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Hot breath.

Let me steal this moment from you now…

Smooth against her neck and made her shiver. Her mind was playing tricks on her, spinning into this insane world of bright colours and gore. Everything kept jumping out at her but was never really there and suddenly it was Simon's funeral except darker. Rain pelting down through cracks and gaping holes in the old roof and melting away sad faces to form ghoulish stares and dripping eyes and gnashing teeth, flesh seeping blood, coating the church in a thick layer of red. Her throat was constricting as she struggled to breathe, the air becoming thick with fear. All the creatures attacking each other in harsh speed of terror, tearing at each other and smearing their fates across it all. She looked down to see blood on her hands, making her stumble backwards and force down the contents of her stomach. The church was now spinning, being goaded on by the stench of blood filling her senses as it made its way into her nose and down her throat, sending her into a swaying motion, making it impossible to focus on one thing as she fell without ever hitting the ground but not going any lower.

And then she saw him.


Staggering towards her; bloodstained shirt and panic white skin. He was mumbling, telling her to run but she couldn't. She couldn't move, couldn't leave; stuck in a spinning vortex which seemed to be going at break neck speeds but slow at the same time. The blood was spattering, covering her in small blots as she began to come to a stop. Elliot stood for a moment, sheer terror on his face before a shot fired, the bullet passing straight through and ricocheting off a stone wall. Elliot fell to his knees as blood pored from the gaping whole in his chest.

"Goodbye Olivia." He whispered, the world pausing for a single moment as if to recognize the eerie calm before the storm.


Be running up that hill…

The huge blast echoed through the church but nothing moved other than a slight tremor until a second blast sounded and rich life coated everything and a shrilling scream resonated through the black-red mess.

Olivia's scream.


Elliot's eyes shot open at the sound of Olivia's scream shattering his ear.

She shot up panting, her chest heaving with the effort to force oxygen into her lungs, her throat quickly became tight as her chest constricted and she began coughing.

And I'd get him to swap our places…

"Shhhh, Livvy, calm down, it was just a nightmare." Elliot whispered, his hand resting on her lower back.

Flashes of her nightmare cursed her vision when she blinked; increasing her heart rate and making it impossible to focus on what was reality.

Elliot sat up and touched Olivia's shoulder. She turned to him, her eyes full of terror. His gaze shook her awake and her shocked silence broke into sobs. Her cries were short as she gasped for air, tears spilling down her cheeks as her hands pressed to the sides of her face; her thumbs under her ears as her fingers framed her forehead, the tips overlapping.

With no problems…

Elliot pulled Olivia to him and lay back down, holding her gently against him. Olivia's hands fell to cover her face as she cried; her knee's bent the slightest bit and pressed against Elliot's, needing as much contact with him as possible.

Elliot had one arm acting as a pillow for Olivia, resting under her head as his hand played with her hair. His other arm was holding her close to him, rubbing her back up and down, up and down; his fingers gently working out her tension.

And if I only could…

Elliot stayed quiet and let Olivia cry. Simon's death had been rough on her. Every time she thought she had something solid in her life, someone who could love her unconditionally because they shared the same blood they were taken away. He wasn't going to pressure her into telling him what her dream was about, what had upset her so much that he was holding her as she cried but he would listen when she was ready.

Olivia's sobs slowed after a bit a soon she was silent as tears continued to run down her cheeks. Elliot's hands were calming, hot on her skin as they slid under the fabric, through the gap in her gown but she needed more, she needed to feel him, all of him, know that he was there. She needed something stronger.


Olivia looked up at Elliot, holding his serene blue gaze before closing her eyes and gently brushing her lips against his. Elliot let their lips linger for a moment before pulling back slowly, realizing he couldn't take advantage of Olivia when she was feeling so vulnerable.

"Liv, we can't-" Elliot was quickly cut off by Olivia's lips being pressed back against his, fire immediately sparking between them.

You and me…

He had no time to try and get his brain to form a coherent thought before she had gracefully slipped her tongue between his parted lips and was dueling with his own.

His mind finally caught up with his body and he quickly realised what they were doing. Once again he pulled back and looked into Olivia's watery eyes.

"Liv, we can't do this." He whispered.

"Elliot, please." Olivia replied in a hushed voice, blinking back some already rebellious tears as a few rolled down her cheeks.

"Liv…" Elliot gently stroked her cheek and brushed away a few of the tears.

"Please Elliot, I need this. I need to feel you. I need to feel alive. Please…" Olivia choked back a sob as she fought for a stronger voice of reason to kick in but not receiving any help from her common sense.

Elliot could see it, he could see the want and the terror as well as the need clearly dancing in her eyes. She didn't need him to feed her urges; she needed him to make her feel, to help her forget even for just a moment.

Unaware that I'm tearing you asunder…

His only reply was planting his lips gently against hers, feeling a few more of her tears trickle down her face and mingling with their kiss, "I'm sorry." He kissed her cheek, "I'm sorry you're hurting," he her jaw, "I'm sorry you can't feel." He kissed her neck.

The tears had become more frequent but she refused to let her emotions enter her voice, "Trust me," she whispered, "I'm beginning to feel."

There's a thunder in our hearts, baby…

Elliot hovered above her as he moved back to her lips, kissing them softly and running his tongue along them, he began kissing the side of her face, kissing the trails her tears had made.

Olivia shifted her legs so they were hooked around Elliot's and pulled him closer to her. She kissed him back, harder, slipping her tongue into his mouth and demanding he taste her anguish, her pain, her suffering. She kissed him with force as her hands slid up his arms to meet at the base of his neck.

