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Summary: Sodapop does everything in his power to get Ponyboy back to his old self, but along the way finds more than just brotherly love.

Sodapop's POV

It's been what? 3 or 4 months since Johnny and Dally died. Poor Ponyboy has been in a slump since. I've done mostly everything in my power to try and cheer him up, but he just wont budge. His grade's been slipping, and he has not eaten much or slept for weeks. Darry & I are really worried about him. Even Steve & Two-Bit are worried about him. I want my old Ponyboy back. The Pony that was always happy and always had something to say. The Ponyboy that looked up to me and Darry...

Darry would sometimes let Ponyboy stay home from school, and let Two-Bit bring home his homework. Ponyboy wouldn't do it though. He would just stare at it, not caring much. It's what he has been doing for awhile now, since Johnny and Dally died. Pony would just find a nice spot somewhere in the house, sit perfectly still and get so lost in his thoughts. Sometimes even cry out of nowhere. He wouldn't talk to no one. Not even me, his brother. Darry called in his
school consoler and she said something about a deep depression. Whatever that is..

Maybe I should go in the room and try to talk to him, I thought.

I walked into our room, silently closing the door behind me. The room was dark and Ponyboy was laying on the bed, his back to me. I felt a stabbing pain in my heart as I heard the sobs that were escaping from Pony's lips, and echoing around quiet the room.

"Ponyboy..?" I stammered.

He stopped sobbing. There was a long silence.

"Pone...Darry just made some chocolate cake, it's your favorite..why don't go in the kitchen and have a bite?"

More silence. I coulnt stant it.

"Do you wanna watch some TV? Maybe a movie?" I said. I was running out of things to say, NOTHING was getting to him!

Feeling defeated, I sighed and walked out of the room closing the door slowly and silently.

I stood against the door and stayed quiet for a moment, listening intently.

Ponyboy went on crying and sobbing.

I felt something warm streaming down face. Great, now im crying.

I jumped as I felt a hand grasped my shoulder. I turned around.

"Hey..how is he? Is he okay?" Darry asked. I sensed the concern and sorriness in his voice. I quickly wiped off my tears.

"Damnit Darry don't scare me like that! And no..he still wont talk and usually he always talks! Especially to me!" I cried.

"Calm down Pepsi-Cola. We just have to give it time like t-"

"Fuck what the consoler said! It's been weeks and to me he is getting worse!" I shouted, which was not a smart idea since I was near the room Pony was in and my shouting caused him to cry harder.

"Watch your language Soda! Just go get sleep now, take your mind off of this." Darry calmly replied.

He was right. I needed sleep and tons of it. Thank god I have the day off tomorrow.

"Alright...g'night." I said walking to bedroom.

I walked in and took off my shoes, jeans, and plaid shirt. I climbed into bed and it was around then I noticed Ponyboy was'nt't crying anymore. I looked over and saw him still awake, kinda sleepy.

"Ya Cold Pony?" I asked him.

He didn't say a word. I didn't care if he cold or not, I just put my arm over his body and held him tightly.

"Ponyboy..if you can hear me, I just want you to know that I love you and I care a lot for you. Ill do whatever it takes to get a big smile on your face. I promise you that."

Ponyboy just fell asleep, but I knew he heard every word I said.

'I promise' I thought to myself and I pulled the covers over me and quickly fell into a slumber.

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