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Summary: Marauders era – Severus has to spend his summer holidays at the Potters' house.

"Quiet the little sneak you are" hissed an irately young man with messy black hair as soon as the compartment door closed.

"Blasted slimy snake!" James friend agreed but didn't react farther for McGonnagal had promised to inform their parents of every further incident and he being in Gryffindor couldn't risk letting his parents know that he would have hit a Slytherin.

But sometimes looks can do more harm than deeds, the invader of the marauders' compartment found out when three pairs of eyes eyeballed him very carefully while his own gaze fell on the potions magazine in his pale hands.

The rest of the journey went in utter silence.

Although nobody attacked him, neither physically nor mentally, Severus caught himself reading the same sentence in his magazine the tenth time.

He just couldn't control his thoughts which went uncontrollably to visions of his coming summer holidays. He actually could see how Potter would torment him; it would be the whole same as in primary school. The long-haired would be locked in small hovel somewhere in the backyard where nobody did miss him and where he was completely alone, his only friends the spiders and the dark resembling to his hair. Oh and then there would be those pleasant days where Potter got the idea to feed him, respectively to make him eat the small eight-legged cohabitants of the wooden hut. Severus gulped at the idea. Then his gaze wandered almost unnoticed to his bedraggled bag where he had - to his deepest relief - hid some reserves.

In the meanwhile his future host arched an eyebrow at the almost emotionless face of the withdrawn boy across from him.


"Fuck off, bugger", the words hit Severus hard into the face.

"We have one our left until my parents collect us, so do something you Snivellys do when you have free time", James suggested thereupon to trivialise the harsh words of his best mate, not quiet to his success as he had to discover.

Severus soon disappeared into a huge crowd of people which headed down the stairs and then after a few seconds was completely gone.

The marauders left - which were James, Sirius and Remus - made their way to one of their favourite locals integrated to the gigantic station.

Once on their seats, they quickly ordered for they had only three-quarters of an hour left until two of them had to say their goodbyes to James.

"When does your plane take off?" the more self-confident asked.

"Uuumm… at 7:15 I guess", James answered nonchalantly while his fingers started to play with the paper mat.

"You're so lucky…" Sirius statement undertook a reproachful undertone.

"Don't worry, mate. Next time you'll be on the plane as well. I already arranged it" With that, the drinks arrived and the three fell silent.


He was completely lost.

With no idea where he was located, the Slytherin walked along a huge corridor full of chivvying people, every now and then driving against his small body, pushing him against the wall.

Severus nearly choked from the upcoming heat.

With trembling legs, he managed to reach a nearby staircase with dirty grey steps on which he let himself down.

It took a while until the flicker before his face slowly faded away and the drone in his ears subsided.

His head leant on the dirty wall, allowing the dirt particles which lingered there to relocate into his hair, when he finally closed his eyes to let the powerlessness overcome him.