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Bardock's Revenge

Bardock tread across the snow and ice, keeping his advisors armor for this specific purpose. The long dark cape kept him fairly warm and borderline sane. Why was he here in such in desolate place? Supposedly this is the last whereabouts of the wizard Babibi. The one that was partially responsible for turning Kakarot into what he was. Swearing that he'd eventually avenge his youngest son once he set order back into the Milky Way.

Having all ready done most of that, set out for this mission on his own.

Fueled by vengeance Bardock continued on through the blizzard. In a way wishing he still possessed his ESP to find the prick a lot faster. It was difficult at first. Like working with a lost limb ever since Turles wished him back to life with the Dragon Balls. But like a dream he remembered his experience in the afterlife. Promising Kakarot that he would stop Babidi from using anyone else the same way he used him. Even if it took all eternity Bardock would hunt down the wizard like the dog that he was.

Then he saw someone he hadn't seen in a long time wearing an orange Gi. But that would be impossible! Goku returned to his reality, after fulfilling Bardock's plea for help. Yet that's what he saw before his eyes wondering if he truly was going insane from the cold. He ignored the figure until he was face to face with him. Giving Bardock that same pitied look he did before he left.

"Are you ever going to put to rest this quest for vengeance?" Goku asked.

Walking passed him he swore he heard Goku's footsteps following him. "I don't have time for this nonsense." Bardock said to the illusion.

"What will you get out of this Bardock…Father?" said the illusionary Goku as his feet seemed to crunch the snow under him, "Killing Babidi won't bring Kakarot back. It's not worth killing yourself over trying to look for someone who may be dead all ready."

"This isn't about bringing Kakarot back Goku!" Bardock said responding to the illusion not caring if it was a fake. Having something to talk to was better than nothing. "This is about stopping him from doing this to anyone else. Through Kakarot Babibi nearly took over the universe. Not all of it was his fault and no one should have to go through that. I don't really expect you to understand. You've never actually taken revenge for anyone."

For being frozen almost to the bone, Bardock kept his words leveled and focused. He was man on a mission.

Then finally stopped walking, waiting for anyone to crash into his back, when none did he glanced around and saw he was alone, again.

Shaking his head he continued on. Trying his scouter for a compass direction he found several power levels clustered to the area he was headed for, due east. Glad his scouter didn't fail in sub-zero temperatures.

As much as his body wanted to give out he pressed on further until the blanket of the white blizzard went dark. Suddenly in the darkness he saw a flame, realizing he had been lying down sat up. Glad he could feel the ground underneath him as well as all his limbs. Taking a glance at his surrounding finding he was deep underground in a cavern and not alone. The other was shrouded in clothing revealing only their eyes yet, they were alien having a lavender pigment.

Smart to be completely covered in this weather.

"It's not very wise to venture out into such a climate without proper attire..." Said a gentle patient voice, yet it was difficult to tell their gender, "Bardock."

"I take it we've met somewhere before?" Bardock asked dryly.

"No. We've never met until I found you passed out from the frigid temperatures. It's only common courtesy to help out other's in need." Then finally turned to Bardock, "Are you sure you are headed down the right path?"

Bardock set his forehead in his hand, really wishing he still had the ESP. It'd be a lot easier to tell who or what this person was. Clearly they were a Telepath, or he was just jumping to conclusions.

"I'm sure of it," said Bardock, "unless if the information I received was another dud."

"Highly unlikely, but how do you know?" then added more to keep a conversation going, "Just from one traveler to another."

"It's personal. I wouldn't expect you to understand."

"The path of vengeance is a dark one. One would almost say it's a weakness any one could tap into. I've seen countless people fall into this trap. Is it hatred that drives you, or love?"

"You're prying into things you have no business in." Bardock said in his threateningly low voice.

The person got up, "Pardon, I didn't mean anything by it." They kept their voice leveled, "But how many planets have you searched before this one?"


"Hmm… Just so you know the person you've been searching for is here on this planet." They turned their back on Bardock earning his scowl, "But be weary, countless others have tried and failed. As frail as Babidi is he doesn't need strength. You have been warned." They began walking off.

"Wait!" Bardock got to his feet a tad dizzy, "A name?"

"The only name that I have," They glanced over their shoulder, "Shin."

"Shin?" Bardock asked putting it to memory.

"Strange, that I should help you to shelter, only to help you a second time in getting you closer to your destination. Farewell Bardock. May the next time we meet…you are still yourself." With that Shin walked off in the direction of the caverns exit.

There was that old feeling Bardock got when he felt he was being watched and glance around alarmed… nothing. Shaking off the paranoia he flew off in the opposite direction, delving deeper into the cavern.


"This one seems the most promising…"


"What the hell did he mean frail but doesn't need strength?" Bardock asked himself landing before coming to a cavernous pit falling strait down. Seems my luck has finally caught up to me, he thought. Crouching near the edge Bardock saw dozens of people below as well as a ship.

Checking the scouter this confirmed all the power levels he read earlier were now below his feet.

"An impressive collection, wouldn't you say?" Bardock turned, startled to see a different cricket, "MIND CRUSH!"

The very attack Bardock created was used against him, plunging off the edge and crying out in pain. His very worst memories resurfaced in flashes, leaving him stunned. Coming around with the ground coming in and fast, with cat like reflexes landed on his feet. Fortunately all those years of training kicked in as he was now getting attacked from all areas. Holding his own fairly well, until he slipped up getting a kick to his lower back, and punched to the gut that knocked him into the wall behind him.

