently, but this was the first time she'd been able to make it drain from the girl's face. She decided then that she much preferred it blushed. It just wasn't as cute this way, and it stemmed from her having to scare Natsuki rather than flatter her. Blushing was definitely better, even if a little fright was necessary right now to properly motivate her.

Although, Natsuki wasn't doing much to act on the motivation quite yet. After a moment of consideration, Shizuru decided that it was probably because she figured that in her current position she'd have a hard time outmaneuvering Shizuru, and was hoping for a better opportunity to come along. Deciding to give her just this, Shizuru scooted off of Natsuki and over to the corner of the bed. "Now, let's just get things set up here for Natsuki…" she said, as she proceeded to tie one of the ropes around the bedpost, expecting at any moment for Natsuki to pounce on her.

But the attack still didn't come. Perhaps she'd scared Natsuki too much. Shizuru glanced back at the girl, finding that she was staring right back at her. Caught in the act, Natsuki quickly turned her head away as her face filled with a blush. Deciding to press the teasing a little further, Shizuru said, "Ara, is Natsuki that eager to be at my mercy? I knew she loved it when I teased her, even if she did put up a show of being frightened of it…"

Shizuru heard a whimper coming from Natsuki, followed by a weak, "Baka…" Shizuru smiled to herself as she finished tying the knot. She'd had an inkling for quite a while that Natsuki appreciated her teasing more than she pretended – if she hadn't, she certainly wouldn't have been so incessant with it – but she'd never brought voice to her suspicions until now. She'd been afraid it would just bring a fierce denial from the girl and result in a less pleasant reaction to future attempts at teasing as Natsuki tried to prove her wrong. But things just felt right now, and with Natsuki's defenses broken down, apparently that whimper of defeat was all she could manage.

Alright Natsuki, if you want to be teased by my hand that much, there's no way I can refuse. Perhaps by the time we're done you'll be ready to take charge. Shizuru turned around and crossed over Natsuki to the other side of the bed. The girl was still cutely looking away from her, and she quickly rolled over to keep this up as Shizuru passed. The older girl couldn't help but giggle at her girlfriend's childish behavior.

Shizuru tied the other rope to the bedpost and took a moment to smile at her handiwork. She was going to get a chance to use these ropes on Natsuki after all, and the girl was practically begging her to do it. She felt some motions on the bed from behind her and figured that Natsuki was rolling back over, getting herself in the position to submit. "Ara, is Natsuki ready now?"

"Yeah." The response threw Shizuru off, not only because she hadn't been expecting one but from the tone of it as well. It wasn't a meek surrender she might have expected in a reply, but something fiercer. The time it took for Shizuru to come to this realization was just how long it took for Natsuki to grab Shizuru's shoulder and use it as leverage to simultaneously pull herself up and throw Shizuru down onto her back.

Shizuru let out a yelp as she was thrown to the bed and instinctively tried to resist as Natsuki pinned her arms down. She didn't have any success, though. She'd done her fair share of work to stay in shape, but she hadn't committed herself to it as Natsuki had back before the Carnival had ended, so there was just no way she could overpower the girl. As she looked up into her girlfriend's face in defeat, the expression in it reminded her that she might not necessarily wish to break free.

"I think I'm ready to finish up my fantasy now, Shizuru," Natsuki said. Her voice held in it a playful tone that Shizuru hadn't heard often from her, and her eyes were once again on fire with passion. The sight of her girlfriend's face like this caused a wave of warmth to shoot through Shizuru's chest, and she felt herself wither under Natsuki's gaze. She gave a mental sigh of defeat; she'd have to fulfill her own fantasy of tying Natsuki up some other time. For now, she'd just have to take whatever she had coming.

Natsuki seemed to notice the change in Shizuru's demeanor. A mischievous – and yet loving – smile formed across her face. "Good girl," she said. She bent her head down to give Shizuru's lips a quick kiss, though she was careful not to let her arms out of her grasp. After a few seconds of tender contact, she withdrew an inch and said softly, "You know I love you, Shizuru, but you can really be quite mean at times. Bringing up the issue of how I enjoy your teasing like that when I couldn't possibly argue with you was particularly bad.

