Author's note: This is so cool to be writing for Pushing Daises, a show I believe all of us have come to love and respect. I have decided to write an Olive/Ned, as I like to call- Nolive, as no one so far has really done one. This is for Yorkie Lover, who prompted me to do this. Please, R,R,and R!

Olive Snook had just gotten off of a nine-hour shift at The Pie Hole, and yet still dreaded going home to an empty apartment and a yellow lab. Indeed, New York is a cruel place to a single young woman.

"New York's so cruel to a single person." Olive said to herself as she pulled her coat and scarf close to her face. She stuffed her bare hands in to her pocket and began walking home.

Five blocks away from her home, Olive was beginning to feel anxious. The usually bustling streets now held an unusually quite, yet dreary feeling. She pulled her arms closer to her sides and stood up straight. Something was not right.

"Something is not right." She said once more to herself.

She turned into a dark alley- a shortcut to the building she lived in- she could see the 'light at the end of the tunnel,' but wasn't there yet- closer, closer, closer-! She began to walk at a fast pace, and then began to run, her heals clomping on the street. She could feel the apprehension building- something was not right! She was almost there, as someone jumped out of the abyss of darkness-!

"Olive? Is that you?" A familiar voice said.

"Yes, yes it is! Who's that?" She said, the tension still in her voice.

"It's me, Chuck! What are you doing in here?" Chuck said, walking closer.

"Well, I was taking a shortcut home… and this was-," Olive was bad at explaining these things.

"Why didn't you take a taxi? It's awfully dangerous walking by yourself, and in this weather!" Chuck said.

"In case you haven't notice, Ned doesn't pay much… and taxi's are expensive these days…" Olive drifted off as she stared at the brick wall next to her, with a cockroach climbing up it noisily. "Ughew…."

"Well, I can see what you mean… want me to walk you home the rest of the way? Just to make sure…"

"Nah, I'll be fine! I've lived in New York a good deal of my life, after all."

"Alright… I guess." Chuck said with an unsure smile. "See you later, then…"

She walked away as Olive did the same.

Later that night…

The facts where these: Olive Snook had taken an interest in writing as a young girl. As time progressed, Olive had found that she enjoyed writing romance novels. In fact, she had written a series of them about a young beekeeper named Forest Foreman, who had fallen in love with a florist named Silva Sorely. Together, they solved mysteries about people who stole beehives and honey and such.

Olive sat down at her typewriter with a cup of coffee, a plot ready for her next novel. Silva had taken to a nice flower arranger named Billow Bobkins, and had broken up with Forest in order to date Billow. When Forest finds out that Billow secretly has been snatching Forest's bees' honey to make his flowers smell better, Forest devises a plan to reveal the villain, and win back Silva. Olive thought it was devastatingly romantic- after all, it was carved by her life's story.

The facts were these: Chuck had been taking the ingredients from the Pie Hole's inventory. Olive Snook did not know why, or what for, but she had noticed Chuck slipping strawberries into her purse, and peaches into her pockets. When Olive had gone to get supplies for a pie- there was missing ingredients that had been there before. Olive had plans to reveal Chuck's dastardly deeds, surely winning back Ned's affections. What Olive failed to realize, was that Ned was apart of it the whole time.

Just as Olive was pondering this- something strange happened. She felt a pang of pain in her back- where she had just been stabbed. Olive had a few moments of utter pain and confusion, but soon, this ended,- and Olive Snook was dead.


Never fear! Ned the Pie maker soon will be here!

TBC, and thank you for reading and reviewing. Keep on Ritting! I mean, um, writing.