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Edwards Point of View

"Tommy, its E, B, G, D, A, E for the hundredth time." I pointed to each string on the under twelves guitar as I recited the notes. The small blonde haired boy looked up at me like I was crazy, his bright blue eyes incredulous.

"How am I supposed to remember that? I'm only eight for goodness sakes!" Tommy pouted childishly, making his cheeks stick out even more than usual. Tommy, one of my youngest music students, eight years old, but could definitely dish out some words that weren't all that common in the below ten vocabulary.

I sighed, closing my eyes. I had gone through this at least ten times before. He just wasn't getting it…actually no, he just wasn't paying attention. Every time I started explaining again, I could almost see in Tommy's glazing over eyes the picture of him standing in front of a large crowed, belting out a legendary solo. That's the thing with eight year olds, they have too many ideas and are too impatient to get anywhere with them.

"Okay," I took a deep breath and prepared to start again. "I have an idea. It's usually easier to remember the order if you make up a saying to go with it." I cocked my eyebrows questioningly, "you following me?" But by the blank stare that I got from Tommy's baby fat adorned face, I could see he had no idea what I was saying.

Looking around exasperated, I found a whiteboard marker and drew up the notes in order. "Tommy, EasterBunniesGoDancingAtEaster. You remember that, and you'll remember each of the strings." I smiled encouragingly. Tommy looked as though he was getting it, fingers pinching his chin, head cocked thoughtfully. Relief washed through me, I didn't have to go through it again. But then…Tommy's eyebrows furrowed.

"Why does it have to be about Rabbits, rabbits are for girls." Involuntarily I let out a frustrated groan, pinching the bridge of my nose as my eyes tensely closed. I really need to teach more grown up people.

My face scrunched up with my frustration, so when I looked at Tommy I'm sure he thought I was evil eyeing him. "And its not rabbits, its bunnies," I spat out, then my mind caught up with me, who's the childish one now?


Walking through the crowded school corridors becomes even more depressing everyday. The way you have to push through groups of people, and I mean push, especially since everyday I blend more and more into the walls. No one knows to move out of the way.

And today was no different. I got nudged and every now and then had my foot stepped on, I was invisible to most, which was weird; I'm actually taller than a lot of people, standing over them…how could they not see me?

Answer: People only want to see what they want to. And I wasn't 'too be seen' material, I was the equivalent of band geek…actually, no…band geeks are noticed as band geeks, I'm noticed as…a piece of wall.

I stopped in front of a heavily covered notice board, pulling a few bright yellow sheets from the pile in my arm, and pinning them at various angles across the rest of the brightly covered board. I had decided that after having to spend hours on end with Tommy just learning the basics of playing guitar, it was time to start advertising my talent for music and my source of income to people my own age.

I moved close to the walls so I could stick up my notices on the boards I went past. The amount of people in the hall thinned out as I got further down the hall, which meant only one thing:

The well praised and a lot of the time, hated, top of the food chain predators were present.

The people that everyone had to look up to, even if they were cheaters in everything they did, getting away with anything because of who their parents are. But did they deserve everything they get? No, they get to breeze through life, with not a care in the world while there are people all around them who have to teach impatient, little rascals how to play instruments that to them are the equivalent of a pot you bash with a wooden spoon.

It was true, I envied them greatly. As much as I thought of them cheaters who didn't deserve anything, I couldn't help but want to have a walk around in their shoes…maybe steal their shoes even. Who wouldn't like to not have to try hard to get anything and everything?

I stopped once more to pin up my notice, but found my eyes drifting to the delicate brunette only mere metres away from where I was standing. She was concentrating hard on opening her locker, biting her lip while she tried her best not to stuff up the locker combination. The lock opened with an audible click. She lifted her head to look into her locker as the door was pulled open; the fluorescent lights above casting the top of her brown hair into shades of gold, like a halo.

Bella Swan, the beloved daughter of the Chief of Police in Forks, the golden child. She was liked by all, even though Bella probably didn't even know half of the people that knew her and said she was nice. But this was Bella, you saw it all the time, she may be at the top of the social food chain, but you never saw her tearing people down like the others did.

If only I was one of the people that was actually subject to her niceness, but no, she doesn't even know my name. I leaned against the wall, studying the side of Bella's face. It was a face i knew well, one i had analyzed from the opposite side of the cafeteria or in class. I knew every one of the few light freckles that sat on her fare skin, i knew the shape of all her angelic features from nose to mouth.

A piece of paper dropping from Bella's locker drew my attention away from her for a second. Bella followed the wavering paper to the ground to pick it up, and before my mind had caught up with me, my eyes had travelled along the line of her leg where her jeans had tightened as she bent over, to the curve of her-

"Hey, Bella!" Mike Newton pushed past me roughly, strutting his way over to Bella like he owned her- which he didn't. They had been on and off this past year...from what i knew at the moment it was still off. "How you doing?" He asked, grabbing her hand and spinning her, his eyes roving all the while.

That was another thing I was insanely jealous of, they got to associate with the one truly beautiful praised person…but this one, I don't mind praising so much, she was perfect.

Bella laughed musically, the sound echoing through my head, haunting me, before pushing his hands away while he tried to put his arm around her waist. "I'm fine, my mum called though last night." Bella put her back pack over her shoulder, flicking her long hair away as she did so. Bella started walking down the corridor in my direction, Mike following obediently at her side.

People started clearing a path for them to walk through, and I realised that I was the only thing obstructing that path. I finally for the first time moved my eyes away from Bella to hurriedly pin the poster into the wall and move out of the way. "She's wanted me to learn how to play piano and since she's visiting soon, I thought…" Her voice trailed off as she passed me, looking in my direction, her eyes brightening as a smile lit her face up.

My eyes widened, for a second hope and pride rushed through me, like a dam had broke and let the floodwaters in, my lips twitched slightly to begin to smile back awkwardly. Bella walked closer to me, almost inspecting me, and I could feel my heart start beating faster. This is it.

But then Bella didn't stop in front on me, she stood in front of the notice board tilting her head to the side, a speculative look adorning her features. I could feel the extra body heat coming off her being so close. She was studying my poster, not me…she was interested in the poster…not me. I nodded slightly to myself; of course she wouldn't be looking at me…idiot!

I could feel the burning starting at my ears as I felt my stomach prickling and twisting as my own embarrassment at myself kicked into hyper drive. I turned away quickly, my hands clenching into a fist to me from hitting my self in the hit myself in the head because of my stupidness.

I didn't want to be so close to her knowing that I couldn't have her, it wasn't fair that she could be so tempting and alluring and knowing that you couldn't even talk to her. I pushed my legs to move away from the temptation, but Bella's murmur floated over to me even though I had moved at least two metres by now.

"…I'd take a music class." My eyes widened, my shoulders dropped, my breathing ceased, I stood stock still in place, my back straightening as though there were a gun pointed to my back. Bella looking at my Music Lessons poster…Take a music class…poster…Bella…class…an hour alone…Bella…class…me…poster…Bella…Did I hear right?

I turned quickly, feeling as though this was the most vital moment in my life. All eyes were on Bella as she pulled out a scrap of paper and a pen and write down my contact details.

Oh god…She has my number, Bella's going to call me…Music lessons….Bella…my crushee of the century…Bella…Me…hour alone…Bella

…Oh boy

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