"But still, I needed that little push. I'm not dense, Shizuru. I know you were doing everything up until that moment just to try to get me into the mood, but knowing that meant that none of it could give me that little edge I needed to actually go through with it. But that?" Natsuki's expression became slightly darker, though Shizuru could tell that it was mostly in jest. "That was just mean. So now, I'm going to have to be mean back to you until we're even. I know I've said all of this before, but it goes double now, and I'm going to have to be doubly mean to you to make up for that lost time and your attempts to torment me in it."

Shizuru felt a blush make its way to her cheeks. She really shouldn't have underestimated Natsuki, but at least things worked out. Her lover's lustful gaze had completely melted her now, and she couldn't have mustered even a hint of resistance as the girl straightened her out on the bed and extended her arms towards the dangling ropes. Despite Natsuki's show of strength, she gave Shizuru a questioning glance to make sure she was really alright with this. Shizuru gave Natsuki a slight nod in response. With the way Natsuki's gaze was making her feel, there was nothing she wanted more at that moment than to surrender herself to the girl.

That was all Natsuki needed. She quirked her mouth into a grin, gave Shizuru another quick kiss, and went to work. She shifted her left leg up to rest on Shizuru's right wrist, much as Shizuru had restrained Natsuki's arms earlier that night, freeing up both of her hands to tie up Shizuru's left wrist to the length of rope she'd left dangling from the bedpost. Shizuru gave a gentle laugh at how Natsuki was still being sure to keep her restrained, even though they both knew that she was allowing this quite willingly. At this point, she wouldn't have been able to mount any resistance even if she for some reason wanted to, such was the extent to which her body had surrendered to Natsuki.

Natsuki fumbled a bit with the rope as she started to tie it into a knot. Looking over at her, Shizuru at first thought to tease her about being nervous, but she found that she just didn't have it in her at this point. This was certainly a novel experience for her. Then again, this whole thing was new to her. Perhaps the feeling of submission had simply pushed her teasing instincts from her mind. With a light sigh at the acceptance of her position, she said, "Is everything alright there, Natsuki?"

The comment seemed to throw Natsuki off-guard. Perhaps she'd been expecting a tease as well. It didn't take her too long to recover, though. She gave Shizuru an adorable nervous grin and said, "Uh, yeah. I was just thinking, I wouldn't want these knots to be too hard for you to get out of, just in case… you know. So I was trying to do something fancy, I guess."

Too sweet… Shizuru felt a blush rise to her cheeks at her girlfriend's thoughtfulness. "It's okay, Natsuki. I trust you."

"Ah! There we go!" Natsuki seemed to succeed with whatever knot she was trying to tie, and a victorious grin crossed her face. Shizuru didn't quite share her feelings, though, a bit put off that Natsuki hadn't been paying attention to her promise of trust. Natsuki seemed to catch her expression, though it just prompted her grin to turn a bit playful. She crawled back over Shizuru and said as her face hovered right over her girlfriend's, "But thank you, Shizuru. I know you trust me, but I'm just worried that in case something goes wrong…"

Natsuki was shut up as Shizuru moved her head up and once more closed the distance between their lips. As soon as she seemed to be relaxing into the kiss, Shizuru pulled her mouth back and said to her, "Natsuki, if anything goes wrong, a couple of ropes will never be able to stop me from doing whatever I need to for you."

It was Natsuki's turn to blush now. Shizuru was quite serious in her pronouncement, and she let it show in her expression. She didn't know what Natsuki was worried about possibly going wrong, but she did know that if Natsuki was in even the slightest trouble she'd have no problem breaking through the ropes to help her. It might be hell on her wrists, but that was the least of her concerns.

"Er, right," Natsuki mumbled. She seemed to still be a bit dazed from the kiss. She shook her head to clear it. "Well, anyways, I got it in kind of a half-bow. If you really need to, you should be able to squirm your way out of it." Shizuru smiled at her flustered lover. She hadn't been meaning to tease the girl, but she certainly wasn't going to waste a chance to appreciate the sight of Natsuki in this state.

