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I wrote this after the 6th book came out and just found it. Not DH compatible. Tonks is at Grimmauld Place.

Tonks' Place in the Black Family Tree

The only thing that Tonk's mother, Andromeda, seemed to have in common with the rest of her family was an affinity for strange names. For instance, she was named Nymphadora. God she hated that mane. Even though she was marrying Remus, Tonks still wanted to me called Tonks and she'd threatened to kill anyone if they dared call her Nymphadora.

Tonks walked through headquarters. This place was so creepy when no one else was there. She couldn't believe that Sirius had to grow up here. It was almost unbelieveable that Sirius didn't grow up a Death Eater since he was surrounded by so much dark magic. But then again, so was her mother and she turned out to be a ine witch.

That damnable troll leg umbrella stand wound up right in front of her path causing her to trip. Again. That's something she got from her father's side off the family – her clumsiness. The crash made the portrait of Sirius's mother start to scream. Just like always.


"Oh shut it you." Tonks said to Sirius's mother who was red in the face and screaming at the top of her lungs. But the screams followed her all the way to the kitchen. After five minutes of not being able to hear herself think Tonks had had enough of her Great-Aunt.

"Alright you, listen up!" Tonks said standing in front of the painting.

"BLOOD TRAITOR! DEFILER OF MY HOUSE!" The painting wasn't going to listen. She hadn't listened to anyone in life and she sure wasn't going to in death.

"Fine then." Tonks took out her wand. They had learned long ago that the painting couldn't be removed from the wall but no one said that she couldn't remove the wall completely. Tonks flicked her wand and a hige section of the wall cracked and then fell down, leaving a gaping hole to the living room. She hadn't been going for such a large area…but it turned out better that it could have. Mrs. Black's muffled screams were of a worse caliber of insults and curses than Tonks had ever heard from her. Now that that was taken care of there was only one more thing to do. In a minute Tonks was standing in front of the Black Family Tree. Sirius's name was before here, his picture, however, long since gone.

But Tonks could change that. At least, she thought she could. It was worth a try anyway. Raising her wand once again Tonks contemplated how much power was needed behind this spell. She figured she should use the more powerful of the two spells, just to be safe.

That extra power was a little too much. But it turned out for the better. The reversing spell Tonks used not only revered Sirius's picture so that it appeared again, it reversed the entire family tree, There was her great uncle, Phinneus Nigellus, the old Headmaster of Hogwarts. And down near the botton was her mother, her father, and where there had been no picture before, her own with Remus by her side,

There were footsteps and Harry walked in.

"What happened here, Tonks?" he asked. "The whole wall is collapsed."

"Oh, yes. You probably won't believe me, but I meant to do that." Harry looked at her skeptically. "No, really. Dear old Auntie finally made me snap so since I couldn't take the picture off the wall, I just took down the wall instead."

Harry laughed. He finally noticed the walls and looked at them in awe.

"And what happened in here?" He asked.

"I finally set things right."