Kay, this is Bodacious Gracious again, but with a new story. This is an old one. I never got to finish it so yeah. This started in 6th grade so it might be a little childish. I added some stuff to it, but other than that, it's been kept the same. So be nice!! Thank yous. Read, Review, Enjoy!

Don't Offer Me Roses.

You need love…

Ino sat down on a stool behind the counter of her family's flower shop. She laid her head on her hands and sighed. It was a boring day; barely anyone came to buy flowers. Maybe two or three people came, but that was just a few. "Argh, why couldn't we have had a restaurant or something?" Ino sighed and mumbled, "It would have drawn more customers than this measly flower shop."

An hour passed and Ino was asleep. Luckily, no one had come. Suddenly, the door opened, making the bell ring. Ding. This woke up Ino from her comfortable sleep.

"Huh? Wha-?" she stammered, raising her head. She turned to the person that had just come in and said, "How may I help you?" Her eyes widened when she saw it was Uchiha Sasuke, Konoha's greatest heartthrob, according to his maniacal fan girls.

He approached her with an unreadable expression on his pretty boy face.

"I need a dozen roses please," he said with a flat tone. 'Roses?' Ino thought, 'I wonder what he wants with a dozen roses.'

"Right away," was her only reply as she was getting out from behind the counter. Sasuke watched her as she went in the back and searched for the roses under that mob of other flowers.

"Ugh! Man, I should've put them in the front. It's been a while since anyone bought any roses," she mumbled to herself through the rows of flowers.

"Ah ha!" she cried in satisfaction, "Here they are!" Sasuke couldn't see her now, since she was hidden behind the plants, but her voice was clearly heard, "What color?!"

Sasuke thought for a moment. The yellow rose meant hate or jealousy; of course he didn't want that. The red rose meant love, which was the meaning he wanted.

"Red," he called back to her.

"Okay, she said, "Ouch! Darn it! You stupid thorns!" Sasuke could tell that she was having some difficulty with the roses' thorns. Ino appeared from behind the wall of flowers, carrying a dozen roses with a cut hand.

"Ah…" Ino groaned, "Darn it." She walked back to the counter, observing her cut hand. She set the flowers down on the counter and took a wet cloth and wiped away the blood.

She put the bloody cloth aside and turned back to Sasuke, "What color wrapper would you like?"

"Red," he replied. Ino took a red roll of wrapping paper and cut it into a size that was needed. She wrapped it around the dozen roses and tied a ribbon at the end.

"Here you go," Ino handed it to him and took the money he held out.

"Thanks," he said, turning around and walking towards the door. He was halfway out the door when Ino suddenly blurted out, "Have a nice day!"

Sasuke turned his head ober his shoulder and saw Ino with a smile on her face. Sasuke half smirked, half smiled at her.



A few days later…

Ino sped out of her family's flower shop in panic. Her legs went as fast as they could go. She was in a search for someone- Sasuke. Word had spread that he was going to leave Konoha and move to Sound with Orochimaru.

The whole village had plunged into confusion. Why? Why was he going to leave? Is it to stop a war from happening? Or is he going on his own accord? Regardless of what his reason was, Ino was going to do everything she could to stop him.

Her leg went faster and faster, at the thought of what was going to happen. 'Why?! What in the world is he leaving for?!' she repeated this over and over again in her head, trying to come up with a reasonable answer.

She ran around the whole village, searching every corner and inch. After a while of scavenging, she could find nothing. She even tried to find Sakura, but she was nowhere to be found either.

"I'm sorry, Ino," Sakura's mother had said to her when Ino knocked on the door, "Sakura isn't home right now. And I don't know where she is. Oh, I hope she's all right."

'She probably went after Sasuke,' Ino though as she ran. She didn't know why, but she had a feeling she just had to go check the park.

This was very typical of Sakura to after Sasuke. Everyone knows that she has a huge crush on him. She was a stupid girl to end a friendship over just some boy.

Ino passed the Uchiha estate along the way to the park. She stopped and stared at the house; it looked dull and dead. No wonder Sasuke was suck a dark and mysterious kid. The place looked like a graveyard.