"Hey!" Natsuki's demeanor changed in an instant as she placed her hands on Shizuru's shoulders to push herself back up. Her face went into its playfully-mad expression. "You don't get to go making me blush like that now! I'm afraid I'm going to have to punish you for that."

Shizuru smiled and decided to play along with her lover. She slipped her right hand out from under Natsuki's knee and started to run her fingers up her side. "Ara? And what does Natsuki plan to do to me?"

Natsuki snatched Shizuru's hand away. "Well first, we've got to tie this up. After that… well, you'll see." She stuck out her tongue at Shizuru, and she then pulled the girl's arm up towards the bedpost and proceeded to tie the other rope to it. She didn't bother with any fancy knot on this one, simply securing Shizuru's wrist so she couldn't easily slip free. When that was done, she returned to straddling over her bound lover and looked down at her with a mischievous expression which she must have picked up from Shizuru.

Something in Shizuru must have wanted to get her into more "trouble" with her lover, as her gaze instinctively dropped down from Natsuki's face. It traveled along her body, stopping briefly to ogle her breasts which, as ever, held their perfect shape even without a bra. After getting her fill of those – for the moment, no way she'd ever truly have enough – Shizuru allowed her eyes to fall further down Natsuki's body. It was simply marvelous how the girl kept her form so perfectly toned. All the working out she did seemed to only make her more definitively feminine.

And then Shizuru's gaze came to the most feminine part of Natsuki's body. She certainly wasn't one for trimming down there, despite all the work she did on the rest of her body. Likely her modesty got in the way of working on that particular part. There was certainly nothing wrong with the natural look, though, especially on Natsuki. It just gave her a more primal look, which right now was starting to drive Shizuru a bit wild.

Of course, her appraisal didn't go unnoticed by Natsuki – though Shizuru admitted to herself that that could well have been her intention in part. She felt Natsuki's fingers on the bottom of her chin, pulling her head up to face the girl. Her face was now only an inch away from Shizuru's, and her expression could best be described as "feral." In a firm voice, she said, "Alright, Shizuru, you've had your fun. Now it's my turn. You're mine."

As soon as the words were out of Natsuki's mouth, her head shot down to capture Shizuru's lips within her own. Despite the suddenness of her action and the feral look in her eyes, the kiss was actually quite tender. The motions of her lips were slow, delicately playing with Shizuru's and exploring their texture. The sudden sweetness from the girl caused Shizuru to melt even further under her power. She couldn't help but think of how simple sweetness like this would have seemed so out of character for Natsuki only a couple weeks ago. It was just in the last week that Shizuru had dug into her and brought the sweetie out. And today, Natsuki was willingly deploying her sweetness all for Shizuru's sake. It was all too much.

Shizuru let out a moan of delight into the kiss. She definitely loved this side to Natsuki. If she was going to be this sweet every time she was in control, then Shizuru just might have to surrender to her more often. She felt an urge at that moment to wrap her arms around her lover, only to be disappointed when she tried and was reminded of her restraint. This realization caused her to let out a slightly more disappointed moan, which didn't go unnoticed by Natsuki.

Natsuki let out a light chuckle and withdrew from the kiss as she heard Shizuru's frustrated moan. Shizuru put on a pout and looked up at her girlfriend, hoping that maybe she'd take mercy on her, but Natsuki held strong. If anything, she seemed to take a cue from Shizuru's tactics. "Ara, does Shizuru want something?" Natsuki said, imitating Shizuru's teasing manner. "Does she want to hug her girlfriend, perhaps?"

A mischievous glint appeared in Natsuki's eyes, and Shizuru knew that the game was on. Dropping her pout and putting on a mischievous smile of her own, she matched Natsuki's gaze and said, "I think Natsuki's the one who wants the hug. After all, she is my little cuddlebunny."

The tease didn't make Natsuki blush. In fact, it seemed to be just what she was expecting to hear. "We'll see about that," she said. Shizuru felt Natsuki's right hand start to creep up her abdomen. It reached her breast and started gently fondling it as Natsuki said, "If you ever want me to untie you, Shizuru, all you have to do is say three little words: 'I'm your cuddlebunny.'"

