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Don't Offer Me Roses.

Three Years later…

Ino sighed and laid her head down on the counter. 'Damn! This is so boring,' she thought as she slammed her fist on her knee. 'I should be training with Shika and Chouji.' Ino's father was out on a mission and her mother was out taking care of a friend's kids because, they too, went on a mission. So Ino was all alone and was stuck taking care of the shop.

"No one ever comes to buy flowers anymore," Ino muttered in disgust, "The only reason these days is because of a damn funeral." The door opened and in came non-other than Kiba. "Hey, Ino! Did you hear?" Akamaru barked from outside, since he was way too big to get in. "Did I hear what?" Ino said, boringly.

"Sasuke," Kiba paused, "Naruto and Sakura brought him back!" It looked like he was excited. Ino huffed, "So?" She was still angry at him for swatting those beautiful flowers. From that moment back then, he was an enemy and Ino couldn't get her head around how much she hated him. "So…aren't you…happy..? Everyone is, especially his fan girls," Kiba chuckled. "Yeah, everybody but me," Ino sighed and laid back on the wall.

Akamaru barked. Kiba looked at Ino with a confused look, before saying, "Well, Ino, I have to go, Tsunade-sama wants me. So see you later." "Yeah, whatever, bye," she said, examining her nails. Kiba ran out the door and shut it right behind him.

"Sasuke's back, eh?" Ino said to herself, her voice and face softened. "Hm…I wonder…"


Sasuke sat on one of the park benches. The wind was mild, but even so, it felt like a storm to him. After being dragged back here to Konoha, he was immediately interrogated. He was put through vigorous tests, and was forced to sign a 'vow' to never make contact or be involved in anything involving Sound. He was like a baby in a crib.

A trace justu was set on his mark. So if it broke the seal again, it would immediately alarm ANBU personnel. This was convenient because the seal will only break if Sasuke was in intense combat. Tsunade had it all figured put this time.

Sasuke sat there in silence, not thinking or looking at anything in particular. Just sitting there, that was all he was doing. He folded his arms and thought about everything that had happened to him. He's seen so much, experienced the horrors his 'friends' would never understand. All of that was because of Orochimaru. He regretted joining him, and that was the main thing that made everyone forgive him.

Maybe he should've accepted those roses after all.

That's when he thought of Ino. He smirked the thought of her pathetic attempt. 'Roses,' he thought, 'Love'. That was, after all, what she was trying to give him. It was a mistake for him to deny. Or, so he thought. Sasuke stared at the trees, eyes riveted as he said what something he genuinely smiled to, "…I wonder if the offer hasn't expired yet?"

He heard someone coming. The footsteps weren't rushing, they were…content, patient. A figure of a girl emerged from the shadows of the trees. Ino. She was prettier than the memory he had of her. Her hair was as gold as ever, and her eyes. Oh, her eyes. Blue as the never-ending sky. She was still wearing purple, not a surprise.

"Hey," she said, a little smile creeping over her face, "Sasuke."

He turned his head away from her and stared straight ahead, "Hey." He was embarrassed of seeing her. So he decided to play it cool.

"Remember this place?" Ino asked her hands behind her back. She looked around the trees and bushes, then right back to Sasuke, who remained motionless.

"This was the place where you rudely smacked those roses out of my hand," she chuckled bitterly. Sasuke looked sideways at her. "Yeah, so? To think that you'd hate me for that," he said, with the same bitterness in his voice. She laughed. She actually laughed.

"No," she said as her laugh was reduced to giggling, "I don't hate you for that. More like despise, loathe, or detest." Sasuke flinched. Those words pierced through him like a knife.

"Is that the whole reason why you came here?" he said, anger boiling, "To tell me that?" He was staring at her now, glaring like a disturbed dog. Ino kept her innocent face, ignoring his glare. She only smiled at him.

"No," she said, chuckling and shaking her head. She approached and stood in front of him.

"Now let's try this again," she said so sweetly that Sasuke felt like he was going to melt.

"You need these," she said, holding out two roses.

Sasuke didn't know what to say. He felt his blood rush through his head. But he got her drift.

"I need 'love'?" he said in a low voice, repeating what he had said three years ago on the very spot.

"Uh-huh," Ino smiled, remembering too.

Sasuke stood up, gently took the roses and hesitantly hugged her.

She hugged back, he smiled.

"Thank you."


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