Ino slowly walked towards the house, the gate was open, and so she went in. The windows were open, revealing dark rooms inside. The curtains blew and shutters banged against the wall as the wind pushed them.

She approached the door, which was closed, and looked at the yard. It was full of weeds and dead trees' barks were peeling bit by bit. There were no flowers to be seen.

'Not much of a gardening person is he?' Ino thought. Then something caught the corner of her eye. She turned and saw the flowers Ino had sold to Sasuke a few days ago: the red roses. It was in a pot filled with water and it was laid against the wall right next to the door.

Ino stared as she slowly approached it. 'So this is why Sasuke bought these roses,' she thought, 'To say good-bye to this place. Oh, I wish I had known that before I gave him these flowers.' She picked two of the best roses in the bunch and ran out the gate to continue her search.

Ino entered the park with slight hesitation. A knot has been forming in her stomach. "He's here, he's here," she whispered to herself as the wind blew against her, "I can feel it. I just have to follow this path." It was true; she had a gut feeling in the back of her mind, deep into her psych.

Her slow walk turned into a jog, then a run. She squeezed her hand that held the roses. Blood seeped from it, but she didn't seem to care. All she cared about was to find Sasuke and stop him.

Sure enough, after running down the path for a couple of moments, a figure of a person started to form under the shadows of the trees. Her legs went faster when she could make-out the figure. 'Sasuke!!' she screamed in her head.

"As she got closer, she could see that Sasuke had his back to her and was about to leave when he heard footsteps. He turned around and saw Ino a few feet away, panting. "Sasuke."

"Ino looked down and saw a body sprawled on the floor- Sakura.

"Sakura!" Ino gasped at the sight, "What'd you to her?!"

"Don't worry," Sasuke said flatly, looking at Ino, "She's out cold. I only knocked her out."

"And you were just going to leave her here?!" She shrieked with a disgusted look on her face. Sasuke just shrugged and looked away.

"You're here now, so you can just take her," Sasuke muttered. There was an awkward silence between them. They stood there, facing each other, Sakura lying on the floor.

After a few more moments, Ino said, "Why are you leaving?" Her voice was hoarse and shaking, tears started to form in her sky blue eyes. She couldn't believe that her first love was leaving her forever. It was just too hard to bear with.

Sasuke watched her carefully; another heart he was going to break. "That's none of your business," he said darkly.

"'None of my business' eh?" Ino said, "It's because I'm not important isn't it? It's only for the important people to know, like the Hokage." She had a mockery touch to her voice, "I'm just a member of the Yamanaka clan. A family not noble enough for you superior clans. A family of nothing."

Sasuke winced, "That's not what I meant." The girl has to exaggerate everything to make things seem worse. 'At least you have a family to stay with,' he wanted to yell at her.

"Then what is it?!" Ino asked, starting to cry. Tears fell from her eyes and down her cheeks, but her voice was now steady and bold.

"I told you it's none of your business," Sasuke said more darkly than usual, "You're in no place to know." Ino didn't say anything. Another awkward silence…

After a few moments, Sasuke turned around and started to walk away. Ino stood there staring at his back. 'He just needs a little love,' Ino thought, thinking his reason was because he felt that he didn't belong here…wrong. (You know why.) It seemed so ridiculous, but it was the only thing her distraught mind could come up with.

Ino ran up to him and held out the two roses, "Here, you need these." Sasuke stopped and faced her. He saw the two flowers and stared at them. 'These' meaning 'Red roses' and 'Red roses' meaning 'Love'.

"I need 'love'?" he wondered out loud.

"Uh-huh," Ino smiled at him with satisfaction that he had figured out her little puzzle.

Sasuke took his hand and swatted the roses out of Ino's hand. She stared at him in horror.

"Then don't offer me roses," he said, monotone. He continued his way on.

'Then don't offer me roses,' he had said. In other words… 'Don't offer me love.'


So what do you think? Please keep in mind that I wrote this back in 6th grade so it isn't that…good. Lol This will probably end up a two-shot so yeah…Thanks for reading! BodaciousGracious.