Shizuru smiled back at her lover. So that's your game, Natsuki. This should be quite enjoyable… my little cuddlebunny. As Natsuki caught the acceptance in Shizuru's eyes, she bent her head down to once again meet Shizuru's lips with her own. With another delighted moan, Shizuru returned Natsuki's kiss, which was now accompanied by pleasurable sensations coming from Natsuki's hand on her breast.

Shizuru's eyes drifted shut as she melted into Natsuki's kiss. The urge to wrap her arms around Natsuki's back and pull her in closer or even just hold her had returned, but she resisted it. She didn't, however, resist Natsuki's attempts to deepen the kiss, and she eagerly allowed the girl's tongue entrance into her own mouth. Shizuru could feel a heat rising within her body. Natsuki's sweetness was just driving her wild.

After a few minutes, Natsuki pulled out of the kiss, giving Shizuru a chance to catch her breath. She found that the task wasn't so easy though. Natsuki's fondling of her breast was causing pleasure to shoot through her body, and it was making it hard for her to breathe. The best she could manage was a kind of panting, but at least she wasn't suffocating.

Natsuki, on the other hand, was able to regain her breath much sooner, and she quickly went back to kissing Shizuru. She started at the top of Shizuru's collarbone and slowly kissed her way down along. Unlike Natsuki, Shizuru didn't have such an incredibly sensitive spot on her neck, but the experience was still quite enjoyable. She was a bit wary of letting Natsuki figure out just where she was quite sensitive, but at this point it seemed an inevitability that she'd catch on sooner or later. Shizuru resolved that she'd just accept it, as it would only mean Natsuki would be able to pleasure her better. She wouldn't be too likely to abuse it, knowing her.

Shizuru threw her head back as Natsuki reached the base of her neck. From this position, she kissed her way straight down, over Shizuru's ribcage. Shizuru giggled slightly at the ticklish sensation of Natsuki's kisses, though her laughter turned into moans as Natsuki veered off to the side and started kissing her way around Shizuru's right breast. Shizuru tensed up as Natsuki neared the spot at the top of her breast where she'd given her a hickey the week before. However, instead of helping to brace for the sensations, her tensing up only made the pleasure more intense when Natsuki reached that spot.

Shizuru practically yelped as she felt Natsuki's lips reach that spot, sending a sharp burst of pleasure through her chest. Natsuki definitely noticed this reaction, much to Shizuru's chagrin. She paused in her circling and went back to that spot, kissing it deeper this time. She didn't go so far as to make another hickey, but it was excruciatingly pleasurable all the same. After a bit of this, Natsuki rose her head up and brought her left hand in to allow her fingers to idly play over the spot.

"Well, well," Natsuki said. "It seems you've got your own sensitive spot here. I wonder…" Her fingers traced a circle around the spot, causing Shizuru to shiver. "Did I just luck into this last week, or is it sensitive because of what I did? Do things even work that way?" Shizuru was too enraptured by the pleasure to offer an answer. She suspected it was the latter, though. She'd noticed that after the bruising had gone down, the spot still seemed extra-sensitive. She had no idea how it might work physically, but mentally, it made sense that Natsuki's mark labeling Shizuru as hers would be significant to her.

"Ah well, I guess it doesn't matter," Natsuki said. "All that matters is that I make proper use of this knowledge." Almost before she finished saying this, her mouth was back covering the top of Shizuru's breast, kissing it deeply. Shizuru threw her head back and let out a deep moan as pleasure flooded its way through her chest. By the time Natsuki finished sucking on it, Shizuru was positive she'd left another bruise. She'd likely be in for another week of tenderness there, which would likely just be another pleasant reminder of this night. Perhaps it would even end up more sensitive the next time they got around to doing this.

A blush made its way to Shizuru's cheeks at that last thought. That was true, they probably would be doing this again, and again, and again… Natsuki was really her girlfriend now, and there was no way she was ever going to let that change. Now that she finally had her dream, she was going to hold onto it for dear life. Surrendering like this to her every once in a while was a small price to pay… No, it wasn't even a price. It was just another fun way for her to share her love with Natsuki. Nothing wrong with giving herself up to the girl. If only she could hold her at this moment… Shizuru's hands had started to strain against the ropes. The urge to hug and hold onto her girlfriend just wasn't going away. Part of her wanted to give in to the girl, but another part wanted to let their little game last a bit longer. She was doing this for Natsuki, after all. For her sake, she could take the frustration a bit longer.

