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The wand makers' apprentice

A magic wand was last thing Harry had on his list, and so Hagrid was leading him to the wand shop now. The shop itself was the last one at the end o f the street, it was narrow and a little shabby, and from the look of the Windows, very dusty.

Harry looked at the gold letters, that we're pealing slightly above the shop door, the golden letters spelt out 'Ollivander's Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C' there was a single wand laid on a purple cushion the in dusty window.

As Harry and Hagrid entered the wand shop, a bell twinkled behind the door. Hagrid sat down on a chair against a part of the wall of the shop, that was filled with many maintained boxes, the shop was very tiny and all but empty except for the mountains of boxes that filled into the walls and overflowed over the counter.

The room was very quiet and very still, and reminded Harry of his school library, were he would hid from his cousin Dudley and his gang, who found great enjoyment in beating him up and humiliating him in font of the rest of the school, making it impossible for Harry to make any friends at all, and also the lies that the Dursley's spread about him didn't help in the friend department ether.

Harry looked around the shop, but didn't move from his position afraid that if he did he somehow disturbed the dust and silence that practically vibrated with what felt like a secret magic.

There, gradually came a noise of movement from deep somewhere in the unseen depths of the small shop, then a couple seconds later a door opened up from behind the counter, that Harry hadn't noticed earlier because of the narrow and overflowing boxes.

Suddenly from behind the mountain of boxes appeared a very mucky boy, no old than Harry himself, the boy wore thick dark goggles and a brown sustained leather apron and thick skinned leather boots, with elbow length gloves, he was also head to tow in what looked to be a very many number of different substances, and the parts of his skin that could be seen shimmered like car oil on water.

"Good afternoon." The boy exclaimed happily "you must be here for a wand, I'm afraid that Mr Ollivander isn't here right now. He just popped out to get some more potions and ingredients, so I'll be the one that will be servicing you today instead…oh sorry" the boy quickly pulled off his gloves, removing his apron and goggles also, and then through them somewhere behind the shops counter.

While he was down there, he pulled out a blue handkerchief out of his right pocket, gave his face, neck and hands a quick wipe with it before throwing that also under the counter.

"Who ar you?" Hagrid asked the boy as he stood up, not fully as he was too big to fit in the small shop.

"I'm sorry," the boy said as he then reappeared from behind boxes, clean, as if he had just stepped out of the shower, Harry looked at the boy in amazement, as the boys hair began to grow from his bald head and change different colours as it did, the hair stopped growing when it reached a Navy style crew cut length, the colour of the hair never stuck to one particular colour, it just kept changing from one colour to the next.

"My name is Morris, Russell Morris, I'm Mr Ollivander's new apprentice, and you must be…" Morris pull a small piece paper from his pocket, and unfolded it "Rubeus Hagrid, and you…" he read off the piece of paper "Harry James Potter, for wand fitting" a large white smile appeared on Morris's face as he turned to Harry "so that that, shall we get started then, which is your favoured hand?"

Harry held out his right-arm, numbly, mesmerised by the others boys ever changing hair, as soon Harry held out his arm, Morris pull out a silver long silver tape measure, with gold markings on, and began taking measurements from Harry's arm, as soon as he finished taking measurements, he began going over the shelves of boxes, every now and again, taking one out and put him back in again.

"Tell me Harry? What's your Home life like?" Morris suddenly asked, as looked over a couple of boxes next to where Hagrid had sat down once again, in the wooden chair.

"um…?" Harry looked pleadingly at Hagrid, who also had the same confused expression upon his large face.

"is it important?" Hagrid asked "Mr Ollivander never' asked me about my hom' life when I was gettin' my wand" Morris looked down at Hagrid, briefly, from atop the stool he was standing on, before turning back to the wall of, what Harry know thought to be boxed wands.

"Mr Ollivander is one of the wizarding world most experienced and skill wizard in the art and ways of Legilimency, he never needs to ask such personal questions, but sadly I do…" Morris stopped looking at the shelve of boxes, and looked down to Hagrid "I'm sorry Mr Hagrid, but I'm going to have to ask you leave, only for a while, I'm gonna have to ask a lot more questions, a lot answers Harry most likely won't want to answer, and expectantly in front of an adult, I'd think you and Harry would prefer it that you wait outside, and then I can get this done as quick as possible" there was a tone in Morris's voice that made what he said sound more like an order, than a suggestion.

Hagrid looked at Morris, for what seem to Harry, like an hour, in reality it was only a couple of seconds, Hagrid then turned to Harry "I'll be right outside if ya' need me" he then slowly got up from the small wooden chair he was sat on, as he did the chair let out a quite squeak, that Harry thought sound as if the chair was almost sighing in relief, and left, giving Harry a quick wink with is small happy dark eyes, before leaving Harry alone in the shop, with the wand makers apprentice.

As soon as the shut, the questions started "are you, or have you ever been sexually active?" Morris asked this question as if he were asking for the time of day, or the weather.

"What?" Harry asked in surprise "you must be joking? What's stuff…stuff like…you know…that got to do with wands" this question only caused Morris, spin on his heels on the stool he was standing on.

"Wandlore is a very, very, very complex and mysterious branch of magic, I know the question may sound silly, but it all effects, in some small way, the wand that is right for you, so just answer what I ask you, and with no lie, I may not be a good as Mr Ollivander in Legilimency, but I'm good enough to no when I'm being lie to" Morris eyes then locked on to Harry's "now tell me, are you, or have you ever been sexually active?" there was a small on Morris's lip this time he said it.

