Jack Frost watched in amusement as Danielle tried (and failed) to make a gingerbread house stay together. "You're being too rough, you need to lighten your touch," he chided her. "Start over."

Danielle frowned a little but did as she was told and got more gingerbread walls, icing and candy. Jack went up behind her and took hold of her hand holding the pastry bag filled with icing. He applied pressure to the bag and guided it along the edges of the gingerbread pieces then helped her stick them together. "We'll need to wait for it to dry before decorations can be added."

"That'll take forever, though," Danielle whined sadly. "I want to decorate it now."

"Making a gingerbread house takes patience," Jack reminded her. "This was your idea so don't whine if you're not patient enough. Besides," he added while spinning her around and pulling her closer to him. "I'm sure there are other ways to entertain you while it dries."

The icing dried and Jack found out that Danielle was just as bad at decorating as she was with assembly. He helped her again and the house turned out fine, but Danielle was a bit disappointed that she wasn't able to do it all on her own.

"Why can't I decorate a stupid cookie house by myself?" she grumbled. "It doesn't look hard when the elves do it."

"Yes, but they've had years and years of practice." He reminded her. She rolled her eyes and popped a gumdrop off of the house and into her mouth.

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