Of course, Natsuki seemed to be trying to make it as frustrating as possible for Shizuru. She moved her mouth down Shizuru's breast, gently kissing her way towards the nipple. Her tongue poked out just before her mouth landed on it, and it made a quick circle around Shizuru's areola. The soft touch sent a wave of shudders through Shizuru's body. Natsuki's pace was torturously slow, but she was helpless to do anything about it. Even when Natsuki allowed her mouth to envelop Shizuru's nipple and start gently sucking on it, Shizuru's body just screamed out for more.

Shizuru started squirming under Natsuki's touch. It wasn't as if she were trying to get away; she just couldn't help it. She needed to feel more from her lover. This was all both too much and not nearly enough. Natsuki's constant ministrations were causing heat to keep rising within Shizuru, and it was starting to drift downwards to where she really needed her girlfriend's touch. She wasn't able to voice any of her concerns, only managing a shuddering moan, so she tried to buck her hips slightly to get her girlfriend's attention.

Natsuki paused in her sucking of Shizuru's breast and gave a muffled chuckle. She pulled her head back slightly and said, "Anxious, are we? I seem to remember you working on my breasts for a fair bit longer than this, Shizuru. I think you've earned much the same treatment." Shizuru groaned at Natsuki's pronouncement. She hadn't thought she'd played with the girl too long in this position. Despite her façade of teasing, she'd really tried to pay attention to what Natsuki needed. She had indeed stretched things out quite a bit, though, but only because she thought it would be better in the end.

Ara… maybe this is for the best then. Fine, Natsuki, you can tease me all you want. Just promise to make it worth it. Shizuru stopped her struggling with a sigh. Natsuki was in charge here, anyways. She'd just have to take what she had coming to her. Unfortunately, that would probably include far more teasing than she'd ever suffered before. But it was Natsuki doing it to her, so she wouldn't mind too much.

"Good girl," Natsuki said, apparently having noticed Shizuru's surrender. She moved her mouth over to Shizuru's left breast now, to give it much the same treatment that Shizuru's right one had previously experienced. Of course, she didn't let that one go lonely, as her left hand came up to massage it. Pleasure started to further flood Shizuru's chest at Natsuki's ministrations. She was now letting out a moan on every other breath.

Natsuki was absolutely amazing in how she worked with Shizuru's breasts. Shizuru had thought that she'd done quite a good job herself on Natsuki, but she had no idea how it could compare to what her girlfriend was doing to her now. Her motions were slow, sensuous, and at just the perfect pace. Her hand moved in waves in tune with the pleasure rolling through Shizuru's body, meeting and amplifying each wave as it peaked.

Natsuki's ministrations seemed to last for hours, pushing Shizuru higher and higher. She could barely think straight by the time Natsuki raised her mouth off of Shizuru's breast. She didn't get much of a reprieve though, as Natsuki's right hand came in to take its place. The two hands worked in tune with each other to better work Shizuru up. Meanwhile, Natsuki took advantage of her mouth's freedom to comment to Shizuru, "You know, I've always really envied your breasts Shizuru. And this is even though I hated how all the guys ogled me as I was. It didn't make any sense to me. Why would I be envious of having to suffer more attention?

"But now I think I've figured it out." Natsuki's voice had started out in a somewhat teasing tone, but it had turned sweet by now. In Shizuru's state of mind, it felt like she was saying "I love you" behind every word. "I didn't want to have breasts like yours. I just wanted your breasts. Not only because of how beautiful and sexy they are, but because they're yours. I wanted complete freedom to play around with them, just like this. I've had this little fantasy for quite a while, really. I just never realized it. But now, you've finally given me a chance to fulfill it, and so I'm going to do my best to make sure you enjoy it just as much as I do."

