This is all she knows. It is these three simple facts that make all the difference. Bella loves Jacob. Addiction ends when one is no longer human enough to feel the strength of the drug. She has made the worst mistake ever.

This is all he knows. It is these three simple facts that make him wish he hadn't let Bella hold him out of the sun in Volterra. Bella loves Jacob. Addiction ends when the blood stops flowing, and therefore, singing. He has taken away any chance for her happiness.

This is all he knows. It is these three simple facts that tear his insides apart and leave him bleeding. Bella loves him, and he loves her. Her smell repulses him so much that his entire body is calling out for her end. She is no longer allowed past the boundary line and the Cullens have broken the treaty.

"You were supposed to call first," Jacob accuses.

He takes her in. Her eyes are amber, skin hardened. She breaths only because she has not learned how to stop yet. She is on her knees at the edge of the boundary line. She cannot cry, tears do not come for the cold ones. Yet, she pleads with him without words. He can see the love for him in her eyes. She knows how much she is fighting the musty smell in her nose. Her sweetness makes him want to puke.

Her face falls at his words.

"I'm sorry. Do you want to see me, Jacob," she asks with a voice full of misplaced hope.

"No," he says with a coldness that could rival any leech. "No, because seeing you hurts more than living my life without you. No, because now I feel more dead inside than you ever could. No, because you're a bloodsucker and my very essence is telling me to tear you to shreds when all I want is to kiss you. No, I'd rather never see you again. This was your choice, Bells, honey."

Bella fell back to sit on her legs, pushed over from the force of his words. She wishes she could cry now more than she's ever wanted to before. The tears will never come.

Jacob walks away, deep into La Push, never even looking over his shoulder.

It is now that Bella notices the other two wolves watching from the shadows. They were making sure that she didn't cross over into their territory, or were they protecting Jacob.

She saw their eyes. Their eyes that once laughed with her. Their eyes that were now so full of hate and disgust at her being. She fell deeper into herself.

She began mumbling to herself, but knew full well that the two could hear her. She knew that as soon as they and Jacob had shifted, that Jacob, too, would hear her words.

"Forgive me, Jacob, for I have sinned."

She looked up into the two pairs of eyes and raised one hand above her head as if it were high school and she was waiting for the teacher to call on her. She heard the low growls of the two of them as they stepped forward. Paul and Jared, she recognized, how fitting. With one last glance directly into both their eyes, she lowered her hand.

Human eyes could not have seen the speed of her hand. Human eyes could not have seen the speed of the transformation of the two werewolves. Her hand was effectively across the boundary line when she had slammed it to the earth. Her last visual was two wolves barreling towards her. She ignored the pain and let them do as they wished to her body and felt herself being torn apart, piece by piece. The pain seemed minimal compared to what she felt inside and what she had done to Jacob. This was the coward's punishment, she decided.

With one last cry to Jacob, one last image of him in her mind, everything faded to black and she learned that Edward had been right, he had stole her soul.