Hi everyone - after all these years I have decided to go back and edit/rewrite this story to see how good I can make it. The story line is still mostly the same, and I will be working on it in between uni classes and assignments. Hopefully I may actually finish it this time. Thank you for your support over the years and I hope you like it! Moon-Goddessxx

Disclaimer: not Tamora Pierce

Chapter One – New Hope

Kel paced inside the walls of New Hope. Everyone had tried to tell her at one point or another that pacing didn't really help anything, but she was quite sure it did. When Kel and Neal had returned from Steadfast, Raoul and his new wife Buri and Neal's betrothed Yuki had also come with them. Neal and Yuki were planning to get married at New Hope in a few weeks when they were able to plan a ceremony. Whereas Raoul and Buri wanted some quiet time that wasn't too far away from the front lines in case they were needed.

As she paced, Kel also thought of a certain blue-eyed sergeant. The week they had spent in Steadfast seemed like a dream now. They had managed to talk to each other for rather prolonged amounts of time with no interruptions for a change. They talked about their childhoods, about commanding, different events that had happened over the years. The whole time avoiding the war, and avoiding the entire topic of Scanra, the Nothing Man, and the killing devices. For that short week, they had managed to fool themselves into some sort of normalcy, and Kel was almost certain that the easy going companionship they had shared would not be easy to regain.

When Kel's party had left Steadfast for New Hope, Dom's squad had been dispatched for some errand or another and Kel was unsure how she felt about the blue-eyed sergeant in the slightest.

3 Days Later

The horn sounded the call for friends and Kel tried her absolute best not to run for the gates to see who the new arrivals were. She continued her rounds of New Hope, talking to everyone she came across and taking note of anything that needed to be attended to.

Shortly afterwards, Dom was hurrying a small red-haired child through what was beginning to resemble streets, of New Hope. "Come on Silvia, let's go find your Mama!" Dom smiled down at the little girl, except for her hair she was the spitting image of Kel, he could not help but think of how surprised she would be to finally see her baby girl after so long apart.

"Uncle Dommy! Over there!" Silvia pointed to the stables.

Dom looked up and saw that she had indeed found her mother, even though she had barely seen her in the past year. Again, it struck Dom how the two resembled each other. When Silvia looked up at him, with her hazel eyes framed by ridiculously long lashes and smiled, he could not help but notice that her smile was the same Gods blessed smile as her mothers.