More, Natsuki. The girl's words were driving Shizuru wild almost as much as her hands. She must have really done a better job with wearing Natsuki down than she'd suspected, if the girl had been harboring such thoughts for so long. Of course, it was only now that she'd finally been able to put it all together, but that was just fine. If Natsuki wanted her breasts, she could have them. If she were going to be this tender every time, Shizuru would be practically begging for her to take them – in her own, subtle way, of course.

However, despite all the pleasure Natsuki's ministrations were giving Shizuru, her frustration was also starting to build. Her acceptance of Natsuki's treatment had temporarily put off the rising heat in her nether regions and relocated it to her breasts, it was now building up again down there. Her breasts were already as filled with pleasure as they could get, so all Natsuki's massaging of them did was to build up her need for an even more intimate touch. Unable to help it, Shizuru once again started to squirm under Natsuki's grasp as she let out a series of pleading moans.

Unfortunately, Natsuki didn't seem to want to give in to her just yet. She merely chuckled at Shizuru's discomfort, while keeping up with her fondling of the bound girl's breasts. She seemed intent to get back at Shizuru for as much of her teasing as possible while she had the opportunity. Realizing that she might die from the sensations before Natsuki had gotten her fill, Shizuru resorted to pleading.

"Naaa…" Shizuru struggled to control her voice. At first all she was able to manage was the first syllable of her lover's name, but she used all her remaining mental faculties to push through. "Nnnatsukiii… pleeeease…"

Natsuki laughed again. Even though it was at her expense, the sound of her lover's laughter was still music to Shizuru's ears. "Hmm… Well I think you might have had about enough now. Don't know if you could take much more teasing… Just one little problem…"

Shizuru grimaced as much as she could before a jolt of pleasure from her breasts wiped it off of her face. She really didn't think she could take much more of this without going crazy, so she hoped it was a problem she could do something about.

"I'll give you the fulfillment you need if you just promise me one thing, Shizuru," Natsuki said. "I want you to promise me that you won't try to get your teasing revenge on me for this. After all, I'm only trying to get somewhat even with you here."

Shizuru whimpered. How could Natsuki take away her chance to get back at her for this? It just wasn't fair. Besides, she'd already admitted she liked being teased, so why try to get out of it? Well, she certainly wasn't giving up her teasing rights. It might not be in revenge, but she'd be sure to find an opportunity to push Natsuki at least this far herself sometime. She'd appreciate it, even if she'd never admit it. With this decision, Shizuru gave Natsuki a rapid nod, not trusting herself to be able to voice the words.

"I don't believe you," Natsuki said, half-jokingly. However, the motions of her hands did let up, finally giving Shizuru a chance to breathe. "But I do think you've really had enough. Just know that if you do try to get back at me, I'll push you even further than you pushed me." Natsuki leaned forwards to give Shizuru's lips a quick kiss, not idling in order to allow her a chance to catch her breath.

Ara… alright, Shizuru resolved silently as Natsuki started to drift down her body.I'll just have to make sure to push you even further each time. I don't know how we'll be able to make it better than this, but I'm up for it if you are.

Natsuki paused when her head was just above Shizuru's stomach. She curled her fingers around the belt of Shizuru's slacks. With a quick kiss to her lower belly, Natsuki started pulling Shizuru's pants down, far too slowly for the girl's preferences. As she went down, she placed a series of kisses along the sides of Shizuru's legs, alternating legs with each kiss. The process made her progress slow and torturous, and an itching need shot up through Shizuru's legs. She needed more of Natsuki, but she was helpless to take it.

Shizuru's arms strained futilely against the ropes as she was once again overwhelmed with a need to embrace her lover. Her thoughts shot back to Natsuki's proposed deal, and she nearly accepted it. However, the time just didn't seem quite right. She wanted to let Natsuki have a bit more freedom to do as she pleased first. But there was no way she was going to let her first time pass without being able to hold Natsuki through it.

When Natsuki reached Shizuru's feet, she casually discarded the girl's slacks. She crawled back up towards Shizuru's midsection, and she brought her right hand down to lightly trail a finger over Shizuru's crotch. The light sensation on her most intimate region sent a wave of shivers through Shizuru's body. As her finger moved back and forth slowly, Natsuki said, "Hmm, you seem to be quite wet here, Shizuru, even through your panties. Soaked, really."

