The Gift of Diablo Azul

The Gift of Diablo Azul

Author's Note: Well, this is NOT something like I'd normally write. Not in the LEAST. No, I'm a firm believer that los chicos de Los Luchadores are straight as sticks. However, my friend James and I were talking about shonen-ai, and I mentioned something about Taito versus Lobo x Turbine. And we were in agreeance that Lobo x Turbine would be better than Taito is (though, I assure you, I love taito). So I agreed to write a little Lobo x Turbine for him. I was gonna write a lime, but it's too late for that, so I slapped together this. Enjoy! Oh, and a special thanks to Jamesy for inspiring this.

"Goodnight, Ramon."

 "Goodnight, my friends. I am glad that that was taken care of."

 Ramon drove off.

 "Well, I'm going to bed. Goodnight, everyone."

 "Yeah… me too. Goodnight, guys."

 Maria and Laurant each started toward their separate rooms.

 "Now, Efe… what happened?"

 "You looked and the mask and put it on… you were posessed by Diablo Azul, made Maria and two others your slaves, and tried to raise the dead. You… you almost lost your soul to him, Turbine."

 Lobo walked into the next room.

 Turbine followed. "Is… something wrong?"

 "We came so close to losing you, Turbine… so very close."


 "You do not remember? Diablo Azul consumes the soul of those whom he possesses. We got to the theif with time to spare… but it was almost too late for you."

 "I'm sorry I put it on."

 Lobo sat down and sighed.

 "Hey… I'm here now, ain't I?"

 "Yes… but … what if we hadn't? I… I…."

 "You'd be crushed. Because unlike some other people around here you have a heart."

  Turbine sighed and sat down with Lobo.

 A strange look appeared in Lobo's eye. "Maria?"

 "She's so.. so…"

 "… Cold?"

 "Yeah. The only chicks that aren't like that to me are like… jailbait. It's almost enough to make me give up on women."

 Lobo out the window.

 "I'm sorry to worry you guys like that, with the whole possession and all. .. Did I hurt anyone?"

 "No, no physical harm came to anyone as a result of your actions." Lobo sighed.

 "I'm sorry Lobo… what kind of stuff did I do?"

 Lobo closed his eyes. He was beginning to sound choked up. "Laurant said the only way to stop Diablo was to shoot you through the heart with an arrow."

 "Oh… my.."

 "And I didn't because I care about you too much…"


 "I love you, Turbine… I couldn't do that to you."

 "You're a good friend…"

 Lobo whimpered and stared ahead of him. There were tears running down on his mask.

 "But you didn't mean platonically, did you?"

 "Sí, Turbine… I did not."

 Turbine blushed. "Oh… wow… uh.. I… I finally heard what I've been waiting for…"

 "You… did?"

 "Yeah. Efe. I love you too."

 Turbine wrapped Lobo in a hug. He gave Lobo a quick kiss on the cheek.

 "Let me take my mask off, Turbine…"