Sweat trickled down Light's wonderfully moisturized face. He needed to handle this situation very delicately. If he ran too fast, l would wake up and use whatever magic he used before the make the chain disappear to make it reappear again. Now that Light thought about it, how had L made the chain disappear? Maybe it was while they were sleeping. No, it couldn't have been. Now that he really thought about it, he recalled l racing from the room in search of the second Wii remote.

Then how had L done it? Light had been watching him the whole time and the chain had just disappeared. Maybe L hadn't done it at all. Maybe Light had done it with his mind, just like it says in Scientology! Maybe Scientology was true! Light immediately vanquished that thought. Anything that Tom Cruise indorses is a load of crap.

His mind focused back on the present. If he just crept out of bed very slowly he could avoid making sounds and escape. But, if he took to long then the window of opportunity for L to wake up would be longer. His mind struggled between the two ideas. Why was it so hard to just sneak out of his bedroom? If he ran out then L would definitely wake up. But would he have time to make a mad dash away from this place before l realized what was going on? His chances were probably better with moving quietly. He centered all of his energy as he slowly stimulated his muscles. Silently his body began to rise up from his sheets. His body tensed as his blankets rustled out of his way. Why was everything so loud when you were trying to be quiet?

This was never going to work. Light was too conscious of the sounds he was making. He would just have to run for it. With a burst of speed he jolted up from the bed only to be slammed back

onto it be one pale yet powerful arm.

"You can't sleep either Light kun?" L asked in a sleepy voice.

"Were you awake that entire time?" Light asked exasperated.

"No, you woke me up with your mumbling." L answered. Light couldn't believe he hadn't noticed he was mumbling. What had L heard? "I heard that our chain is gone."

Light cringed at his own incompetence. How could he allow himself to make such a stupid mistake as mumbling? Now he was left at the mercy of L. Light could not grasp what horrible and freakish things L was going to put him through now.

"We should go buy more games for the Wii." L suggested. Light turned to face him in surprise.

"It's like, three in the morning! I'm not going anywhere! Just go to sleep!" Light flopped back down and tried to cover himself with his sheets. As his breathing steadied silence fell over the room allowing him to hear L's melancholy sigh. Light clenched his fists and glared off into the darkness. L sighed again. Light refused to show he had even heard the sighs. He was not going to be guilt tripped into leaving the comfort of his bed into the chilling night air to go track down some stupid game for a stupid game console. There was no way in Hell he would be guilt tripped.

L sighed again.

"Even if we did go try to buy new games, what place would be open at three a.m. on Christmas morning?" asked Light.


After shuffling through several blocks on fierce winter climate the two of them stumbled through the doors into Wal-Mart allowing the warm low priced air to melt over their flesh. A man who looked to be about a million years old was perched on a stool at the entrance. Upon seeing them a huge smile permeated across his worn face.

"Welcome to Wal-Mart!" he rasped.

"Look Light kun! It's a fossil! I wonder how much it is!" L piped. Light rolled his eyes and continued into the white depth of the deserted store. A security camera followed his movements as he walked. He resented that camera. If he was going to steal something he sure as hell wouldn't steal it from this cheap synthetic grease pile. Light sneered at the "Low Price" signs above the racks of logo T-Shirts. Well duh you'll have low prices when you sell crap like that. He was afraid to even touch anything in case it would fall apart. Out of the corner of his eye he saw L taking off through the store. He made haste to follow behind as the different sections whizzed past. Some obvious power from beyond was driving L. Light doubled over panting as he came past the baking ingredients. He didn't even care where L went in this place anymore. They were the only ones here, it wouldn't be hard to find him. Wiping his brow he turned to his right to look at what he thought was a bag of flour but upon further looking he changed his mind.

"I think that's cocaine!" exclaimed L voicing his own thoughts. A short shabby faced male Wal-Mart employee sporting a price gun walked up beside him.

"Yeah, it would appear so." He said. "Hot item. It's on sale if you want to purchase."

"You can't sell cocaine! That's illegal!"

"This is Wal-Mart. We make so much money for the economy, laws don't exist here."

"Don't you care about your customers health?"

"Not really. If it sells, we don't care."

Light decided it would be wise to get as far away from this man as possible.

"Could you point me towards the electronics?" Light asked.

"Yeah, just turn right and you'll see them."

Light nodded and picked up his pace. It didn't take him long to realize that the employee was following him. A customer at this hour must be a strange happening, so he figured he was lucky he didn't have a horde of employees following him. He quickly turned down the aisles of video games where L was searching in the Wii section,

"Light kun! There are only three games here!" L wined upon seeing him.

"Well yeah, L," said Light coming closer to look at the empty racks, shabby faced employee sidling in behind him, "they were all probably sold as Christmas presents."

"Well no, actually." Butted in the shabby faced employee. "We just got a new shipment in at midnight, but about ninety five percent of everything that came in was tainted with lead based paint."

"That's terrible!" gasped L.

"Not really," continued the employee, "I don't blame the workers over in China for slipping in dangerous substances. With all the crap those Americans put them through in those workshops, six day work weeks, twelve hour work days, pay below minimum wage. Hell, I even put Nicotine in watermelons from time to time."

Light gazed in horror at the man.

"Let's just go, L." he said.

"No Light kun! I want to buy more games!"

"Then let's grab them and go!"

They both gazed at the racks at the three remaining games; Pirates of the Caribbean, Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games, and Elebits.

L snatched them all up and the party of three made their way to the check out counters. Light turned over the Elebits box and began to read out loud.

"It's a revolutionary game of hide and seek as players search high and low for Elebits, mischievous little creatures that are the source of the world's power. Use the unique functionality of the innovative Wii controller to push, pull, lift and throw anything in the environment as you attempt to track down these playful little creatures. As they capture Elebits, players will be able to further interact with the environment, using them to provide power to different implements that will help them in their search. This unique Nintendo Wii game is produced by Shingo Mukaitouge."

"What great fun." Moaned Light. They now stood at the cash register. L put down the boxes just long enough to be rung up before he held them closely to his being once again. The shabby faced employee stared at Light waiting to be paid. L was completely oblivious as he drank in the words and pictures on the boxes. Light rolled his eyes and pulled out his wallet. He nodded to the shabby faced employee and practically ran from the store with L at his heels. The shabby faced employee stood at the doors and called out to them.

"Maybe you guys should hang out in here for a little while longer! The higher ups are too cheap to pay for good security in the parking lots!" he yelled.

"I think we'll take our chances!" Light yelled back without even turning. He pressed his arms to his sides as defense against the bitter cold. "You owe me for buying those games."

"They'll just be my Christmas presents!" decided L.

"Speaking of Christmas presents, who do you think gave you the Wii?" Light asked already planning his revenge.

"I already told you! It was Santa!"

"Santa isn't real, L!"

"So what are you gentlemen doing out in a parking lot with such bad security at this time of night?" came a growling voice. A battle worn face emerged from the black. Behind him stood an entire gang of violent looking teenagers. L shrieked at their sight.

"It's a gangster!"


Alright, first I want to clear this up. I'm anti-Wal-Mart, but mostly because they're one of the only companies that can afford to treat their employees well, yet they don't. I don't like greedy people. They grind my beans. Here's a shout out for you, ProtecterofKingdomHearts, I gave them Elebits. I don't actually have it but I went and looked up some shtuff about it on the internet machine and thought it looked like fun. I'd really appreciate it if you private messaged me about the game so I got an understanding about how it's played. Thank you, Michelle my Bell, (rry), for the cocaine bit.