Shizuru could feel heat rise to her face as she realized how Natsuki could so easily see her arousal. Of course, it shouldn't have been surprising, after all she'd done to her body just moments ago, but it was still embarrassing to have it pointed out like that. Natsuki wasn't finished, however. Her finger still torturing Shizuru, she said, "And that isn't the only wet part of you, I see. Your body seems to be absolutely glistening with sweat. You know, I don't think I've ever seen you break a sweat before. And now I have you at my mercy, and your body is covered with sweat and your hair is messed up and wild. I think I've actually broken down the supposedly unbreakable Fujino Shizuru…"

Shizuru let out a whimper, and she felt her face filling with a blush. In an instinctual need to hide it, she turned her head away and squeezed her eyes shut. Only for you, Natsuki… You're the only one I'll ever let do this to me. She was sure Natsuki noticed her blush, but the girl didn't comment on it. She did let out a cute chuckle, though, which was probably in response to it.

Natsuki's finger stopped, and despite how it had been torturing Shizuru only a moment ago, she found that she desperately missed its presence. The reason for its absence became clear in only a couple seconds, when Shizuru felt Natsuki's mouth meet the crotch of her panties. After this kiss, which sent a sharp bolt of pleasure up through Shizuru's body, Natsuki's hands found the hem of Shizuru's panties and pulled them down and out of the way. For some reason, she stopped pulling them down once they were past Shizuru's knees, but some quick kicking from Shizuru helped finish the job, prompting another chuckle from Natsuki.

Natsuki's mouth returned to Shizuru's crotch, placing another kiss on her lower set of lips. The contact sent a shock of pleasure through Shizuru's body, and she bucked against her restraints. The process repeated when Natsuki gave her another kiss down there, and then yet another. Her tongue then made its way out, licking along the length of Shizuru's slit. Natsuki let out a contented hum when it withdrew, and Shizuru idly wondered what she tasted like to the girl.

Shizuru wasn't without her girlfriend's tongue for long, though. Natsuki brought it back for another lick, pressing into her slit a bit more this time. It slowly wedged its way inside, and Shizuru unconsciously spread her legs apart in order to open herself up to Natsuki. This position allowed the probing tongue greater access to Shizuru's depths, and it heightened the feelings of pleasure she felt with every stroke.

Then Natsuki's tongue found an extraordinarily sensitive nub at the top of Shizuru's slit, sending a fierce bolt of pleasure shooting through Shizuru's body at the slightest touch. The tongue came back to lick and gently flick it again, causing Shizuru's body to jerk wildly. Natsuki kept this up for a few moments, seeming to delight in causing Shizuru to lose control of herself like this.

Eventually her tongue let up, and Shizuru felt Natsuki's hand reach up to her. Her thumb lightly pressed down on her clit, slowly circling around. The constant contact caused a flood of pleasure up through Shizuru's body, and she started panting heavily. Through one of the pants she let out a strangled, "Natsuki…"

Fortunately, she found that Natsuki was there for her. She'd crawled up on top of Shizuru's body while her thumb was working on Shizuru's clit, and her presence was immensely comforting. Shizuru once more tried to wrap her arms around the girl, but of course she was still unable to do so. She let out a whimper at this realization, while Natsuki gently chuckled.

"You know what you have to say, Shizuru," she said. Her voice had lost most of its teasing edge. Even though she was keeping to their little game, Natsuki was making it clear that Shizuru had held on long enough for her fantasy to be fulfilled. Perhaps she even wanted to see her girlfriend freed as well.

With this knowledge, Shizuru tried to steel herself for her admission. She was beyond feeling shame about it – if she ever would have – she just needed to hold Natsuki as she was pushed over the edge. She pried open her eyes so she could look back at Natsuki. "Natsuki… I… I'm… ahh!" To her surprise, Natsuki had pushed one of her fingers inside of Shizuru in the middle of her statement. The incredible feeling of being filled by her love broke through Shizuru's thought process and all she could do was to let out a scream.

