The sixteen year old sat across from the music producer Tom Johnson, he eyed her down, from her straight auburn hair that was pulled back into a pony tail to her tan complexion that any goddess would crave and the infections smile plastered to her face showing perfect white teeth which he had no clue was due to three years in braces, he didn't care he loved her look. The faded blue jeans clinging to her hips, a black 'my chemical romance' shirt making sure her breasts were finely outlined but yet baggy enough for some mystery to her chocolate brown eyes that led to the very soul of her being.

He was the ninth producer she had seen so her hopes weren't very high in being signed, "So do we have a deal?" the woman on the right of the teenager asked, she was a spitting image of the girl or rather the girl was an exact copy of the woman, who flashed a brilliant smile to the man across from them.

Tom drew his eyes slowly away from the teenager to the woman, "The look works and her songs, well quite frankly no one does there own music on the first album and as for you being her manager, can't do...we need full discloser to the client."

"Than there is no deal Mr. Johnson, she is my client and will remain so." The woman's mocha brown eyes glaring at him refusing to back down.

"Than I'm sorry Mrs. Davies we do not have a deal," sighing Tom stood up and fixing his shirt before reaching his hand across the table.

Mrs. Davies stood as well motioning for the teenager to do the same, once the girl was standing the three shook hands and the two women departed. They made their way onto the sidewalk of the busy New York City, wrapping their coats around their lean bodies at the same time while the older woman hailed a cab.

"Now what mom?" the teenager asked with a raised eyebrow as a cab pulled up and the two rushed in to get warm.

"Well I have an appointment set up at CF Records for tomorrow," the woman spoke quietly.

"Where to?" the cab driver asked.

"East 32nd street, 2535 Howard Ave." Mrs. Davies put her attention back to her daughter who was sulking in the seat with her arms and looking out the window, "Don't worry Taylor it'll happen."

"But he was like the hundredth guy we've seen," she whined.

"It takes time remember what your grandfather always says..."

"...try, try again and if that doesn't work chain yourself to their desk until they pay attention." Taylor laughed, her grandfather was one of the weirdest people she knew but he was so sweet that it made up for it.

"Exactly, besides I have a good feeling about CF Records." Mrs. Davies opened the door to their small 1 ½ bedroom apartment house.

"You say that about all the companies." Taylor rolled her eyes as she headed to her room which held only a bed and closet, with posters of bands and actress she liked.

"No I don't, now get your homework out dinner will be ready in an hour." She yelled down the hall, sighing she walked to the answer machine and pushed play while going through her mail.

"You have three messages...

Ashley...its Aiden, um I can't get Taylor until Saturday cause I'm flying out to Hawaii for business. I'll pick her up at twelve please have her ready to go, I don't like waiting.

"Fuck Aiden," Ashley groaned.

"This is Greg from Greenland, Ashley you need to come in tomorrow around one thanks.

Closing her eyes she took a deep breath, after the divorce from her husband who milked every penny she had leaving her with just Taylor's college fund as a way to pay for the apartment they were staying at, she worked at the grocery store called The Greenland barely making over the minimum wage working hours upon hours. Luckily Taylor was a very understanding child and never really asked for much besides attention, the teen had always been shy and quiet a total opposite from how mother is.

"Mrs. Davies this is CF Records your appointment has been changed to nine thirty due to some meetings being rescheduled. Hope this doesn't inconvenience you in any way and that we will see you bright and early tomorrow morning."

Ashley smiled, now that the meeting had been changed she was able to go both to record company and go to work later. She erased the messages and picked the phone up heading to her daughter's room, Taylor was sitting on her bed reading Romeo and Juliet, "Hey kiddo..." her voice was quiet.

Taylor glanced up, "Yeah?"

"How's the book coming?" Ashley sat down on the bed.


"The meeting at the CF Records has been changed to nine thirty so I want you in bed by eleven okay." Taylor nodded in understanding, "Oh and your father won't be picking you up until Saturday afternoon."

"Do I have to go to dads?" Taylor didn't like her dad very much, he was always busy and never around and he was mean to her mom who she loved more than anything and his new wife was a complete bitch, she is why the evil step mothers in fairytales were created.

"Yes sweetie you do," she ran her hands through her hair hating where this conversation was going.

"But I hate it there, I'm always alone and you know how bad of a cook I' am so I lose like five pounds when I'm over there and that new wife of his...she's a bitch."

"Watch your language,"

"Sorry," Taylor slouched down.

Ashley rubbed her temple, "Look Tay I understand I do, you know how many step moms I had okay so I get where you're coming from but he's your father and you need to see him."

"But Grandpa Raife never made you visit your mom," Taylor shot back not wanting to back down.

"That's true but in a way I wish he did because she passed away and I never really knew her."

"I know dad though and he's an as..." Ashley held her finger up warning her daughter, "a jerk." Taylor smirked earning a smile from her mother.

"Your going," she said standing up putting a halt in that conversation, "You want pizza?"

Seeing the look of sadness on her mother's face she decided to drop the topic, "Extra cheese?" she pleaded using the pout.

"Why do you do that when you know I'm already going to say yes?" Ashley wondered.

"Keeping it fresh so I don't lose it," Taylor grinned.

"Definitely my kid,"

"Davies charm all the way right mom?"

"That's right sweetie now finish the book," Ashley pointed the book lying face open on the bed she watched Taylor roll her eyes but go back to reading, "Oh and I have to work tomorrow at one."

"But we were going to the movies after the meeting,"

"I know honey but..."

" have to work, I get it." Taylor sighed and went back to the book as Ashley left and ordered the pizza.