It had been seventeen years today since Severus married his Hermione, and every year brought them new challenges and new memories. Voldemort had stayed dead and the world was slowly moving into a place where Purebloods valued Muggleborns for their new views on how to modernize the wizarding world and Muggleborns valued Purebloods for their old values.

Draco and Neville were still together and had adopted three children from the orphanage which ere doted upon with a fervor unmatched by any family they knew of. Their middle child, Jack, was now fifteen and quite seriously dating Ron and Millicent's youngest and only biological child, who had just turned fourteen. The orphanage had long since closed with all the children finding happy homes and those new additions being sent to foster families. Molly and Arthur Weasley had spearheaded that program and had taken in at least a dozen children over the years.

Harry and Ginny were working quite hard on living up the Weasley reputation of having children by the houseful. They were indeed taking Hogwarts over slowly between the droves of redheads with messy hair and their friends. The mischief had been made in droves and rumor has it, a certain map was now the stuff of legend and secretly passed down through the generations of mischief makers.

Severus and Hermione had made quite a name for themselves in the world with their apothecary and they were enjoying every moment spent with each other and their children. Severus had been invited back to Hogwarts as the Headmaster but he respectfully declined the invitation because of his children's not so silent pleas to "not embarrass" them. Hermione had poked fun at him for weeks stating that if anyone of his former students could see the big bad bat being cowed by his daughters they would die laughing.

His twin daughters were the light of his life and they could silence any rampage he was on with a simple gleam in their eye, one he was certain their mother taught them. They were older sisters to two younger brothers, one eleven and one seven and though they acted indignant of ever boyish behavior their sibling exhibited, they were very fond of them. The girls had been sorted into Ravenclaw much to both parents very exuberant displeasure, though the girls were secretly sure their parents were proud.

Severus had recently decided to take on another apprentice, someone who in another five years or so would be prepared to take over the shop. He had accumulated enough wealth with Hermione that he hoped to travel while the children were away at school.

Over the years he had kept up correspondence with the little boy's family in Italy who they had cured of Lycanthropy. It seemed as though he was inspired by the events all those years ago and had begun pursuing a career in portions. Upon hearing this Severus immediately consulted Hermione who agreed whole heartedly with him and he sent a letter to the boy, offering him an apprenticeship pending him proving his skill with a practical exam.

Fifteen Years Later

The years had once again flown by for the couple and once again they had been filled with happiness and a fair share of sadness as well. The little boy from Italy, Serge was his name, had grown into a fine young man and after completing his apprenticeship with the Snape's he had gladly taken over the shop.

Their humble shop had continued to flourish under his management and Severus and Hermione had begun fulfilling their dreams of traveling the world. During their travels they had word of Cloey's imminent engagement to Serge which they happily returned for. They had seen their children married off one by one and were now proud and happy grandparents who were able to dote upon their children's children the way they doted upon their own children.

The years had been kind to both of them, lending them wisdom and many laugh lines, a luxury that in his youth Severus doubted he would have in his lifetime. They had lost a grandchild at birth and poor Blaise had lose his wife to a muggle disease that no one had known abut until it was too late. Sadness had crept upon them at awful moments that none of the friends would ever dare forget, but the happiness that pervaded each day was enough to remind everyone that the darkness was truly gone from their lives once and for all.

In the end, Severus and Hermione lived happily ever after and they owed it all to their little seaside retreat.

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