Natsuki's finger remained steady for a few seconds, allowing Shizuru to simply revel in its presence. It felt right to have Natsuki inside her like this. They were finally connected, just as they were always supposed to be. There was just one thing missing. Pushing through the distracting pleasure, Shizuru quickly said, "I'm your cuddlebunny, Natsuki."

The love that lit up Natsuki's face was gorgeous. It even looked like a tear was starting to form in one of her eyes, though Shizuru lost sight of it as Natsuki's head came down to meet her in a passionate kiss. Shizuru could feel Natsuki's finger start to slowly move inside her as they kissed, and she let out a soft moan into it. When Natsuki pulled out, she whispered, "And I'm yours Shizuru."

Before Shizuru's mind could process what Natsuki had just admitted, the pace of the girl's finger picked up inside of her. The intense waves of pleasure pushed any conscious thoughts out of her mind. Meanwhile, Natsuki used her free hand to tug on the end of the rope which bound Shizuru's left wrist, quickly freeing it to wrap around her back. She then worked on the other rope, which took a bit longer, but soon enough Shizuru was completely free to embrace her lover.

Shizuru held on for dear life as Natsuki worked her finger inside of her. It was soon joined by its partner to fill Shizuru up even further. In this position she finally felt complete. She had Natsuki at last, and they were intimately connected. On top of the waves of pleasure her lover's fingers were eliciting, a sense of euphoria started to envelop Shizuru. She was absolutely giddy.

Shizuru could feel Natsuki's head bending down to meet her neck, where the girl started to gently kiss the flesh, but both of their attentions were much lower. Natsuki's fingers gradually escalated their pace. Shizuru's giddiness broke out into broken chuckling, which then turned into a series of moans. Natsuki easily matched the pace of Shizuru's moaning, and she guided her love even further upwards.

Tension started to build within Shizuru as Natsuki's pace outstripped her ability to moan along with it. Shizuru panted desperately, and she squeezed Natsuki in desperation. She was losing all control over herself, and she could only trust in the comfort and safety Natsuki provided her. She held onto her love for dear life as she was pushed over the edge at last.

Shizuru's world exploded. Pleasure exploded outwards from Natsuki's tender touch, lighting every nerve in her body on fire. She thrashed wildly against her lover, barely able to hold on. It felt to her like her soul was being wrenched from deep inside her body and pouring out. All her repressed emotions burst forth at that moment. Her desperate love for Natsuki, which for so long had been unfulfilled, made its way out as a cascade of tears.

If Natsuki hadn't been there for her, Shizuru could easily have broken down completely. As it was, she still ended up a sobbing wreck as she fell back to earth from her mind-shattering orgasm. While Natsuki wrapped her free arm around Shizuru to hold her close, her other hand slowly guided Shizuru downwards. She was somehow able to sense the need in Shizuru, and her head had lifted up to gently whisper words of comfort to her lover.

Even when Shizuru finally bottomed out, the released emotions wouldn't let up on her. She sobbed relentlessly into her lover's shoulder, muttering incomprehensible words that vaguely alluded to her emotions at the moment. She was completely bared to her love now, with all the pain the repression of her feelings had caused her finally making its way out. She had nothing left to hide from the girl. She was completely broken down. She was Natsuki's, now and forever. She could never bear to lose her.

With barely a coherent word between the two of them, Natsuki awkwardly pulled the covers of the bed down underneath the two. Once they were clear, she gently reoriented Shizuru into a more comfortable position, with her head on the pillow, and she pulled the covers up over the two of them. As soon as Natsuki was in beside her, though, Shizuru rolled onto her side and buried her head into her lover's chest. She clutched at her source of strength as more tears silently made their way out. In only a matter of minutes, all the exhaustion finally caught up with her and she passed from consciousness, sleeping contentedly in Natsuki's arms.

Author's Note: Whew! Another chapter which passes the 10,000 word mark. I seem to keep getting longer here, don't I? Ah well, I hardly think that's a bad thing. I hope everyone enjoyed this last chapter here. I'll see you on the 14th (hopefully) for my Valentine's Day special.