Not Gonna Get Us

Starting from here, lets make a promise

You and me, lets just be honest

We are gonna run, nothing can stop us

Even the night, that falls all around us

He had always heard of wars.

He had always heard of death.

He had always heard of happy endings.

He had them all.

But his happy ending was stolen from him.

At fifteen he had become a shinigami, he had lost his powers and then regained them, invaded Soul Society, he saved Rukia, he fought for the dominance over his own inner hollow. He had fought against the Arrancar.

He beaten it all, he had won his battles.

He had fallen in love, he had married, and he was going to have his first child at seventeen.

But that was all stolen from him.

His happy ending was ripped from his hands and shoved into a grinder and was shredded into nothingness.

It had all happened three years ago.

He had married Rukia, Soul Society had rejoiced, there was parties and dances. Everyone gave them their best wishes and told them to do well. There was talk about Ichigo becoming a Caption at one point. But when the time came, Ichigo had rejected with a laugh. He had everything he wanted already, he had Rukia, and that was all that he needed.

They had decided to live in the world of the living; Seireitei would pay them for taking out the hollows. They would have enough money for them to have a comfortable living. A year later, Rukia had come up to him nervously and told him ever so softly, that she was pregnant. His world spun around him, he was over come with joy. He had called his father and told him the news, he had sent out letters to his friends in Seireitei.

Everyone was happy for them; they would have a child, their own child made from their love.

And that was stolen from them.

Only four months into the pregnancy, Ichigo had been sent out on an assignment, an Arrancar had appeared. It was rare but they still existed, some were the last Arrancar's that had been apart of Aizen's forces. Ichigo had gone to take this one on. He was doing as well as ever until reiatsu had flown uncontrollably out of the Arrancar. He had no choice, to minimize the deaths of the innocent people and the area Ichigo had summoned his mask.

With the bringing of his mask brought forth chaos.

He had killed the Arrancar, but he had captured the eye of Seireitei. That had been watching him as they took an interest in his powers, looking for a way to convince him to join their ranks. But the sight of his mask sent them into a crazed frenzy.

He was a Vizard. A being that should never exist; at least in the eyes of Seireitei, he was a shinigami who had hollow abilities. He had an inner hollow within his mind, body, and soul. He was not human, he was not a shinigami and he was not a hollow. He was his own class. A class that never should exist.

He had gone back home, unaware of his error. He had never thought about it, using his mask was like brushing his teeth. He did it all the time. He came home and Rukia had smiled at him from the sofa she had been sitting on. Ichigo had refused to let her fight any Hollows while she was with child and she had agreed to it after a long argument. But slowly her smile started to change as the reiatsu around their home changed and she knew the gates had opened from the Soul Society.

From within the gates came forth Kurotsuchi Mayuri beside him was Komamura Sajin and finally at the right was Hitsugaya Toshiro. At first, the Kurosaki's were happy to see the shinigami but that changed when Mayuri had pulled forth his zanpakutou. The other shinigami followed suit and Rukia was taken aback as was Ichigo. The boy reached for his badge but his trial had failed when Toshiro had used shunpo and slapped the badge out of his hands.

Rukia was up in a heartbeat, her gigai fell to the floor and her weapon was in hand. But she was unable to do anything as Sajin came up behind her and grabbed her from behind. Though he had been careful not to harm her. Ichigo had no way of becoming a shinigami and he was forced to dodge blows in his human form from Mayrui and Toshiro. He had demanded to know what was happening as he spotted Kon. Toshiro responded that Soul Society cannot allow a Vizard to live in the real world and that he had to be taken into Seireitei and apologized. Toshiro did not believe in this choice of action, Ichigo was the one who saved them all, who killed Aizen. He should be left alone to live in peace, even if he was a race that was taboo.

But that option was taken from him.

Ichigo reached out and grabbed Kon, squeezing the stuffed toy he took the candy out and put into his mouth. His shinigami form shot out of his body and out shot the green ball into his hands as he turned around.

Rukia screamed, Toshiro was frozen to his spot in shock; Sajin just stared at the scene before them. Mayuri had stabbed the body of Ichigo through the heart; the body was stuck to the sword up to the hilt. Putting his foot on the back of the body, he pushed forward as he yanked the sword back.

Ichigo watched as his body fell, he watched it bleed and he watched himself die. He had stuffed Kon into his pocket as well as the stuffed animal as he brought Zangetsu up to fight. Ichigo could not remember how long he had fought the two captions after Toshiro had screamed at Mayuri for doing such a thing that was uncalled for. But that's when it all came out, they where going to kill Ichigo anyways, and he had saved them all the trouble.

Ichigo had no clue had he had gotten outside, fighting Toshiro and he did not understand when Ishida had shown up with Orihime.

They died by Mayuri's hand.

Ishida was stabbed in the heart and Orihime was beheaded.

A simple mission was turned into a bloodbath.

Things went out of hand as soon as Ishida had fallen while trying to protect Rukia who had gotten free from the large fox faced man. Orihime died for the same reasons and as Toshiro tried to stop the madness, Ichigo's world had fallen apart as he dawned his mask.

