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Chapter One

Harry stood before Voldemort, the final day had come. Two weeks after the Hogwarts Massacre, ten days since the Order of the Phoenix had been obliterated, Five days since Harry had put his last friend and ally in a grave, nearly twenty one years since his first defeat of Voldemort as a baby.

Voldemort was elated, at long last he was about to kill Harry Potter, the man that had caused him so much trouble and stopped him at every turn. But now it was his turn, a few light wizards still existed scattered around the world in rebel groups. None however were here to help Harry Potter the famous Boy-Who-Lived.

They were standing on a pile of rubble, the bricks of which had once formed the famed Ministry of Magic. Surrounding them was a circle of at least five hundred Death Eaters.

Voldemort was resplendent in blood red robes that matched his cruel eyes. Harry was opposite him, he had long since changed the look of his face to avoid attention. His scar was gone, the lucky result of an extremely painful procedure, his face was narrower than it had been previously, his features were sharper giving a new face entirely.

His eyes were a strange mix between dark blacky green with flecks of red with amber, Harry's black hair was longer reaching his muscled shoulders and tied back in a loose tail flicked through with red streaks. He was dressed in ripped and worn black jeans and a dirty plum jumper, clutched in hand was a wand, he didn't know who it once belonged to but he had found it on the battle fields after his own wand had been destroyed, it was simple and black and at the same time an tremendously powerful item undoubtedly a speciality item for some rich wizard. A black sword was strapped to his side covered in dry blood.

'It's time,' Voldemort smirked 'for Harry Potter to take his final bow, or should I call you Anton Lukyen as you've taken to being called?'

Harry held his wand defiantly in front of him 'you will never win Voldemort!'

Voldemort raised his hands up high and laughed 'but I've already won, you are of no more concern to me, in fact I don't think I'll even lower myself to killing you.'

Harry glared at Voldemort and gripped his wand every more tightly 'What then?'

he asked 'am I just stuck in this Hell forever?'

'Oh no.' Voldemort sneered 'I think I'll have Wormtail kill you, after all he did make all of this possible' he gestured to the body strewn ground with a twist of his lips 'forward Wormtail and serve your master!'

Pettigrew strutted forward with his wand held out in front of him.

'It will be an honour My Lord' he simpered 'to be allowed to kill the last pure light wizard.'

Harry held his wand up to match Pettigrew's 'to the death it then' he muttered 'after all, what's left for me to live for?'

'Nothing,' laughed Voldemort cruelly 'which is why you need to die, oh and Anton your elemental magic won't work here, so don't even bother trying.'

Wormtail and Harry circled each other with Harry limping slightly in pain from previous wounds. Wormtail held a similar black wand to Harry's and he brandished it with unskilled grace.

'Avada Kedavra!' he screamed.

'Avada Kedavra!' Harry screamed at the same time, he had long since abandoned the Expelliarmus spell, times had changed and enemies were safer dead.

The two beams of green light smashed into each other with colossal force, the spells intertwined creating a ray of golden light that connected the two wands. Thousands of golden threads of light surrounded the two fighters creating a dome. Harry felt himself being lifted from the floor at the same time Wormtail rose into the air.

A laugh burst from Harry's mouth in surprise 'Priori Incantatem' he laughed bitterly 'Priori bloody Incantatem! What's the chance of that?'

Wormtail's own face was contorted with fear as he gripped his wand with the silvery hand.

'My Lord!' he shouted 'what should I do?'

An answering curse flew towards Harry as Voldemort screamed 'Crucio!'

The curse smashed into Harry's chest, instead of incapacitating him however, the curse shattered the time turner that hung from Harry's neck. A Slivery glow burst from it, screaming through the air, it encased Harry completely. More of the silvery glow leaked down the golden beam of light, it reached Wormtail who was desperately trying to break the connection, it enclosed the traitor just as it had done Harry.

A loud scream came through the air and Harry felt himself falling, the scene of destruction was gone, only blackness remained and he fell through it unsure of what was happening he could dimly hear Wormtail's petrified screams in the distance.

Swirling colours spun around Harry and a new landscape came into view, remains of the Ministry were gone, instead it stood glorious and whole. The Death Eaters were gone as well as Voldemort, they were standing on the street outside the building and the sun was bright in the sky, Wizards and Witches in colourful robes came running out of the building to see what had caused the almighty crash.

Harry ignored them and concentrated on Wormtail who still held his own wand tight in his hand.

'It looks like magic isn't going to cut it!' he shouted drawing his blade out and twirling it in a threatening manner 'how about physical combat?'

Wormtail screamed as he recognised were they were 'Take me back!' he shouted 'Take me back to the Dark Lord!'

Harry heard gasps as they recognised the supposedly dead man confessing his loyalty to Voldemort.

'What's the matter Peter?' mocked Harry 'unable to kill me without the protection of your Death Eaters?'

Wormtail screamed again and pulled a dagger out 'I will kill you!' he promised 'just like I helped kill your parents!'

Harry stormed towards him raising his blade.

'Just like I helped kill everyone you ever cared about! Your friends and family I will help Voldemort kill again just like I gave up Lily and James, I will give up you!' taunted Wormtail desperately, loudly enough for the whole crowd to hear.

'Not if I kill you first!' Harry said lunging towards him 'to pay for every light wizard you helped slay!'

He swung the blade at Wormtail, the rat managed to avoid the cutting edge as he darted out of Harry's reach. The ministry officials were pulling out their own wands, but moments to late. Harry swung again with his sword and this time the blade sank into Wormtail's neck. Wormtail's eyes went glassy and his outstretched hand fell empty, he sank to the floor still with the look of shock on his face.

600 miles away the Wormtail from this time was scurrying around in his rat form in a rough tunnel, a rock fell from above and impaled the man, the narrowness of the cave prevented the body from reverting to human, so it remained a rat. A chance accident that concealed the fact there were two Wormtail's.

Fate Had Dealt Their Hand.

Harry yanked the blade back out, he dropped it to his side limply as the he felt a strange dizziness overcome him, looking down he saw Wormtail's knife sticking out of his side and the blood soaking through his jumper. The sword fell out of his numb hand and hit the ground with a clatter.

People were shouting and voices were calling to each other, Harry sank to his knees and grasped the hilt of the knife with his other hand, he began to slowly pull the blade out. It was almost a third out when a hand yanked his own off the handle, Harry didn't have the energy to protest he looked up to see the face of Mad-Eye Moody and his swivelling eye.

'Stop pulling it!' he instructed gruffly 'you'll only end up causing more damage.'

Harry tried to focus in on the Auror he had seen being blown off of his broom after his sixth year.

'Is he dead?' Harry choked out painfully.

'Yes,' Mad-Eye answered without turning round 'what's your name?'

'Anton,' Harry lied gasping slightly 'Anton Lukyen.'

Mad-Eye opened his mouth to say something else but Harry was to busy concentrating on the blackness edging his vision, he tried to stay awake but the numbness was spreading completely through his blood. He fell backwards onto the ground and blinking slowly he let the blackness take him.