Christmas Lights

Rain, hail or shine,
Mum does it every year,
Puts up lots of Christmas lights,
Decorations, Nativity scenes,
To create some Christmas cheer.
For two months she works to make the house and yard,
Special, lovely for everyone to see,
Then she sits outside at night,
Watching the joy on the faces,
Of all the families.

They stop and look,
They smile and say,
Have a happy Christmas,
That's a wonderful display.

She says it makes the children happy,
Makes the grown ups smile,
Lifts their spirits,
Helps keep the blues at bay,
If only for a little while.

What is it in our hearts,
That makes us care?
Could it be a part of us,
That god has planted there?

Deep within our hearts,
A desire to do something good,
Show some caring,
Some love,
A gift that's shining deep within,
A blessing from above.

So next time you get that feeling,
That you want to do something different,
Something nice,
Something to make someone's Day,
Something big or small,
To make someone feel special,
In some unique and creative way,

Don't suppress it,
Donâ–“t delay,
Show someone you love them,
Show someone you care,
Help someone feel worthwhile,
Help them remember how to smile.

For you have your own unique creative spark,
To light up the world,
And keep away the dark.

Just by showing someone you care,
By making the effort,
Or maybe just being there,
You could be the light in someone's world,
Be their guardian Angel,
Or even an answer to prayer.