Let's exchange the experience…

She quickly began undoing the strings of his gown, tugging at them before dropping lower down his back and undoing the other knot. She felt the gown drop from under the covers and on to her. She quickly pushed it aside and let him set about undoing her own gown. His fingers fumbled with the knot at her neck before running down her back as she raised herself slightly, pressing against him as his fingers fumbled with the second knot.

She moaned at the contact when he gently thrust against her, earning a groan of his own.

"Liv, are you sure about this?" Elliot asked soothingly, pressing his forehead against hers.

He felt her nod before she kissed his shoulder and pulled away her gown, leaving them both in their underwear. Olivia moved her hands to rest on his broad shoulders as his own moved to unclip her bra. He made quick work of the clasp and Olivia dropped her arms briefly as he slid the garment off her body. He pressed a kiss to the side of her breast before moving to her ear and murmuring "you're beautiful."

Elliot dropped her bra somewhere under the covers as he felt he foot smoothing up his leg before hooking into the waist band of his boxer briefs and dragging them down. Elliot kissed her more as his fingers hooked into her bikini briefs and he pulled them down, letting her wriggle out of them and toe them off.

Olivia hooked her ankles over his back and began pulling him towards her entrance.

"Livia?" Elliot once again asked if she was sure.

"Elliot, please." Olivia breathed, her weepy emotions betraying her once again as tears threatened to fall.

Elliot saw her emotions playing out in her eyes but chose to trust her. HE kissed her gently before looking into her deep chocolate pools.

She could hear his question in his eyes, "Don't worry about it. I trust you, we'll be fine." She answered about the obvious absence of a condom.

He kissed her again, muffling both their moans as he slid into her. He felt at home, they were a perfect fit for each other which didn't surprise either of them in the least.

Eliot began to slide in and out of Olivia, each thrusting pushing her nightmare and fears further and further into the back of her mind as the lust infused fog clouded her thoughts.

She kissed Elliot deeply, nibbling on his lower lip before swishing her tongue over in and dipping between his parted lips. Olivia bucked up against him, matching each thrust as she felt the pressure building, feeling the need to call out.

She moaned as his lips dropped from hers and began sucking on the flesh of her neck, making a slight popping sound as he lips let go of her now lightly bruised skin. He let his lips brush the under side of her jaw where the gauze was.

Olivia arched her body against his as his thumb lightly grazed her nipple, making her whimper as his hand cupped her breast and massaged in gently before his other hand moved to her other and doing the same.

He kissed her hard as her nails dug into his muscular back at the intensity of the emotion and pressure building in the absolute pit of her stomach.

She let out small cries and whimpers as Elliot dropped kisses across her jaw, continuing his ministrations on her breast and his thrusts into her. The combine sensations were driving her crazy as she arched up against him and matched his thrusts. Her hips couldn't stay still as she gripped his back and threw her head against the pillows.

"God, I'm- Oh god- so…so cl- oh god– close…" Olivia moaned as Elliot picked up his pace.

"I know Livvy." Elliot rumbled in her ear.

Elliot began to pump into her even faster and deeper as she thrashed beneath him.

"Oh god!!" Olivia whimpered, driving Elliot even closer to the edge himself.

Olivia's inner muscles were clenching around him insanely hard as he pushed into her. He could tell she was close as he reached between their slick bodies and let his fingertips graze across her clit as he pushed into her harder.

They both blew apart at the same time, Elliot quickly fastening his mouth over Olivia's, effectively muffling both their cries as they fell into the oblivion of bliss.

Elliot's spent body collapsed on top of Olivia, his head resting in the crook her neck. Both were panting heavily as the came down from their highs, each completely exhausted.

Olivia placed gentle kisses on Elliot's shoulder, her tongue darting out to lick the saltiness that she also tasted on her lips.

"Thanks you." She murmured after a couple minutes of just their heavy breathing.

"I'd do anything for you Olivia. I love you, you know that right?" Elliot shifted and kissed her temple.

"You- you what?" Olivia asked as she moved so she was now resting on her elbow.

Elliot shifted to his elbow as well, "I love you. What that insane nurse said made me think and I do, I love you." Elliot whispered, moving a stray piece of her behind her ear.

Elliot lay back down as Olivia shifted closer to him, resting her head on his chest, "You were gone. You got shot and Simon was dead and you were dead and all of a sudden there was this blast and I was completely alone. There was absolutely nothing." Olivia whispered.

Elliot quickly realised Olivia was talking about her nightmare and kissed the top of her head, "I'm not going anywhere sweetheart." He whispered back.

"I know, I love you too." Olivia murmured, placing a quick kiss on his chest before resting against him again and closing her eyes.

"I know." Elliot replied, closing his eyes as well.

You and me…


"You only need to press the button once." Emily huffed quietly as she walked into the Elliot and Olivia's room.

She noticed Olivia's bed was empty and was about to flick on the light before she noticed both detectives cuddled up together, quickly noting they were both naked but well covered.

She quietly tip-toed across the room and over to the bed, gently pulling the small remote out from under Elliot's arm, where his hand was tangled in Olivia's hair. She quickly hung the device on the wall and smiled to herself before crossing the room once more and closing the door quietly.

Elliot shifted in his sleep and pulled Olivia closer, knowing if he had so much as breathed as if he was awake, Emily would have launched into her rant.

God bless that woman. Elliot thought.

You and me, won't be unhappy…

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