Mayuri struck at Rukia, aiming to paralyze her to take her back to Seireitei to use as a test subject. It wasn't everyday you found a woman pregnant with the child of a Vizard. But he had missed his target, he had aimed for her hip but instead he pierced through her stomach.

Ichigo's world fell.

Rukia's world was shaken.

The child was dead. They knew it, they could feel it, but they did not believe it!

Ichigo, in rage lashed out at the captions, he would be unable to recall the memory even till this very day. Sajin 's was disemboweled, Toshiro lost his left eye and Mayuri escaped with a whole within his chest, then he had liquidized himself.

Ichigo ran, he shunpoed with Rukia in his arms, going to the only place he could. He went to Urahara Kisuke. They tried everything they could, but nothing could be done. Rukia lost the child.

Isshin had been called; Ichigo's body had been found and removed. Ichigo never knew what happened to his original body. But it did not matter now. Everything he ever had had been taken from him.

He was given an untraceable Gigai. Rukia was given one as well and they were warned to be careful if they chose to go into shinigami form.

The disappeared for three years.

Now, they have been found.

Ichigo reached out and captured his wife's hand. Rukia looked at him fearfully as he picked up her small form and pulled her into his strong arms in bridal style. The two were in shinigami bodies. Ichigo held a deep frown on his face as he pushed forward, Rukia's fist clang to her shirt.

"There not gonna get us." He told her as they moved through the dark city. They had to reach their bodies that they had left at an abandoned building. Ichigo's heart was racing as Rukia looked over his shoulder, she could see the faint outline of Kenpachi's hair. "Ichigo, he's gaining!" She cried out in fear but Ichigo did not listen.

"Don't worry, Kon won't let us down!" He yelled at her, holding her close. They would have to move again, start over once again. "Ichigo!" She said again as she saw the form of Ikkaku, roof jumping across the buildings to her right. Her head jerked to her left then and her face instantly went to his husband's chest.

Toshiro was on her left, chasing.

She started to cry, Ichigo shunpoed as fast as he could! The figure's faded behind him. "Rukia." He said softly into her hair as Kon raised his head. He saw the two and rushed at Ichigo. Ichigo raised his hand; the soul glove knocked the green ball from the bodies' mouth. Ichigo went into his body, his human hand captured the orb and he pocketed it. He then forced Rukia into her body. He picked her up and held her close. He ran out of the building then, dashing as fast as humanly possible he had to get out of this district.

Moments later, the three shinigami stopped. All of them looked around. "His reiatsu is gone." Toshiro said, with almost a sigh of relief. Kenpachi growled, he wanted to fight that damn carrot top so damn bad but at the same time, he was relieved Ichigo was able to reach the gigai.

Ikkaku put his Zanpakutou over his shoulder and put a hand into his pocket. "How long do you think they can keep this up?" he asked but no one answered. There was no need to answer the question. They all knew the answer was that he would keep it up until that gigai wore out and then the next. He would never give up.

The were never gonna get them.

Toshiro sheathed his blade, and then looked into the dark streets. "Kurosaki!" He called out, knowing the boy would be able to hear him, wherever he was. "We'll be back!" With that he turned and walked away. But under his breath, he said another message, a different one that he knew his comrades would hear but he knew, they all agreed with him. "Stay alive, even if you are run down to the very edge, stay alive until the very end."

The gates opened.

The gates shut.

Ichigo let out a sigh of relief as he slides down the wall, holding his small wife closely. He hit the cold ground, breathing roughly, gasping as he tired to catch his breath with his head tilted back. Rukia was still clinging to him, crying softly as she had feared that this time, it was the end. That they would be taken to Seireitei and then, they would never see each other again. To be separated from one another was her greatest fear.

"Ichigo." She said with her shaky voice, but did not raise her head to meet his eyes. She felt him shift, knowing she had his attention even if he was trying to recapture his breath. "Ichigo, I…" she kept loosing her voice. The orange haired Vizard lowered his head, touching his forehead to the top of her own as he raised her head to look at him. His brown eyes capture her tearful violet eyes.

He brought a finger up to her lips and pressed it softly against him, shushing her as gently as he could. But Rukia did not want to be shushed she wanted to tell him what he feared to hear, what she herself feared to tell him.

"Ichigo." Her lips moved against his rough padded finger, "I'm…" her voice was cut off, her words never was revealed to the world as he pressed his lips softly against hers, kissing her ever so softly as her small body shook against his. He raised his hand, cupping the side of her face and tiled their heads to be able to deepen their loving kiss. Tears slipped down Rukia's soft cheeks as Ichigo broke the kiss and hugged her to his chest.

"I know," He said softly, running a hand through her hair. "Starting from here, lets make a promise." He told her, letting her cry into his chest. "To protect what we made, with everything we have." His hand slowly dropped to press against her flat stomach. His other hand gently lifted her chin, forcing her to look up at him. "Our bond will never wilt, and we will never let them have us or crush that bond."

Once again he lowered his lips to hers, sealing this promise with a kiss.

Nothing was going to stop them.

[A/N This was orginial meant to be a One-Shot, but I am not sure if I just want to leave it as a one shot, it has potential I think. Anyways, its kind of interesting what happens when you watch to many AMV's and listening to TATU a little to much. What do you think? Should I make this into a story rather then a one shot? Please, don't forget to R/R