Twenty minutes latter, they'd finished the questioning, leaving Harry with a very red face, as Morris now handed him wand after wand, tack them off him after split seconds of pass them to him, one Morris pulled away so fast, Harry thought he madde it disappear.

After about tens to fifteen minute of this, Harry could Morris get agitated, Morris handed Harry one more wand before finally snapping.

"That it, your coming with me" Morris, pulled Harry to where Morris first came from, the hidden door behind the, now small mountain of boxes, "if we can't find one, then I'll just have to make you one" Morris muttered as he pulled Harry into the darkish room, in the back of the shop.

"Right, let's begin with the type of wood" Morris pulled Harry to his side, in font of a large glassless cabinet, with what looked to be hundreds of half cut long cones of woods. "Now all you need to do is choose and I'll explain what the affect would be on you magic"

Harry felt weird about looking at all the different cones of wood, Harry would pick what wood he liked, and Morris would give it to him, and asked him how it made him feel, and would then give a comment on what spells would work well with it. Morris then took the two woods a half of cones each, that Harry said made his arms feel a little tingly.

Morris then measured them, in length and in weight "now why don't you look at what you want for the core, over there while soak these in…oh that interesting" Morris turned his head to the side in curiosity "Harry could you pass me that veil of silvery blue liquid" Harry pointed to a veil on the second shelf on the other side of room "yeah that it, thanks"

"What's that?" Harry had chosen his base core for his wand, but Morris said he what to make Harry a wand like on other and so now Harry was choosing his second core for his wand.

"that is," Morris looked up for the wand he was working on, with tools that amazed Harry to on end, not because the were magical, because they weren't, but because the were so very small, very intricate, and even more delicate, Harry couldn't even get a grip on the gadget Morris was holding now, it kept slipping though his fingers when he was trying past it to him "snake venom, you can't really use it as a core, but if you want I can use the fang, it should be in there"

"What snake is it from? Is it a magical one?" Harry asked as placed the large tube with the fang inside on the table.

"A very magical one, it's from a giant snake called a Basilisk some call it the King of Serpents, aside from its deadly fangs, the Basilisk has a wicked stare, and all who look in its eyes die instantly, if I remember correctly"

Morris was now at the final stage of making Harry wand, "blood please" Harry held out his hand slowly, which Morris had cut earlier when soaking the wands woods in a gold vat, and put a couple of drops of Harry's blood on each cone, on the core of the wand.

"Now, did you say you like snakes?"

"Well…I kinder do, I once set a python on my cousin Dudley" Harry smiled at the memory of the zoo.

"Is this the cousin that beats you, and whose dad used to lock you under the stairs?" Morris asked as he started widdling and carving the wand.

Harry nodded, he'd forgotten he told Morris about the Dursley's in the questioning "it was after the python incident that I got my Hogwarts letter, my uncle was so afraid that someone was watching the house so he gave me Dudley's broken toy room"

Morris stopped his widdling for a second and looked over his shoulder to Harry "So in away the python help to set you free?" Harry considred this for a second, then a smile started to grow on his face.

"Yeah, I guess it did" Morris smiled, happy with Harry's answer and began carving at the wand again.

"Here it's done" Morris, held the wand to the small candle, Morris had add silver into the wand, to bring out the caving he had made into the whole length of the wand "Wow, what is that" asked Harry looked at the wand, there was a little person sitting at the bottom of the handle, under what looked like a small staircase, and there was a snake, and had rapped itself around the boy, and was lifting him up, into the light part of the wand "it symbolizes your freedom, and your new start in life, normally is cost a fortune to get something like this done, but because were friends now, and it your birthday, you can pay the normal boring wand cost, 5 gallons" Morris started to blush, making his hair and eyes blush pink as well.

"That's so so… no ones ever done something like this for me before, your really my friend" Harry said, trying his hardest no to let the tears that were so desperately trying not to fall from his eyes.

"Of cause you are Harry, I don't make a wand for anybody, I'd reaper one if I thought it could be hazardous, but you don't just make a wand for anybody Harry, well go on tack it"

Slowly Harry grasped the handle, he felt a warmth in his fingers then a tingle travel up his arm, it was as if he'd be walking around with out an arm, or a leg, the suddenly here it was, it was like walking for the first in years, or being reunited with a lost love one.

"Well Harry Potter you now hold the first ever Russell Morris original wand, 11", holly and yew, supple with a hard twist, phoenix feather, Basilisk fang entwined with silver purified by unicorn blood, and with seven drops of human blood, I name thee Sword"

Harry held his wand high above his head, like he'd seen on one of movies the Dursley's watched "Sword" he try to hum as he spoke for dramatic affect, but it didn't sound as good as it did in the film, both boy collapsed in a fit of laugher at Harry's attempt.

Harry left the shop not long after that, as he did he saw Hagrid standing next an old man with gray eyes and hair, they were talking about Hagrid's wand, the man seem very excited about something and was jump lightly from foot to foot as he spoke.

As Harry neared them, he past a rather strange looking woman with blonde hair, set in curls , wore, jewelled spectacles and a quill was floating beside her, and there were two men behind her, one was holding a large camera, and the other was an older gentleman with a very old face and a clip board.

Luckily none of these people seem to notice Harry, who, as soon as Hagrid saw him, was being pulled though the now darkening streets of the ally, and through the back of the leaky cauldron, that was now deserted, Hagrid didn't stop until they were at the train station, and firmly seated on the train.

"Sorry about the rush 'arry" Hagrid apologised "'ought we' be 'ate fer the train, yer took yer time getting' ya wand didn't ya" Hagrid smiled warmly.

"Yeah I did, I guest time does fly" Harry said quietly, trying to ignore the strange looks the people on the train were giving him, and his packages.