This isn't an update, the story is finished, but I thought those of you who read my Harry Potter fanfic and are still watching this fic through favorites or alerts would like to know that I'm co-hosting an online radio show at BlogTalkRadio called Femslash4Fans about femslash in the Harry Potter fandom.

My co-host will be Allaine and the guests are D. Geheimnis, author of Aucune Defense Pour Toi, an alternate version of my own fanfic No Defense For You (a far better version imho), and RedBearGrl, author of A Dragon's Tale and many other great Harry Potter fics.

The show will be airing at 10 pm EST on January 6th and you can listen to it live at BlogTalkRadio. Hyperlinking doesn't work on fanfiction/net entries so I can't give you the web address here. Just go to the BlogTalkRadio website and do a search for Femslash4Fans or Allaine and the show will pop up. If you can't listen live you can download it online at the site or through the iTunes podcast. I hope you'll listen and/or call in to ask me or the guests some questions or just to talk about the fabulousness of Harry Potter femslash!