Twas the night before Christmas, for about seven more seconds. L had bundled himself within his blankets for a so called "long winters nap". But no, he had fooled them all. He wasn't really sleeping. He was actually peering out through the pillowy fluff of his comforter at his digital clock watching the minutes slowly pass by. The red glare of the numbers had burned into his eyes as he stared at it unblinkingly. Sure it was hard work, and those visions of sugar plums dancing in his head was very tempting, but he was on a mission. Get his hands on his presents or bust. Oh how they had taunted him. That short, perky looking little tree strutting about over it's cute little presents. Well it hadn't actually been strutting, but the way it stood there was just as terrible.

And then it happened. That last second sank away and all of the digits transformed to read 12:00. It was Christmas. L jolted skyward struggling to escape from the prison of blankets. He scrambled off the bed and sprang towards the door only to be violently held back by a chain on his wrist.

"What the hell!?!?" came a terrified voice in the bed.

"That's right." L thought. "I'm still attached to Light." L stood up and tried to appear innocent gazing childishly towards the ceiling. A slight whistle escaped his lips casually. Light eyed him trying to register his insanity. What was he doing whistling in the middle of the night after nearly tearing his arm off?

"What are you doing?" Light asked.

"Nothing." L answered quietly.

"Nothing? What the hell do you mean nothing? You almost dislocated my shoulder!" he exclaimed. L shushed him putting a finger to his lips. "Don't tell me to shush! What are you doing up? It's the middle of the night!"

"No technically, it's the beginning of the morning." L pointed out. Light rolled his eyes. That's what this was all about. It was Christmas.

"Go back to bed." He ordered falling back onto the mattress.

"No! Light kun! I want to open my presents!" L whined crawling on the bed and pouting. Light peered at him through one of his eyes. "Purlease!"

"You're supposed to wait until morning." Light objected sitting up.

"But it's Christmas now! I want to open my presents now!" L continued. They both turned as the door creaked open. Misa poked her blonde head in.

"Would you guys be quiet? You're blowing my cover!" she spat at them. L stood up on the bed excitedly.

"Are you sneaking down to open you're presents Misa kun?" he asked jumping up and down.

"Shh! Not so loud!" she whispered.

"We're coming too!" announced L in a whisper.

"Well hurry up!" Misa disappeared closing the door. L jumped off the bed and ran towards the door only to once again be yanked back.

"Come on Light kun! You're girlfriends even going down there!" he reasoned.

"I'm going back to bed." Light said trying to snuggle up with his pillow. He was disturbed as L began tugging at the chain in a desperate attempt to coax him up.

"Come on! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!" he hollered.

"That hurts L!" Light protested.

"Then get off your fat ass and come on!" L gave one final tug that sent Light flying through the air only to be sprawled on the carpet buried in all of the blankets.

"Fine! I'll come with you!" he gave in getting up from the floor grudgingly. L twirled about excitedly and opened the door. Misa was leaning against the opposite wall in the hallway provocatively. She was wearing a set of Mrs. Clause fashioned pajamas that could have passed for lingerie in an obvious attempt to seduce Light.

"You look very festive, Misa kun." L commented cheerily.

"Thanks!" she smiled back. Light rolled his eyes in disgust. "Get down!" she ordered. The three of them fell down to all fours. Misa stayed close to the wall and began to crawl down the hallway towards the stairs. L immediately followed.

"Why are we crawling?" ask Light.

"You never know who could be watching." Misa whispered adventurously.

"Who would be watching? It's the middle of the night!"

"SHHH!!" they both shushed. Light quieted to allow his thoughts to simmer within him.

"Your butt looks very cute in those pjs, Misa kun." L continued to compliment.

"Thank you!" she exclaimed crawling a bit more jauntily.

"How can you people talk about those kinds of things?" gaped Light.

"You're just jealous because I could get more action with your girlfriend then you could if I tried." Laughed L. Misa giggled. Light regretted that he had given in to this stupidity so easily. They reached the end of the hallway to a steel stairway that lead down to the bottom level. L knew as his hairs stood up on the back of his neck that down there were his presents. Misa immediately posed herself on the railing and immediately slid down the polished silver. Within seconds she bounced off at the post at the bottom and raced off out of sight. L anxiously swung his leg over the railing and readied himself to slide off. Soon he realized there was a slight hitch in his plan. The five feet of chain linking him to Light.

"Come on, Light!" he hissed.

"Are you crazy? I'm not doing that! Why can't we just walk down?" he asked.

"Too slow! Now get on!" he snapped.

"No." Light concluded. He was too smart for all this. L huffed and turned away. Before thinking it all the way through he released his hold on the railing and sailed a few feet down the railing before Light's weight at the end of the chain yanked him roughly onto the stairs with a sickening crash. "L?" Light asked worriedly. L's figure lay limply across the steps. Light dashed to his side and helped him sit up. L leaned against the railing and wrapped his arms around his legs like an emo. "Does it hurt?" L nodded. A flicker of remorse peaked within his soul. "I didn't mean to hurt you. Here, look, I'll get on the railing. See?" He swung his leg over the railing like L and done. L glared up at him from beneath his cloud of emo. The second he spied Light ready for sliding he jumped to his feet with a new air of joy. He mounted the railing behind Light and threw his arms around him. Within the flash of a second Light found himself barreling down the railing.

The wind ripped through his hair as the bottom level came closer. Suddenly fear rippled within Light. There was a post at the bottom of the railing, right were his precious package would soon be colliding violently. He tried to escape but L and imprisoned him within his deadly grip. The post was coming closer. They were going faster. It came closer! And closer! And then!