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Near Nagasaki, some time before the discovery of the Sun Flower Samurai...

She wrung out her hair as she walked back to the room. She had used the pink ribbon from her obi to crudely tie her kimono shut, she didn't bother with tying the obi, since she fully intended to go to bed as soon as she got to the room. Jin will be asleep, and Mugen will still be out, as usual, she thought. She wasn't too surprised when she saw Mugen in the room. He sat against the screen, head back and eyes half closed. His eyes opened when he heard the rustle of Fuu's kimono.

"Oh, its you," she sneered, irritated by the idea of having to go to sleep alone with him.

"You had a bath?" he said, with a smirk.

"Yeah, you should try it someday."

"I know you were thinking sexy things about me the whole time," he said in a vulgar, suggestive tone.

"As if!" I thought about Jin a little too. "You are such an asshole!" she shrieked, quite upset at his astuteness

"Yep," he said smugly.

Fuu could smell the booze on him from across the small room.

"Ugh, you're drunk!"

"Yep," he repeated, this time his eyes locked on hers, and didn't leave them. Somehow his stare struck her as more impudent than what he had said. It was some seconds before she realized that she was staring right back at him. When she finally broke the stare, he stood with some difficulty, using the frame of the screen to pull himself up. He walked toward her, his intentions becoming apparent.

"Sleep it off you jerk!"

"I've been wantin' to do this for a while," he said with a sly smile.

He threw one hand behind her waist with the all the quickness he displayed when fighting.

"Get your hands off me!" she screamed, but didn't struggle.

He pulled her in, holding her tightly against him. Both her thoughts and heart were racing. I hope my ribbon holds out, if my kimono falls off, there'll be no stopping him. Calm down, he's so drunk, he'll probably pass out before he can do anything that I'll really regret. His other arm reached around the back of her head, pulling her face toward him. Great, my first kiss is going to be with a stinky drunken pirate! Instead of pulling her in for the lustful kiss she expected, he pressed her face against his shoulder and neck.


"Shut up Fuu," he mumbled into her damp hair, still holding her against him, perfectly still. Hah, he was probably going to ram his tongue down my throat, but he is so drunk, he forgot what he was doing, she thought, with her eyes wide open.

She didn't know how long he held her like that, it could have been fifteen seconds or fifteen minutes. She wasn't sure when it was that she closed her eyes and put her arms around him.

"Fuu," he said at full volume, even though his mouth was right next to her ear.

"Yes?" she said, breathlessly.

"I'm going to bed." With that he released her, and walked across the room without a backward glance, fell onto his futon like a tree, and was sound asleep within seconds.

What the hell was that all about? she pondered for a moment, before she whirled around at the sound of a sword being sheathed

Figures he'd be standing in the doorway, as if that wasn't awkward enough!

He stood there for a moment, his eyebrows very slightly raised.

"I heard you scream," he said flatly.

"I-I… We…" Fuu struggled to find an answer to the question written on his face. It would be so much simpler if Jin saw us making out or doing something even naughtier, then the explanation would be easy - Mugen is a pervert with no self-control. She couldn't explain what had just happened, even to herself, let alone Jin.

"It's not what you think!" she blurted out.

Jin gave a very brief, heartless chuckle by exhaling sharply out his nose. Fuu assumed this just meant he didn't believe her, but it was also because he found her explanation so cliché.

He walked past her to his futon. "Its none of my business," he said, without turning. He then inconsiderately put out the only light in the room, leaving Fuu standing alone in the dark.

What is with those guys? It's unlike Jin to be rude and why was his sword drawn? How long was Jin standing there? Did Mugen see him? Could Mugen even see the door from where he was standing?

She imagined the two men looking at each other challengingly, Jin from the door and Mugen from her shoulder. She raised her arms out in front of her, feeling her way to the wall.

No, it couldn't be. Jin just came because he owes his life to me and has to protect me. Mugen probably had every intention of doing nasty things to me, but stopped because Jin was standing there. Yes, I'm sure that's it. After all, Jin is just an honorable guy and Mugen is a pervert with no self-control.

She slowly descended onto her futon.

Or are they?

Five years later they had not changed, though it might have seemed otherwise.