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The snow outside the Miller house sparkled in the noonday sun as two figures emerged from the house. The first, a young girl with fiery red hair and eyes as bright as the sun, was carrying a sled behind her. The second, a young woman with chestnut brown hair and about as much Christmas cheer as a rock, reluctantly followed after. The younger girl looked behind to the woman. "Come on, Danielle! We gotta hurry before the snow melts!"

Danielle just rolled her eyes. "Chill out, Lucy! It's not like the snow's gonna melt before we get to the hill! What's the big deal, anyway?" Lucy gaped. "What's the big deal? What's the big deal?! Danielle, it's gonna be Christmas Eve in two days! Every year, I go sledding two days before Christmas, and since you're here this year, I wanted you to go sledding with me, so come on!" They continued to walk through the snow when they got to a huge hill. Lucy excitedly ran forward to climb the hill with Danielle following not-so-excitedly behind.

"What's the big deal about Christmas, anyway?" asked Danielle. "It's just another boring get-together with family you never see and have to spend the entire day with. The only good thing about it is the presents." Lucy gasped. "That is not the only good thing about Christmas! Christmas is a time of giving and love! It's when you get to spend time with loved ones! Why doesn't that matter to you?"

Danielle only shrugged. "I don't know. I just don't get what all the hubbub's about." Lucy put the sled down on the top of the hill, and then turned to her cousin. "Danielle, you're my cousin, and I treat you just like any other family member. I admire you, but sometimes, when you doubt the power of the Holiday season, I can't believe you're related to me." Danielle just scoffed as she sat behind Lucy on the sled, and then pushed off the ground, sending the two of them speeding down the hill and right into Lucy's Uncle Scott.

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