Title: Without Regrets
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: Xanxus/Tsuna, Yama/Goku.
Notes: A Reborn!/Loveless fusion AU, and um, warnings for lots of liberties taken with everything. Also here for implied boi-smexing.
Summary: Epilogue. FINALLY. :D

The next day when they come down to breakfast without their ears, the whole school does a collective double-take and has hysterics all over the damn place.

Tsuna turns absolutely scarlet and tries to run out and skip breakfast, but there's nothing Xanxus enjoys more than being totally in control of a giant fuss, and he steers them both past stares and whispers and people having hysterics, one bandaged arm draped deliberate over the smaller boy's shoulders.

Tsuna is the very first of the first-years to lose his ears, since Mukuro (who has gone where? No one seems to know) doesn't count. This throws off everyone's bets.

It also blows everyone's minds, as they look at Xanxus, and look at Tsuna, and it just sort of Does Not Compute. Yamamoto leads a sobbing- actually sobbing, like a man overcome with grief- Gokudera to them and he throws himself on Tsuna, clutches him and returns Xanxus's extremely dirty look with one of his own.

Yamamoto twitches his tail back and forth and eyes his other half in a distinctly speculative manner. He also eyes Xanxus, who raises an eyebrow back with a complete lack of hostility.

Getting laid, obviously, has done wonders for his temper.

Tsuna tries to comfort Gokudera, and comes face-to-face with Ryohei, who manages to get out one "EXTREME!" before the Varia descend full force to join their leader.

Squalo, who knows it's worth his unbroken bones not to laugh, uses a vaguely horrified Dino as a shield. The rest of them- who, apparently, Did Not See This Coming, to a man- crowd Xanxus and stare at him beseechingly, making extremely Irish coffee, hoping against hope that there was some other conclusion that could be drawn from a pair disappearing into a room together and emerging without their ears.

There isn't, of course, and Xanxus tells them in tones of you have no idea how excessively pleased with myself I am that "You idiots have been telling me to lose my fucking ears for years. Now I have. Get out of my face and fetch my damn breakfast. Fetch his, too."

But a school full of teenagers is a school full of teenagers; even teenagers who made each other bleed and suffer on a regular basis. They settled back into a new routine, where the Varia (all of whom agog to hear the story of the Zero) and Tsuna's friends sort of became an indistinguishable mass, led by Remorseless and Tactless.

One day a letter arrives for Chrome, and she presses it into Tsuna's hands before blushing and running away.

"What's that, runt?" says Squalo, snatching it out of his hands. "A love letter?"

Gokudera snorts. "Why the hell would Chrome give Tsuna a love letter? And that's not yours, give it back."

Squalo sneers at him and fumbles the envelope open, drawing out the suspiciously and frankly creepily pink letter with a cry of glee.

"Holy shit," says Squalo, mouth dropping open. "It is a love letter."

It read:

Dear Tsuna-kun,

If you ever get tired of your dumb, violent sacrifice, Chrome and I are perfectly willing to share me with you. 3 3 3

(I bet he was really, really rough in taking your ears. Poor baby. I wouldn't be. ;D)

There was a little pineapple where the signature would have gone on a letter not written by a lunatic. And a lot of hearts.

Xanxus rips it into tiny little shreds, and tries to shoot the messenger.

Tsuna panics, runs around, laughs, and is glad. He wouldn't change this life for anything in the world.

Remorseless: To be without regrets.