Unaware that one of the Black Star Dragon Balls Bardock had been carrying fell, rolling off.

Getting picked by another, "Move aside, and let me see what little rodent flew into our net." The right cricket walked up, Babidi, momentarily surprised, "You!" He scowled.

Once Bardock's saw that asshole emerge from the crowd his blood boiled at the sight of Kakarot's killer. He lost control going into a fit of rage. Struggling to set himself free from an unknown force that kept him pinned to the wall.

The other cricket drifted down by the other's side with eyes glowing a hellish purple. It made only a little sense how he was restrained to the wall, "Amazing, even the sub-zero temperatures were not enough to stop him."

Babidi hummed lifting the Black four-star Dragon Ball. Staring into it like a crystal ball seeing Bardock's dark past. A malicious smile played across his face watching with glee. Bardock and his team killing on a planetary scale, all the way through to when he and Kakarot took the plunge into their watery graves. Bardock's surviving and vowing vengeance. Babidi slowly lowered the ball with smirk, he'd always wondered how the King of all Saiyans died.

"Real shame, in the end he truly was weak. It was through that Saiyan I nearly held the universe in my grasp. But like so many before him he can easily be replace. Oh well mere garbage." Babibi's smirk stretched to an all out grin seeing the fiery rage in Bardock's eyes. "Yes, I believe I can use this." He turned to the ship.

It pissed him off even more that Kakarot didn't even matter to Babidi.

The other released Bardock, "Bring him here!" A handful of men forced Bardock to his knees with a great deal of difficulty. "He can be very useful. Wonder if he is a blood relative? I, Bibidi, just might be able to continue my conquest of the universe. Depending, if he's just as strong a fighter…" he held his hand over Bardock's forehead and began chanting in a language tongue.

It was a big mistake to put a pissed off Saiyan so close.

He could feel Bibidi tap into the rage inside him, almost raising it to its peak. Trembling like a high off of it, involuntarily raising his ki. The 'M' was being placed on him as the Wizard gained control. Bardock's hate for Babidi flaring and at last second, however, before being completely consumed remembered…

Kakarot turned away from Bardock disappointed that he would be abandoned again, "I really should be used to this."…

Bardock took control, raising his ki on his own going Super Saiyan. Something he hadn't done since Kakarot's death. The force from the sudden rise blasted the guys restraining him, off. Reaching out for Bibidi he was sure to have covered his mouth., gagging him so he could no longer recite the spell. Babidi, the little coward tried running off SSBardock got him around the neck dropping the Dragon ball.

Bringing them both face to face with him, "Burn in Hell…" SSBardock threateningly lowered his voice, "this is just sweet mercy compared to what Kakarot's going to do to you for Eternity!"

Babibi's little limbs flailed panicking and loosened Bardock's grip enough to squeak, "Get-him!"

SSBardock threw Bibidi over the shoulder at the oncoming fighters they collected. He couldn't believe the number of fighters they had! Once Bibidi's head came in contact with the first SSBardock blasted them out of existence…within this plain.

Still holding on to the squeaking wizard, SSBardock fought off the rest. There were so many yet he still tried sparing them, knocking most unconscious. Once everyone was down brought the wizard up to face him again, "Please have mercy!" He squealed.

"MERCY!" SSBardock yelled, "If this weren't a promise to my son to stop you I would…" SSBardock said tossing Babidi up and disintegrating the little guy.

Taking a breath to relish in his revenge, Bardock powered down… but it just seemed… so… empty. Kakarot was still gone… yes, that's right, Kakarot… this was for him. "Rest easy Kakarot…" Bardock whispered, "no one else will suffer what you had to go through anymore." Bardock took comfort in that.

The 'M' left Bardock's skin in a purple vapor.

Hearing a clatter of rock Bardock swiftly turned to its source. It was Shin.

"I can see you've finally succeeded." He said lightly nudging the nearest downed guy with his foot. "Odd. I was told that Saiyans left no survivors."

"What the hell do you want now?"

Shin narrowed his eyes at the rude tone of voice, "More like what do you want Bardock?"

"You're not just some traveler are you Shin?" Bardock said retrieving the Dragon Ball from the ground.

His eyes turned into crescents, "I can see I've underestimated you." Shin threw his shroud off revealing himself as a purple being with a platinum colored Mohawk, and dressy clothing. "Truth is, like you I've been on Babidi's trail for a while now. I was sure once he was finished here he'd head off to another planet. Forgive me," He bowed, "honestly I thought Babidi had you. How is it that you Saiyans can't be controlled by such?"

"Our pride," Bardock said.

"Strange." Shin took this to memory before realizing, "My I've been rude, I haven't formally introduced myself. I am the Supreme Kai, Shin."

"Well, I was the Advisor to the King of all Saiyans…" Bardock shrugged.

"Yes, well I still plan on going to the planet they were heading to. Seeing I've underestimated you more than once I can see know you just might be strong enough. You have every right to decline."

"Get on with it!" Bardock was loosing his patients.

"I need to get to get to Earth to take care of some business and it also happens to be the planet," He pointed, "where you can find out everything you need about the Dragon Balls."

"You know this how?" Bardock asked. It just seemed to convenient.

Shin was taken aback, "Do you not know what a Kai does?" He saw Bardock rasie a confused eyebrow, getting a sigh from the Supreme Kai, "We are guardians, for lack a better meaning Gods."

"Sure." He said not believing him and walking up to Shin, "Why Earth?"

"I'll show you." Shin grabbed a hold on Bardock's elbow before disappearing.

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